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An orientation about Rotaract for The Rotaract Club of GRD College of Arts and Science



2. HOW DO WE DEFINE A ROTARACT CLUB WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF JOINING A ROTARACT CLUB? WHAT WE DO IN A ROTARACT CLUB? HOW WE ENJOY OUR ROTARACTION? HOW DO WE GO ABOUT OUR ROTARACT CLUB? 3. SERVICE CLUB 4. A PART OF ROTARY CLUB 5. YOUTH CLUB 6. INTERNATIONAL CLUB 7. DEMOCRATIC CLUB 8. YEAR BOUND CLUB 9. MEETINGS RM GBM/BM IFM 10. CLUB SERVICE COMMUNITY SERVICE PROFESSIONALSERVICE/ VOCATIONAL SERVICE INTERNATIONAL SERVICE 11. CLUB SERVICE 12. CLUB SERVICE Get Togethers Installation Birthday Celebrations. Trips/ Tours/Picnics Charter Nite/Day Official Visit Entertainment Programmes Fun Activities Orientation 13. PROFESSIONAL SERVICE 14. Training programs Speaker Meetings Career Development/Guidance Programmes Individual Development Programmes Inplant Training & Industrial Visits Organising School, College events PROFESSIONAL SERVICE 15. COMMUNITY SERVICE 16. Blood group screening camps Eye camps Vaccine camps & Medical camps Donations/assistance towards education Tree plantations Awareness cleanliness, environment & energy, control aids, traffic obedience Visiting Orphanages, Old age homes Tutoring Children/Needy & other literacy programmes Participation in Polio Plus COMMUNITY SERVICE 17. INTERNATIONAL SERVICE 18. Joint Projects with other international organizations like Jaycees, Leo etc. I.D.Y.E. programs Joint projects with clubs in other districts. Hosting Rotaractors from other Districts. Joint bulletins with other district clubs/international organizations Matching Clubs & Twin Clubs Attending ROTASIA Attending RI Conventions Observing International Days INTERNATIONAL SERVICE 19. RI PRIORITIES DISTRICT PROJECTS ONGOING PROJECTS JOINT PROJECTS YOUR ROTARY PROJECTS 20. Of the things we think, say or do: 1. Is it the TRUTH? 2. Is it FAIR to all concerned? 3. Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? 4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?" FOUR WAY TEST 21. P O D A TRUE FOOD 22. MEMBERS BOARD MEMBERS 23. ROTARACT CLUB OF GRD CAS President IPP Pres Elect Vice President Secretary Joint Secretary Treasurer Sergeant at Arms Club Service Director Community Service Director Professional Service Director International Service Director Director - Publications 24. ANNUAL PLANNER & BUDGET 25. SEND MONTHLY REPORTS PAY DISTRICT DUES & KITS 26. DISTRICT EVENTS ROTARY EVENTS 27. ATTEND ROTASIA SUBMIT RI OUTSTANDING PROJECTS 28. SUBMIT RI PRESIDENTIAL CITATION SUBMIT POLIO CONTRIBUTION 29. SUBMIT PRES ELECT DETAILS SUBMIT WRW RECOGNITION FORM 30. ATTEND ROTARY PRE - CONVENTION 31. REAP YOUR AWARDS, HAPPINESS AND SATISFACTION 32. FOR ASSISTANCE, YOU HAVE OUR DISTRICT ROTARACT COUNCIL, ROTARY CLUB & EACH AND EVERY ROTARACTOR