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  1. 1. CRAY FISH By corban cwyntin jimi
  2. 2. WHERE IS IT FOUND It is mostly found it wet places like Texas Mississippi and a few other places
  3. 3. What body parts does it have? I has a lot of body parts like its claw and its head
  4. 4. Food chain of a crayfish
    • They eat a lot of things like:
    • Slug
    • Dead fish
    • Insects
    • Algae
    • And other dead sea creatures
  5. 5. What eats a crayfish?
    • Cwyntin
    • Most fish
    • Aligators
    • Humans
    • Racoons
    • otters
  6. 6. Facts about cray fish
    • There are different colours of crayfish like blue, red, orange and white
    • Red cray fish are most common then blue and then white which is really hard to get


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