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Reverse Engineering Your Life . Finish Line. Health . How much will you weigh? How much will you exercise? What will have changed about your appearance? How many hours of sleep will you get a night? How many times a week will you nap? What day do you Sabbath? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint PresentationReverse Engineering Your Life Define your life forward, live it backward. 1At the end of the school year a professor stood at the front of his classroom with a large glass bowl. Without saying a word the professor began placing stones into the bowl. When the stones had reached the top of the bowl he asked his students if the bowl was full. The students were a little confused but they all answered, Yes...of course. The professor then reached under his desk and pulled out some sand and began pouring it into the bowl over the stones. He gently shook the bowl and the sand settled down between the stones until it was level with the top of the bowl. Then the professor asked his students again if the bowl was full. The students laughed a little, realizing their mistake, and then said, Yes, the bowl is now full. Now the professor pulled out a pitcher of water and poured it into the bowl. As the water seeped into the sand, the students knew they had been fooled again. Finally, the professor began to speak and he told them this story.As the school year is finished, I want to leave you with one more lesson. This bowl is like your life. You have a finite amount of time and some of the most important choices you will make revolve around how you choose to spend your time. If I had filled the bowl with water first, I could not put anything else into the bowl. In the same way, if you let your life fill up with insignificant things you wont have enough time left for anything else. But if you put the big things in place first, you will be able to fit the smaller things into the spaces that remain. As you leave the classroom and begin the rest of your life, you may forget the other lessons that I have taught you, but I hope you remember this last lesson. Decide what you truly value the most and plan to spend your time aligned with those values. Then everything else will fall into place. 2Finish LineYou can think of your finish line in life also as a long-range goal. Long-range goals are dreams with deadlines. They provide a link between your core values and your weekly and daily activities. By organizing long-range goals into smaller, more manageable steps, you consistently accomplish what matters most in your life. Weekly planning helps you incorporate these smaller steps into your week and day. Daily planning enables you to prioritize your daily tasks and stay focused. We now look at 8 areas of your life to think about:Health Financial Marriage Family FriendsEducation CareerMentor3Health How much will you weigh? How much will you exercise? What will have changed about your appearance? How many hours of sleep will you get a night?How many times a week will you nap? What day do you Sabbath? What will your vacations and holidays look like? Being Good Stewards of our BodiesObesityFast-foodSoft DrinksEating healthy Exercise Exercise is the key to health and longevity.Exercise can prevent heart disease and stroke.Exercise releases and relieves stress.Exercise improves our self-esteem. Exercise improves our mood.Sleep Average should get 8 hrs, 5-6 hrs in reality) NappingIncreases alertnessImproves learning and working memory.Prevents burnout and reverses information overloadImproves moodHeightens your senses and creativity.VacationLive longerImprove your mental healthRevamp your relationshipsGain self confidence By committing to a vacation, you declare to yourself (and to others) that you are important and deserve dedicated time for yourself.4Financial How much money do you make? How is your money spent, saved, invested, shared? Be Realistic! The money you earn determines:SpendingWhere you live? How you support your family.What transportation you have.What clothes you can afford.SharedHow much you can help others.SavingsFutureUnexpected repairs (WHEN LIFE HAPPENS)Job lossRetirement. You can put your money to work for you.3 to 6 months of your expensesDebtStaying out of debt5MarriageWill your spouse share the same vision you have?Being a good student of your spouse.Vision If you do not share the same vision it could cause a strain on the relationship, which in turn could hinder your goals you have set in life.Being honest with each other at the beginning of the relationship will make life much easier you fulfill your vision. Being a good student of your spouseKnowing what her or his likes and dislikes are.My wife would be really unhappy if I was gone on long business trips most of the year. She needs me to be at home at night. Some people are different, knowing your spouses needs and wants is half the battle.Marriage is a work in progress6Family How many children will you have? Extended family Leaving a legacy?How many?(This affects where you live, how much you make, car, private schools, raise children) How will they be educated? Public school, home school, private school? Extended familyWhat is your relationship like with each family member (mother, father, brother, sister, grandparent) How do they play into holidays, birthdays, and vacations? Every time there is an argument, do you have to be in the middle of it? What kind of Legacy will you leave as : (everyone leaves on good or bad)Men:Husband FatherLeaderWomanWifeMotherNurturer7Friends Who are your closest friends going to be?Which people should you drop as friends?Which friends should your spouse drop?What things do you do with your friends?Proverbs Says to choose your friends wiselySome may act like your friends, but will 8Education What area have you studied deeply? What books have you read?Do you have a reading plan? Read at least 30 minutes a day... The old saying is, We cannot use what we do not know. Renewing of our minds is an ongoing process of applying knowledge42% of all college graduates never read another book after graduating. Continuous learning is vital to making the most of what the world has to offer and fulfilling your vision. Redeem your commutes ( walking, exercising, or riding to work) by listening to audiobooks or podcasts.I Read a book a month (Audio or Paper)I watch YouTube Videos to quickly learn about various topics.I listen to Podcast on various topics at least a hour a day.9Career What is your job? Find someone to talk to about the field you are interested in. Actively pursue people that are doing what you want to be doing. What do you want to be doing?PassionIn vision a future Find a Successful MentorShare knowledge and experienceLearn from their mistakesSeek direct for the right pathencouraging and motivating (there will be times when things will not go your way)10Mentor Get oneIdentify people you admire.Request a meeting.Be prepared.Show gratitude.Steps to finding a Mentor:A mentor is someone who will help you grow in the area(s) most important to you. Consider people in your non-workplace communities, such as retirees, local business owners, and people associated with your hobbies. (Note: Some personal coaches advise against choosing your supervisor as a mentor because of a possible conflict of interest.)Look for someone who exemplifies the traits and skills that you want to adopt. Identify people you admire: Look beyond your boss to find someone you admire who also shares your business values. "Observe powerful individuals in your company and approach someone with a generous spirit who seems to enjoy helping others," she suggests. "Ideally, this person will have already passed through the part of the career path that you are currently on, and will have achieved success by making smart decisions and learning from his experiences.Request a meeting. While some people use cyber-mentors to get advice via email, often the strongest mentor-mentee relationships are built in person. "When contacting the person, briefly explain why you are seeking his guidance," Levit says. "Compliment him sincerely, and ask if he would be amenable to an in-person meeting. Upon sitting down face to face, reiterate your thanks, and lay out your vision for the relationship. Read the person's reaction. Hopefully, he will be as enthusiastic as you are, and the two of you can set up a timeline for future meetings. But if he isn't, now is the time to find out. You don't want a mentor who is meeting with you out of a sense of obligation." Be prepared. Before you meet your mentor in person, think about the type of information that would be useful at this stage of your career and how often you hope to meet. Make sure your expectations are reasonable, because the potential mentor is unlikely to agree if he thinks he will have to meet with you every week or act as a referee between you and your boss." Show gratitude. Many people enjoy helping younger workers excel, but remember that your mentor is also taking time out of his already hectic schedule and could be doing other things with his time. Show your mentor the appreciation he deserves for giving you the benefit of his experience. Follow up on your commitments to him, and brainstorm ways to help him in return. Be creative -- it could be something as simple as walking his dog when he has to go out of town unexpectedly."11Take ActionChanges What do you have to change in yourself to accomplish your vision? What top 3 time, energy, and emotional drainers can you drop? What obstacles are keeping you from living out your vision?Reflect Right Now What do you need to change :Inside of youDrainersObstacles13Think about the Big RocksWrite out 7 priorities. ... Next, schedule life according to priorities.Read the book The Road to Success Big Rocks:Health Financial Marriage Family FriendsEducation CareerMentorNo one can do more than 6 or 7 thingsLife is checkbook write a check each day. You must see the macro before the microTo see macro you need faith and imagination, what do you want? If you are going to dream, dream BIG...Whats worth your life...Must have a plan...Write it down.Count the cost in all you doPremeditated fun must be in your plan14Take the first step today!Read the book:Road to SuccessReverse engineering piece Pick a day as far in the future that you can reasonable plan toward1 year, 2 years, 5 years.Ask the questions, then define what/who you want to be on that day...then reverse engineer 15


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