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  • Resume Writing 2014 Workplace Readiness Series

  • Workplace Readiness Series Resume Writing Job Search 2014How To Successfully Ace a Job Interview Workplace Etiquette Taking Charge of Your Career

  • What is a resume ?

  • Top Resume Writing TipsChoose a job objective Tailor your resume to the job you are seeking Select a resume formatMake a list of previous jobs List your skills and accomplishmentsCreate and arrange your action statements List your education, training and professional development Check, recheck and check again

  • Check, Recheck and Check AgainDo sweat the small stuff84% of executives polled said it takes just one or two typographical errors in a rsum to remove a candidate from consideration for a job opening; 47 % said a single typo could be the deciding factor. So in addition to proofreading your document several times, ask a few close friends to review your rsum before sending it out. They may spot problems your spell-check function didn't catch.

  • Do NOTLieInclude age, race, hobbies or political affiliationUse fancy or unusual fonts Use expressions like "Duties included," "Responsibilities included," or "Responsible for." That's job-description language, not accomplishments-oriented resume language that sells.Use personal pronouns (I, my, me) in a resume.Leave off dates Use color paper Use a font smaller than 10 point List references on your resume List a quirky e-mail address on your rsum. Employers generally don't want to ask "" or "" in for an interview. Instead, create a separate account for professional purposes.

  • Do choose your words wiselyMany organizations electronically scan rsums and search keywords, so, if your experience matches what the company is looking for, try to include the exact phrases and specific applications listed in the job description. If the description asks for an individual who possesses three or more years of administrative experience and a Certified Administrative Professional designation, and you have this background, be sure you include these points in your rsum. This will increase the number of hits your rsum generates during the initial screening process and improve your chances of being invited for an interview.

  • Additional TipsDo quantify whenever possible. Use numbers to tell employers how many people you supervised, by what percentage you increased sales, how much money you saved, how many products you represented, etc.Don't emphasize older experience on your resume. Include your jobs that are more than 15 years old, but list them in bare-bones fashion (title, employer, location) with or without dates of employment. You may want to title this section Previous Professional Experience.

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