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Online Resources for Teaching

Resources for Teaching in the Age of the InternetAlark Joshi1Course WebsiteCourse Website an extremely helpful resource!Classesv2 is amazingNot the norm at most schoolsBlackboard is not as easy to useDevelop and maintain your own course websiteNot as hard as you thinkOptions to Regularly back up websiteComplete control of the content2Course websitePBWorks An online wiki-based resource to easily design and manage a courseWidely used in a large number of high schools and universities Hosts 300,000 educational workspacesWiki-based designEnsures Backup and audit trailGiving students write access can enrich the overall experience as they may contribute Control the access level of your students for the entire workspace Reader, Writer, Editor, Administrator (TAs can have rights that students dont)3Wiki-based Course WebsiteWiki-based course webpage allows students to comment on required readingExample course at UC Berkeley:

4Course WebsiteDemo http://coep-cg09.pbworks.comPlugins to add multimedia content such as images, videos, photo slideshows, and more!

5Posting Slides onlineStudents can refer to slides after classSlideshare Students do not need to download the slides We dont have to worry about others editing your filesPBWorks allows linking in Powerpoint slideshows on Slideshare

6Newsgroups for classChannel for communication amongst students, TAs and instructors Very useful for big coursesYahoo GroupsGoogle Groups

7AlternativesGoogle Sites: robustness of PBworks for educational purposes

Weebly: http://www.weebly.comEasy to setupFine-tuned for personal/commercial website developmentLacks educational focus

8Student FeedbackIf you are anything like me, you want feedback from your studentsIdeally after every class Anonymous feedback allows students to communicate what works/doesnt workFeedback about which group activities were found to be effectiveInstructors teaching style/accent/preparation

9Online SurveysSurveyMonkeySet up an online survey within minutesFree version allows only 10 questionsQualtricsAn excellent online source to setup a survey of any kindFree for Yale students/facultyUnlimited questions and configurable answers 10Scheduling Optional SessionsScheduling optional sessions can be a painLarge number of emails going back and forth

Doodle http://www.doodle.comWhen Is Good - www.whenisgood.net11Screenshot for Doodle poll

12Laptops in the ClassroomElectronic Devices can be a major distractionLaptops can be used constructivelyClass Website can be updated before class to include links to case studies, papers, processed data for analysisDirect students in class to links and design group activities around it Data analysisResearch and present results to the class

13In-Class ActivitiesDiscipline-Specific SitesChemistry, History, Physics and so onData Analysis TasksIBM Many Eyes Upload data and analyze it Examples

14Collaborative EditingFor collaboratively editing documentsSyllabus with a co-Instructor, Teaching AssistantsCreating Handouts, Quizzes or ExamsResearch Papers

Etherpad http://www.etherpad.comGoogle Docs -

15Blogs to Engage StudentsHave students create their own blogStudents post their weekly reading response to their own blogStudents in the Data Visualization class designed their own blog and regularly post to their blogAllows other students to keep up with the field and read each others point of viewLearn from each other and enrich material

16Online Quiz/TestsClassMarker - to use quiz maker that marks your tests and quizzes for you.ProProfs http://www.proprofs.comEasy to setup Polls, Flash Cards, Forums etc.

17Academic Social NetworkCreate your own customized social network for the classNing http://www.ning.comCourse blogDiscussion boardEvents Exams, Quiz, Invited Speaker talkInstant messaging (Chat)Post Photos/VideosDemo of a sample social network for this class 2.0 - http://www.classroom20.com18SummaryPlethora of resources for the modern teacherGreat ways to get feedbackkeep the students involved in the class material help students with assignmentsInnovative uses of technology can turn it into a boon for your course!

Text-messaging still a curse though!! 19