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  • 1. Research into current music magazines

2. NME- new musical express is a British music magazine which was published in 1952 by Theodore Ingham. It started as a music newspapers and gradually moved towards the magazine format during the 80s and 90s. The genre is very varied, from punk rock era in the 70s to the alternative music like muse in 2000s. As of 16th of august 2012 the magazines circulation was measured as 23,924 and its declining. An online version was launched in 1996 and is now the worlds biggest standalone music site with over 7 million users per month. NME are published by IPC media who also publish other magazines like chat and pick me up 3. Top of the pops magazine is monthly publication published by immediate media company. It was first published in February 1995 as a supplementary magazine for the TV show of the same name on the BBC until it was later cancelled in 2006. It is still in publication despite the show being cancelled. The total circulation in June 2013 was 63,483 It is very pop ordinated, featuring chart information, star gossip, fashion, beauty advise and quizzes and posters. 4. Q is a popular music magazine published monthly in the united kingdom. Founders mark Ellen and David Hepworth first issued was published October 1986. It was first published the EMAP media group in 1986 but was sold it to the bauer media group in 2008. In the early years the magazine was sub-titled the modern guide to music and more Jul-Dec 2013 53,781 print and digital editions were sold. Its genre is alternative rock, and popular music artists, ranging from oasis to Ozzy Osbourne. The magazine is well known for compiling lists 100 greatest albums ect Every issue of q magazine has a different message on the spine on the magazine, readers try and work out what the message has to do with the contents of the magazine. 5. Kerrang is a UK based music magazine which is dedicated to rock music. It was first published on 6th June 1981. The publishers are bauer media group. The total circulation in June 2013 for the magazine was 37,603. The founder was Alan Lewis and is now edited by James McMahon.