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REQUEST FOR ARCHITECTURAL AND ENGINEERING DESIGN SERVICES MORAINE HALL REMODELING UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN-WHITEWATER May 2006 DSF No. 05G1F Table of Contents Project Scope and Description Page 3 Project Budget Page 5 Project Schedule Page 5 General Requirements Page 6 Space Tabulation Page 9 User Description of Functions and Requirements Page 9 Adjacencies Page 13 Appendix Campus Map and Site Location Page 14 2PROJECT SCOPE AND DESCRIPTION This project will remodel the entire 10,750ASF/12,797GSF of the main floor of Moraine Hall. Moraine Hall is a single story building with a basement. Work will include a complete remodel of the main floor of this structure to accommodate its current occupants, the University Bookstore. This project will not involve any remodeling of the basement level except as may be needed to accommodate the remodel of the main floor, and to provide a well defined separate entrance into the basement area to service the Textbook Rental operation which is housed in the basement. New entry doors and windows will be provided to create a storefront and reflect the needs of its current retail function. Remodeling will modify HVAC, low voltage electrical distribution and plumbing systems, ceilings, lighting, flooring, and walls, construct new first floor restrooms, and install a new handicap accessible elevator to provide full accessibility to the basement. The project will remove the chiller located in Mechanical Room 110 (the chiller was abandoned in place and the cooling tower removed in 1999). This project will also modify the loading dock and driveway to the dock to improve deliveries. This project will also replace the existing roof. The building was constructed as a dining hall in 1964. In early 1969, Esker Hall was constructed to provide a new larger dining facility adjacent to the residence halls on the northeast side of campus which enabled the University Bookstore to relocate on the main floor of Moraine Hall to provide a more visible and accessible location. Textbook Rental Service was also moved in 1976 to the basement of Moraine Hall. Between 1980 and 1985, the remaining dining service areas in Moraine Hall were removed to improve traffic flow and create additional sales and work areas for the Textbook Rental and Bookstore operations. Minor remodeling has been conducted since 1985, including carpet and retail display furnishings replacement and minor office remodeling. The University Bookstore and Textbook Rental operations currently occupy 11,150 ASF and 6,913 ASF respectively. Additionally, an 827 ASF, one time a computer service area is not in use at this time. Since Moraine Hall was constructed as a former dining service building, it does not adequately meet the needs of its current occupants or reflect contemporary retail design. (This is particularly evident where old walk-in refrigeration units are used as storage rooms.) In addition, the building retains a 1960s look and needs extensive cosmetic remodeling to provide an appropriate contemporary retail environment. Special consideration should be given to the following elements of the project: Evaluating the dock and approach drive to improve access for semi deliveries. Replacing of exterior windows and doors. Locating public restrooms outside of main level retail space. Install a new handicap accessible elevator to provide full accessibility to the basement. Evaluating wireless technologies for facility. Creating a more welcoming store front, ideally drawing more attention to the entrance. Utilizing south windows for display purposes. Upgrading and/or replacing lighting, wall finishes, ceiling, and office construction. Removing abandoned plumbing and food service equipment. Identify deficiencies and developing a plan for upgrading the building infrastructure to present day technologies, including HVAC system and other technology. SCOPE OF SERVICES Request for A/E Services The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater wants to retain the services of an architectural/engineering firm to validate program, design, and provide construction services for the Moraine Hall Remodeling project. The scope of services is to include the following: 3 Work with University staff to assess physical facilities needs based on the University Bookstores current mission and future program plans. Provide advice on current trends in bookstore retail operations. Verify the program information contained herein and develop a complete Program Statement to meet the identified needs, including budgets and timeline for the project. Develop preliminary budget to confirm budgetary feasibility of remodeling the main floor of Moraine Hall. Develop options for possible phasing of the project and/or relocation of operations during construction. Develop preliminary plans and specifications and develop a design report. Develop construction and bid documents. Provide construction period services for the project. Consultant Qualifications The planning will require technical expertise in architectural, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical disciplines to address issues related to: Knowledge of current trends in University Bookstore/Retail design and the spaces necessary to support this function. Knowledge of retail design and operations. Knowledge of sustainable design principles. Knowledge of technology infrastructure necessary to support point of sale systems. PROJECT BUDGET Construction Costs: $1,938,000 A/E Fees: $165,000 DSF Management (4%): $83,000 Contingency (7%): $136,000 Movable Equipment Allowance (6%): $116,000 Percent for the Arts (0.25%): $6,000 Estimated Total Project: $2,444,000 PROJECT SCHEDULE A/E Selection May 2006 Final Program Statement August 2006 35% Design Report November 2006 Receive Bids March 2007 Start Construction May 2007 Substantial Completion and Occupancy August 2008 Final Completion September 2008 University Contacts UW - Whitewater Patricia Jankowski 265-0465 UW System Administration Maura Donnelly 263-5742 4 GENERAL REQUIREMENTS Occupants Primary occupants include students, faculty, campus guests, student staff, and professional staff. Primary occupants consist of both employees and patrons of the University Bookstore and Textbook Rental Textbook Rental is housed entirely in the basement of Moraine Hall). During the academic year, the bookstore is open Monday through Thursday, from 8:00 am until 6:00 pm, and Friday 8:00 am until 4:15 pm, and Saturday, 11 am until 3:00 pm. During the summer, the Bookstore is open Monday through Friday 8:00 am until 4:15 pm. The Bookstore serves approximately 72,000-75,000 customers each year, with September and January having the greatest congestion. This project should identify options for maintaining retail operations within the facility by phasing the project or moving operations to an offsite location during the construction phase of this project. WEPA In accordance with the Wisconsin environmental Policy Act (WEPA), this project requires a Type III Environmental Impact Assessment (EIS) with public notice. This requirement insures all fiscal impacts raised during the WEPA process will be addressed in the project budget estimate. The entire WEPA process must be completed prior to bid solicitation. Building Site Moraine Hall is an existing 28,176 GSF building, constructed in 1964 housing, Textbook Rental and Bookstore retail operations. The building consists of two occupied floors, including one below grade. The building is located next to Starin Road, a primary roadway through the campus. It is also located adjacent to Lot 7, a 382-stall parking lot that services the Visitor Center and the rest of campus. The building site has convenient access by both pedestrian and automobile traffic. An access drive and truck delivery dock is located on the east side of the structure. The dock and steps are old and need to be repaired or replaced. Trucks making deliveries to the building have a difficult time backing into the dock. A solution needs to be identified to improve truck access to the dock. Architectural The existing structure was constructed in 1964. Construction consists of a pre-cast block first floor system and masonry bearing walls with a roof system of steel joists and lightweight concrete on a metal deck. The roof was replaced in 1985. It is now in poor condition and in need of replacement. The exterior walls are composed of brick with an architectural pre-cast concrete fascia. These components are, in general, in good condition, however, the soffits are in poor condition. Any new materials used at the exterior of the building should blend, enhance, or match the existing materials. All exterior doors and windows are clear satin aluminum and are, in general, in good condition, but may need to be replaced to provide more visibility into the facility and provide retail display windows facing Starin Road. The thresholds are worn and should be replaced. The facility does have an existing freight elevator; however, a new passenger elevator located in the main lobby is needed to provide full access to the basement. Restrooms are preferred to be provided on the main level, located outside of the retail space. Interior finishes are appropriate to a food service facility and out of date, and therefore in need of replacement with modern finishes appropriate for a retail environment. The completed project should present a non-institutional look and feel to the facility. The current entry lobby and stairwells to the lower level have a closed off feel and separate the operation and traffic between the two levels. The new circulation should be designed to provide access to textbook rental in the basement level and bookstore functions on the main level as mutually supporting operations. A primary goal of this project is to provide better integration of services and support functions. The design should provide spaces for multiple functions and incorporate flexibility for future changes to the configurations of retail space, as well as a new gathering and lounge space. 5Gas Service Two gas lines, one 3 steel at 60 psi, and, one 6 steel at 150 psi, run under Starin Road south of Moraine Hall. Two other gas lines run north and south underground beneath the Bookstore Service Drive on the east side of the building. One is a 4 gas line 52 east of Moraine Hall and a 6 gas line 44 east of Moraine Hall. These mains are pressurized at 60 psig nominal. There is no gas service directly into Moraine Hall from these lines. A new gas powered emergency generator should be installed requiring a gas connection to the building. Gas lines are owned by WE Energies Company. The WE Energies Company contact is Patrick Kwiatkowski at 920 563 1245. Health and Safety A Wisconsin Asbestos and Lead Management System (WALMS) survey has been done for this facility. In general the report documents Asbestos Containing Building Materials (ACBM) present in floor tile and mastic, ceramic tile mastic, pipe elbows and fittings, water tank insulation, TSI, fire doors, and duct connectors. In addition, on the outside of the Moraine Hall there are presumed asbestos containing transite panels located on walls on either side of the wind screen on the loading dock and around the old cooling tower pad off the northeast corner of the building. Asbestos containing materials will be abated by a separate contract. This facility must be fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Note that the review process for architectural plans will include review by the campus for accessibility for those with disabilities. Since service to persons with disabilities is a special mission of the UW-Whitewater campus, accessibility requirements may exceed those contained in the ADA Guidelines. Plumbing In general, plumbing within the building was originally installed at the time of original construction of Moraine Hall as a food service building in 1964. The building was converted to a bookstore and textbook rental operation in the 1970s and consequently the piping system is now largely inappropriate for the buildings current and planned use. It is anticipated that the first floor will be completely reconfigured, including the plumbing system. Sanitary Sewer Lines: One 6 CI line exits building approximately 69 east of southwest corner of building diagonally, under floor Room 100. One 4 CI line exits building approximately 22 east of southwest corner of building, under the first slab Room 100.This line joins the above 6 diagonal line approximately 10 south of the building. One 4 CI line exits building approximately 31 east of southwest corner of building, under the first floor slab Room 100. This line formerly connected to a grease trap located 8 south of Moraine Hall. This line has since been modified to bypass the grease trap, as Moraine Hall no longer serves as a dining hall. Storm Sewer Lines: One 6 CI line exits building approximately 35 east of southwest corner of building under floor, Room 100. One 4 CI line exits building on east side approximately 35 north of southeast corner of building, under floor Room 116. One 4 CI line exits building on east side approximately 35 south of northeast corner of building, under floor Room 110A (and under floor in elevator equipment room 110B). Water Main: One 3 CI water line enters building approximately 35 west of northeast corner of building under floor, Room H110 and enters Mechanical Room 110. This line is fed from a 6 city water main, which runs north and south approximately 23 west of Moraine Hall. The City of Whitewater Water Department supplies city water at a nominal pressure of 65 lb. Underground piping is cast iron with all services adequate and in good repair. 6Metering is provided by the Whitewater Water Department. The city of Whitewater indicated that there are no known uses of lead supply lines in or around Campus. Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Two air-handling units serve Moraine Hall. AHU-1 is located in Mechanical Room 116 and serves the south half of both the lower level and first floor. AHU-2 is located in Mechanical Room 110A and serves the north half of both the lower and first floor. Both operate with 3 zones. Both are rated at 19,980 cfm with 10 HP, 208 VAC, 3 phase motors. Both air handlers were upgraded with new high efficiency motors in the summer of 2002 as part of the state energy initiative. They are both provided with hot water heating coils and chilled water coils for air conditioning. The campus wide systems are Johnson Control Metasys for HVAC controls including central monitoring. It is anticipated that these existing air handlers will be modified as necessary to serve the remodeled areas. Air Compressor The air compressor is located in Mechanical Room 110. It is a simplex unit manufactured by Johnson Service Company and is estimated to be 10 or 12 years old. It is presently in good operating condition. The air compressor supplies compressed air for HVAC control at 10 psig. It is equipped with a dryer. Replacement of the air compressor is not anticipated. Steam One 4 steam line and 2 condensate line enters the building on the east side of Mechanical Room 110 approximately 17 south of northeast corner of building. Steam is fed to the building at approximately 80 psi from Steam Pit No. 25, located northeast of the building. Pressure is reduced to 10 psig within the building. This service is sufficient for the needs of the existing building. Chilled Water Campus main chilled water and return lines run north and south, underground approximately 45 west of Moraine Hall. The 20 lines tee off the northwest corner of the building with one set of 16 supply and return lines running west to serve the west portion of the Campus and one set of 18 supply and return lines running south to serve the main portion of the Campus. 6 supply and return chilled water lines tee off of the 20 portion and run east underground approximately 27 north of Moraine Hall and enter the building approximately 24 west of the northeast corner of the building, through the hallway Room H110, and into the Mechanical Room 110. Entering temperature of the chilled water is approximately 46 degrees F and leaving temperature is approximately 55 degrees F. The chilled water service is adequate to supply the cooling needs of Moraine Hall. The chiller that formerly served Moraine Hall was decommissioned but remains, abandoned in place in the Mechanical Room 110. The cooling tower, formerly located on the enclosed pad to the north of Moraine Hall was removed in 1999, but the enclosed pad remains. Electrical, Telecommunications Power: Primary electrical service to the building is provided by Feeder 6 from the main campus 4160V electrical substation located just north-west of the campus heating plant. A 1/0 feeder enters Moraine Hall in the primary electrical vault, Room 103, through an underground duct bank from pad mounted switch GX 16 located on the south side of the building. This circuit feeds a 225KVA, 4160-120/208V transformer (wired in Delta configuration) located in the Primary Electrical Vault. The secondary main distribution panel is a Kinney Panelboard No. AG-328 351 rated 1,250A at 120/208 V located in Room 105. The main circuit breaker rating is 1,200A. The 208/120V service to the Campus Visitor Center is fed from a 300A circuit breaker in the main distribution panel in Moraine Hall. The service feeder in enclosed in an underground duct bank which runs directly west to the Visitor Center from the secondary electrical vault, Room 105. This service must be maintained during construction. 7The main electrical duct bank supplying 4160V electrical power to campus buildings east of Wyman Mall runs directly through both the primary and secondary electrical vaults, Rooms 103 and 105. The duct bank contains 2 4 power and 2 4 signal conduits. These utilities must be protected during construction. There are no demand readings available but the electrical system for Moraine Hall was designed for a food service building with a much greater load than currently exists. It is believed that there is sufficient electric power to serve the needs of the existing building. Signal: The two campus signal conduits that pass through the primary and secondary electrical vaults, Rooms 103 and 105 are dedicated to the signal utility system. These conduits contain fiber optic data cables installed in 1993 and multi-pair telephone cable. Moraine Hall is connected to the campus fiber-optic data network. Fiber enters the building in the secondary electrical vault, Room 105. The fiber-optic cable terminations are made on a fiber rack on the north wall of the room. Network connections are then distributed through the building via a Cat 5 cable network. Telephone connections are made via a telephone connection panel located in Room 105. Note that the telecommunications equipment, data network equipment, building secondary electrical distribution switchgear, and emergency generator are all housed in Room 105. Fire Alarm System A new Simplex fire alarm system was installed in 1999 as part of a campus-wide fire alarm system upgrade. The upgrade included installation of a Simplex campus central reporting and annunciation system, which serves all buildings including Moraine Hall. The fire alarm system in Moraine should be modified as needed to meet all current codes. All current central reporting and annunciation features of the system must be retained. In addition a new sprinklered fire suppression system is to be installed. Security System Moraine Hall is currently served by an intrusion security system. This system is equipped with door sensors and motion sensors, and is armed during hours when the building is closed. If an intrusion is detected an electronic call goes out the security monitoring firm, currently Per Mar Security of Janesville Wisconsin, and an intrusion protocol is implemented. Surveillance Equipment This project is to include a remote access digital surveillance system. This system is not to be monitored by an outside security firm. The system is to include the following: Motion activated cameras in designated locations, including points-of sale (cashiers). Camera power center and control system and monitor Color varifocal camera Software that will enable the recording and storage of video images for up to 15 days. The software is also to enable password protected access via internet connection to remote computers which allows viewing the site via the cameras. The system should include a minimum 3 year guarantee. Emergency Generator The emergency generator is a Kohler, Model No. 6.5R84, 6.5 Kw, 120/208 VAC, 22.5 Amp, 3 phase generator, located in the Electrical Equipment Room 105. It is fueled by propane with tanks stored in a caged area outside on the west side of the building. It supplies power for emergency lighting and for the fire alarm system. This generator does not have sufficient capacity to serve the needs of Moraine Hall. In addition, it is located in a room with the secondary switchgear, telecommunications equipment, and the building data rack. The new emergency generator should be powered by natural gas and will need to be relocated. 8SPACE TABULATION Ref No. Unit No. of Occupants ASF/ Occupant ASF/ Room No. of Rooms Total ASF 1 Customer Service Desk-FTE Staff 2 100 200 1 2002 Customer Service Desk-Students 2 50 100 1 1003 Bookstore Merchandise/Display - - 7800 1 78004 Coffee Shop/Sitting Area 10 20 200 1 2005 Receiving/Work Room - - 1150 1 11506 Bookstore Merchandise Storage - - 500 1 5007 Conference Room 10 20 200 1 2008 Break Room 10 20 200 1 2009 Director Office 5 - 150 1 15010 Staff Offices 1 100 100 2 20011 Dressing Room 1 50 50 1 50 TOTAL ASF: 10,750 Unassignable 12 Lobby 13 Restrooms 14 Elevator 15 Loading Dock USER DESCRIPTION OF FUNCTIONS AND REQUIREMENTS No. 1 Customer Service Desk FTE Staff: Area within customer service desk to serve as work stations for full time customer service staff. Customer service staff primary function is to answer customer questions, provide information, and make exchanges and/or refunds, use computer and or cash register. This staff will also perform back office functions related to the Bookstore operation. This space would also include area for copy machine and laminator. Special Requirements: General The customer service desk should be constructed of modular and serve as a primary work space for the FTE customer service desk staff. Bulletin boards for postings and communications Visibility to customers entering and leaving the store as well as site lines to as much retail space and dressing room area as possible Electrical Multiple outlets at each work station within the customer service desk to support computers, printers, fax, copy machine, and other electrical appliances (pencil sharpener, calculator, etc.) Two data and one telephone jack at each work station. 9No. 2 Customer Service Desk Students: Area to be manned by students under supervision of full time staff to answer questions, provide information, make exchanges and/or refunds, use computer and/or cash register. The customer service desk will include the primary cash register checkout station to be utilized throughout the year. During peak high volume periods, temporary checkout stations will be set up in an area outside of the customer service desk. Special Requirements: General The customer service desk should be constructed of modular or built-in furniture and serve as a primary work space for the student customer service desk staff. Bulletin boards for postings and communications Visibility to customers entering and leaving the store as well as site lines to as much retail space as possible Electrical Multiple outlets at the work station within the customer service desk to support computers, printers, fax, and other electrical appliances (pencil sharpener, calculator, etc.) Two data and one telephone jack at the work station. No. 3 Bookstore Merchandise/Display: The University Bookstore provides required and recommended graduate student textbooks as well as trade and reference books, supplies, greeting cards, electronics, health and beauty aids, apparel, and an array of services. Sales floor of the Bookstore will be used to display merchandise and sell books, supplies, gifts, and apparel. This area should closely resemble a typical retail environment but should also take into consideration the specific unique needs of a university bookstore. A bullpen of cash registers that can be expanded for rush peak sales periods and reconfigured/eliminated during remainder of the year should be provided. It is desirable that the location identified for these temporary sales stations have a means of egress that does not conflict with the standard checkout/customer service station. Special Requirements: General A locked fitting room should be provided to allow patrons the opportunity to try on apparel. Flexible merchandise display fixtures shall be utilized that will allow for ease in reconfiguration of the retail space. Electrical Multiple outlets throughout retail space to allow for the use of lit retail display fixtures as desired. Retail display lighting to highlight the sale of merchandise. No. 4 Coffee Shop/Sitting Area: This project should create a small area reserved for rest and respite with coffee and/or daily newspaper; an inviting area for customers to linger (or for parents of students to sit and rest). Special Requirements General Food service equipment (coffee machine or cart) Movable tables and chairs and or lounge seating Electrical Power to support food service equipment Lighting that is inviting for lounging and reading No. 5 Receiving/Workroom: The receiving area should be near the loading dock and existing freight elevator. Merchandise will be loaded off trucks and wheeled into the ground level area for sorting (to Bookstore or Textbook Rental) and receiving. This area should also include a 100 sq ft office space for receiving clerk. Special Requirements General Work tables and shelving for the sorting of materials received 10Electrical Multiple outlets around perimeter of space Two data and one telephone connection within staff office space No. 6 Bookstore Merchandise Storage: This area is needed to store back stock and/or discontinued product. An area is also needed to store office supplies, etc., which are owned by the Bookstore and not for resale. Special Requirements General Shelving and storage cabinets for the storage of materials and merchandise Electrical Multiple outlets around perimeter of space No. 7 Conference Room: This highly utilized space will be used for group meetings and conferencing with sales representatives. This area must be large enough for a sales rep to bring in multiple garment racks and/or bags. This space should have table and chairs for traditional meetings, accommodating 10 people. There should also be an open area available for merchandise/apparel presentation. Special Requirements General Conference table to seat 10 people and moveable chairs Bulletin boards and whiteboard for presentations and communications Electrical Power and data around the perimeter of the room Dimmable lighting for presentations No. 8 Break Room: The break room will provide a space for staff to go on their breaks. There should be a kitchenette with a sink, microwave, and full size refrigerator. Sufficient counter space to support multiple electrical appliances should be provided. Special Requirements General Movable tables and chairs Bulletin boards Electrical Power outlets as a part of kitchenette and also distributed around perimeter of the space No. 9 Director Office: The director serves as the lead of University bookstore and textbook rental operations. Traditional office setting with desk, bookshelves, files, computer/printer set up and small conference table/chairs for visitors. This space should be large enough to see sales people with small amount of merchandise to display. Special Requirements General Bulletin board and whiteboard Modular furniture configured in u-shape 36 round table with 4 movable chairs Electrical Two data and one telephone jack at work station Multiple outlets at the work station and along perimeter of office No. 10 Staff Offices: Three private offices, each with desk, bookshelves, files, and computer/printer set up. Each office will accommodate extensive reading, paperwork and computer work stations. Special Requirements 11General Bulletin board and whiteboard Modular furniture Electrical Two data and one telephone jack at work station Multiple outlets at the work station and along perimeter of office No. 11 Dressing Room: Traditional dressing room setting with mirror and hooks; conveniently located to the apparel area and observable by store personnel. Special Requirements General Mirrors appropriate for viewing of product. Electrical Lighting appropriate for viewing of product. Unassignable Space No. 12 Lobby: This facility will have one main entrance flowing into the lobby. This lobby is an important front door to the building. It should serve as an inviting public access and display area. This space is also used as a bag drop area so that patrons do not bring their book bags or back packs into the retail space. No. 13 Restrooms: New restrooms should be provided on the main level and must be compliant with ADA accessibility guidelines. It is desirable for these public restrooms to be located outside of the retail space. No. 14 Elevator: A handicap accessible elevator needs to be provided in the lobby area to provide access to the Textbook Rental operation located in the basement. No. 15 Loading Dock: This area is used for receiving and shipping merchandise. Trucks back up to the dock and load/unload merchandise. Shipping and receiving encompasses very small boxes to full pallets of boxes of varying sizes. Loading dock is structurally failing and needs to be replaced. The loading dock should be reconfigured to increase its size and the vehicle area should be reconfigured to improve semi truck access to the facility. 12 Adjacency Matrix Ref # Description 1. Customer Service Desk (FTE Staff)2. Customer Service Desk (Students)3. Bookstore Merchandise/Display4. Textbook Rental/Display4. Coffee Shop/Sitting Area5. Receiving/Workroom6. Bookstore Merchandise Storage7. Conference Room8. Break Room9. Director's Office10. Staff Offices10a. Textbook Rental Staff10b. Book Deparatment Staff10c. Shippling/Receiving Staff11. Dressing Room12. Lobby13. Restrroms14. Elevator15. Loading Dock1. Customer Service Desk (FTE Staff) **x2. Customer Service Desk (Students) A **x3. Bookstore Merchandise/Display A A **x4. Textbook Rental/Display x4. Coffee Shop/Sitting Area B B B x5. Receiving/Workroom x6. Bookstore Merchandise Storage B B B x7. Conference Room x8. Break Room B x9. Director's Office B x10. Staff Offices x 10a. Textbook Rental Staff A x 10b. Book Department Staff A x 10c. Shipping/Receiving Staff A x11. Dressing Room B B B x12. Lobby A A B B x13. Restrooms A x14. Elevator B B x15. Loading Dock A B B x A Direct Adjacency Required B Adjacency Desirable Blank Direct Adjacency is not necessary **Central Location Note that the Customer Service Desks (Items 1 and 2) and the Bookstore Merchandise/Display (Item 3) should have Central Locations. 13 Location of the Moraine Bookstore Occupants Building Site Gas Service Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Electrical, Telecommunications Fire Alarm System


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