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<ul><li> 1. Remarkable Writing<br />By Mrs. Garro<br />Los Medanos Elementary<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Do you want to be a remarkable writer?<br />Just remember it doesnt happen overnight.You dont wake up a fantastic writer.It takes work and a little research, but the following journey your teacher has prepared for you will help.Are you ready?<br />Get ready to take off on a writing webquest!<br /> 3. Lets start simple and look at what makes up a sentence.<br />A sentencehas a<br />SUBJECT, that is the<br />Whoof the sentence. <br />The alien.<br /> 4. Dont you think something is missing?<br />Thats because every sentence also has a predicate, the action!<br />What did the alien do?<br />Thealienmet a human.<br /> 5. So now we know what makes a simple sentence. Can we make it better?Yes we can!<br />Heres where your search begins!<br />First, you are going to visit at least 3 following websites to boost your vocabulary and both listen to and read some remarkable writing!<br /><br />Homophone matching game<br /><br /><br />Homograph Jeopardy (one or two player)<br /><br />Homograph factsheet<br /><br />Go to the next slide if you are brave enough to accept your first mission.<br /> 6. Mission #1<br />Learn how adjectives can add detail to a simple sentence.<br /><br />Need a little more help?<br />Check out this video from <br />School House Rock! <br /> 7. Lets see what we found out<br />Adjectiveshelp add detail<br />Mean and <br />green<br />Remember our alien?Pretend there was no illustration, what might he look like?<br />Friendly and caring<br />The friendlyalien met a caring human. =a much better sentence!<br /> 8. Mission #2<br />Write down all the words you hear or read that paint a picture in your mind.They can be words that help you see, hear, touch, feel, or taste what the writer is trying to describe.<br /><br /> 9. Okay, its quiz time!<br />What is the subject of the following sentence?<br />The humans thought the spaceship was an airplane.<br />THOUGHT<br />HUMANS<br /> 10. Think you can handle more?<br />What is the predicateof the following sentence?<br />The Earth spins on its axis.<br />spins on its axis.<br />The Earth<br /> 11. Last chance to show what you know!<br />How many adjectives can you find in this super sentence?<br />The slimy aliens crashed into a dark cave near the small town.<br />2 3 4<br />SLIMYDARKSMALL<br />CLICK!<br /> 12. Lets review how to Paint a Picture in the readers mind.<br />Remember My Rotten Red Headed Older Brother?<br />Patricia Polacco didnt just say, The girl had abrother.<br />She said, He had orange hair that was like wire;he was covered in freckles, and looked like a weasel with glasses.<br /> 13. Are you ready for the next mission?Mission #3<br />If you think you need to listen to the story again first, click below and pay attention to the adjectives!<br /><br />Now go to the following Scholastic site and type in My Rotten Red Headed Older Brother for Title and Richie for Character, follow the steps, and print out.<br /><br /> 14. Your Final Mission!<br />Choose a character from a fictional book you have read recently.Yes, it can even be an animal or insect.<br />Things to remember:<br />First, draw a picture of this person/animal<br />Use a circle map to write down everything you can think of about that person or animal using your drawing<br /> 15. How tall or small?<br />Hair color?<br />What do they like to eat?<br />Name of Family Member<br />What do they look like?<br />What do they like to wear?<br />What do they like to do?<br />What do they sound like?<br /> 16. Are you ready to do some writing?<br />Good, lets get you into character!<br />You get to pretend you are the person or animal you chose and write a profile about him/her/it.<br />You may ask, What is a profile?<br />Think of a profile like a mini-newspaper, but its all about one person or animal in this case.<br /> 17. Now, go to and click Get Started<br /> 18. Remember, this is not really about you because you will be using your circle map about someone else to fill in the information.So, click on Fictional Character-Go to the next slide first to know how you will be graded.<br /> 19. Follow all the steps and dont forget to print your profile and turn into your teacher to be graded as follows:<br />10 points total<br />Interesting quote/greeting= 1 pt.<br />Song (can be made up) that is suitable for character= 1 pt.<br />The About Me section really painted a picture of what the character was like= 2 pts.<br />Used good imagination to create a blog entry following instructions= 2 pts.<br />Included at least one interest and one favorite for the character= 1 pt.<br />Drawing of character was your personal best= 1 pt.<br />You wrote in complete sentences beginning with capital letters= 1 pt.<br />You used correct punctuation and capitalized proper nouns= 1 pt.<br /> 20. References<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />!<br /></p>