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  • 88 Coweta Living 2011-12 RELIGION

    n Community Christian Churchswebsite, there is a welcoming videomessage from Pastor Ed Martin.

    The greeting includes basicsabout the church and an invitation

    to visit. What follows is a series ofhumorous outtakes. The messagecommunicates a lot about Martin andperhaps even more about CommunityChristian, whose website includes thesewords: (E)ven though we take God seriouslywe dont take ourselves that seriously.

    Newer churches particularly those thatconnect with a younger demographic tendto use more technology. Four Corners Churchand Browns Mill Church are examples.

    Four Corners website includes a podcastand online sermons. Browns Mill has sermonaudio and selected videos as well as somephotographs.

    There is some cost associated withvarious uses of technology.

    Community Christian and ResurrectionLutheran have tried allowing people to givetheir offering with a debit or credit card.Adrianne Setzer of Resurrection said thechurch had to stop the practice because feeswere getting too high.

    Community Christian still offers theservice through its greeting centers. Whilethere are not that many people who use it,some do, observed Bill Coffman, one ofCommunity Christians pastors. So manypeople in our society dont carry cash.

    Some technology is low cost even free.Many local churches have a Facebook pagethat may share a daily Bible verse or thought,images from church events, postings aboutupcoming activities or requests for prayer.

    Community Christian uses lots oftechnology, including a website with severaldifferent features and a Facebook page.Were using it pretty intently, Coffman saidof Facebook.

    Pictures from a summer mission trip toHaiti were posted to Community ChristiansFacebook page each night. The site also offersa daily devotional, which is connected

    By W. Winston Skinner

    new way for churches tofulfill their mission


    Bill Coffman, one of Community Christians pastors, says his church usestechnology pretty intently, including a Facebook page.

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    thematically with the Sunday sermon.The church has about 50 small groups,

    and they use a DVD lesson that exploresthemes related to Sundays sermon wheneverthey meet. Those lessons offer a way tospark discussion that brings members intothe topic being explored, Coffman said.

    Technology changes rapidly, and lookingahead is important for congregations thatwant to use technology for ministry.

    Offering services in multiplelocations makes it easier forCommunity Christian membersto have success inviting friendsto experience what theirchurch has to offer.

    Pastor Ed Martin leads a service at Community Christian Church.

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    Community Christians Facebook page ispretty well used now, Coffman said,compared to when the site first went up.

    We knew the power of it, he said. Weknew it could be used.

    Community Christian does not have astaff member who specifically oversees theweb-based outreach, but lots of people areinvolved. If youre not regularly updating it,it becomes stale, Coffman said. He saidposting pictures from every event we do is agoal.

    The web presence serves as anevangelical tool, but it also serves anotherfunction. Community Christian has its officesand worship center on Highway 154 betweenSharpsburg and Thomas Crossroads. Thechurch also, however, holds services atMadras Middle School and Northgate HighSchool.

    Were one church in three locations,Coffman said. Information and photographson the web help connect church memberswho may not see each other on a regular

    Bill Coffman uses Community Christian Churchs technology to record the messages of Pastor Ed Martin, shown on video below.

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  • RELIGION Coweta Living 2011-12 91

    basis. A photo may even reveal that a friendfrom work or school is a CommunityChristian member at another site.

    Technology also makes the multipleservices work together. The sermon at theSharpsburg site is shown on a large videoscreen and taped for use at the other sites.

    The tape is physically taken to Northgateand Madras each Sunday morning. It was alittle dicey at first, but we never missed amessage, Coffman said. Videotape waschosen in part because it is easy to use ateach site and has less likelihood of technicaldifficulties.

    At the Madras and Northgate campuses,everything is live except the message, whichis on video, Coffman said. A host pastor ateach school personalizes the message at theend and offers people the opportunity tomake spiritual commitments or seekcounseling or prayer.

    Holding services at the schools is part of

    Community Christians plan to bring church to thepeople, rather than bringing people to the church,Coffman said. He explained that people who love achurch will drive 40 minutes to a service, but peoplewho are just wondering what a church is likeprobably will not.

    Offering services in multiple locations makes iteasier for Community Christian members to havesuccess inviting friends to experience what theirchurch has to offer.

    Community Christian also offers a way foryou to be really involved in the message during themessage itself, Coffman said. Video screens atservices list a website. People who have a cellularphone with Internet service can access the siteand read relevant Bible passages as the serviceunfolds.

    You can use this as your Bible, Coffman said.Few people accessed the site when it was first

    offered about 18 months ago, but many do now.We were trying to be a little bit ahead of the

    curve, Coffman said. CL

    Mass ScheduleSunday Masses

    5:00 p.m. Saturday Vigil, 9:00 a.m. and 12 Noon MassesA nursery is available at the 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 Noon Masses

    12:00 Noon Mass features ASL Interpretation

    Weekday LiturgiesCommunion Service

    9:00 a.m. Monday, Tuesday and FridayMass

    7:00 p.m. on Wednesday and 9:00 a.m. on Thursday

    Directions: Located just off Hwy 154 and Ebenezer Church Road. Turn right just past the Fire Station onto Literary Lane. (SMM will be on the horizon.) Turn left atRobinson Lake Road and right onto Village Road. Not on MapQuest or older GPS.

    3 Village Road s Newnan, GA 30265 s770.253.1888 Visit us on the web at

    A Growing Faith Community

    Word of God Lutheran Church

    and Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ


    Sunday Worship 9:30 a.m. Worship location:

    303 Kelly Drive, Suite 10, Peachtree City, GA


    North American Lutheran Church

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    Coweta CountyChurch DirectoryIf youre looking for a church home, Coweta County has plenty ofofferings, from traditional churches meeting in historic buildings tonew storefront churches with more contemporary services andprograms. If your church would like to be added to our nextdirectory, please e-mail your church information

    Abundant Life Faith Church10 Forest Rd.Newnan, GA 30265-1155770-304-1172

    Agape Christian CenterMinistries, Inc.50 B East Washington St.Newnan, GA 30263404-277-2132

    All Souls Church688 Hwy. 29 NorthNewnan, GA 30263P.O. Box 71546Newnan, GA 30271770-251-9343

    A Place of Refuge10 Fisher AlleyNewnan, GA

    Arnco Baptist Church81 Arnco 3rd St.Newnan, GA 30263678-423-8503

    Bethel United MethodistChurch2325 Luther Bailey RoadSenoia GA 30276770-315-3308

    Bethlehem BaptistChurch2194 West Grantville Rd.Newnan, GA 30263770-583-2394

    Beulah Baptist Church936 Turkey Creek RoadNewnan, GA 30263-5766770-304-0540

    Bexton Road Baptist Church240 Bexton Rd.Moreland, GA 30259770-251-5346

    Bible Baptist Church1485 Hwy. 34 East, Suite 2-BNewnan, GA

    Browns Mill Church15 Perry St.Newnan, GA

    Burns Chapel United Methodist Church30 Lovelace St.Newnan, GA 30263770-253-6564

    The Cathedral of Christ the King(Charismatic Episcopal Church)4881 Highway 34 EastSharpsburg, GA

    Central Baptist Church14 West Broad St.Newnan, GA

    Christ Presbyterian Church PCA4881 Highway 34 EastSharpsburg, GA 30277

    Cokes Chapel United Methodist Church4096 Lower FayettevilleRd.Sharpsburg, GA

    Community ChristianChurch1717 Highway 154Sharpsburg, GA

    Cornerstone United Methodist Church2956 Highway 154Newnan, GA

    Coweta Particular Baptist Fellowship178 Cecil Hunter Rd.Moreland, GA

    Crossroads Church2564 Highway 154Newnan, GA 302653260 Highway 16Sharpsburg, GA

    Dent Chapel AMEChurch3660 Hwy. 34 W.Newnan GA 30263770-253-2408

    Downtown Church of Christ71 Greenville St.Newnan, GA

    East Newnan Baptist Church577 E. Gordon Rd.Newnan, GA

    Eastside Church of Christ20 Walters LaneSharpsburg, GA 30277-2079770-304-9561

    Elim Baptist Church1529 Handy Rd.Newnan, GA 30263770-253-2322

    Emmanuel Life and Worship Center102 East Freeman St.Newnan, GA

    Emory Chapel United Methodist Church2677 Highway 34 WestNewnan, GA 30263770-253-9602

    Faith Bible Church4907 Highway 34 E.Sharpsburg, GA

    FaithCreek United Methodist Church2331 Highway 29 N.Newnan, GA

    Faith Lutheran Church575 Fischer Rd.Sharpsburg, GA

    First Baptist Church of Grantville45 West Broad St.

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    Our church is a servant-oriented church. Our mission is to reach the lost, meet the needs of the church, and build strong Christian families.

    Sunday SchoolPreschool | Children

    Youth | Adult

    Our ProgramsChildrens Church | Awana

    Upward | Vacation Bible SchoolMens Bible Study and Fellowship

    Womens Bible Study

    Schedule of EventsSundaySunday School.... 9:15-10:15Worship ............ 10:30-12:00

    WednesdayDinner Served .........................5:00-6:30Awana/Kids Adventure Camp 6:30-8:00Bible Study ..............................6:30-8:00LiveWire Youth ........................6:30-8:00

    rchard Hills Church

    171 Gordon Road, Newnan | Georgia 30263Dr. Stacy Thomas, Pastor | 678-854-9180

    Friday Nights: "Movies on the Lawn" (May - September!)

    Adventure Summer Camp 2012 Fun and Unique Activities!

    P.O. Box 96Grantville, GA 30220770-583-2810

    First Baptist Church of Haralson224 Magnolia St.Haralson, GA

    First Baptist Church of Moreland2930 S. Highway 29P.O. Box 135Moreland, GA

    First Baptist Church of Newnan15 West Washington St.Newnan, GA

    First Baptist Church of Senoia41 Johnson St.Senoia, GA

    First Christian Church8 Elm St.Newnan, GA

    First PentecostalHoliness Church107 Jefferson St.Newnan, GA 30263-1420770-683-8507

    First United MethodistChurch of Newnan33 Greenville St. SouthNewnan, GA

    Four Corners Church19 W. Court SquareNewnan, GA 30263770-548-6753

    Freeman MemorialUnited MethodistChurch353 East Newnan Rd.Newnan, GA 30263


    Friendship BaptistChurch29 Peachtree St.Newnan, GA 30263770-251-3382

    Gordon Road Church Of Christ1211 Gordon Rd.Moreland, GA 30259-2539770-502-1261

    Grace Baptist Church825 Ebenezer ChurchRd.Sharpsburg, GA

    Grace Community Fellowship75 Roscoe Rd.Newnan, GA

    Greater JehovahBaptistChurch2 Roger Arnold Rd.P. O. Box 609Grantville, GA 30220770-583-2521

    Greater Mt. Calvary Baptist Church245 Yeager Rd.Newnan, GA 30265-1676678-423-9782

    Greater Mount ZionAME Church12 Richard Allen DriveNewnan, GA

    Harvest Park BaptistChurch37 Frank Cook Rd.Newnan, Georgia

    Heatherwood BaptistChurch721 Shenandoah Blvd.Newnan, GA

    John Wesley United Methodist Church155 Church St.

    Grantville, GA 30220770-583-3113

    Liberty Baptist Church of Coweta2015 Hwy. 154, Suite 10Newnan, GA

    Liberty Christian Church(Disciples of Christ)948 Macedonia Rd.Newnan, GA

    Lighthouse of Praise Tabernacle11 East Gordon Rd.Newnan, GA 30263-5292770-252-8252

    Line Creek BaptistChurch1488 Bob Smith Rd.Sharpsburg, GA

    Lovejoy Memorial Methodist Church

    60 East Washington St.Newnan, GA 30263-1960770-253-8277

    Macedonia BaptistChurch1504 Macedonia Rd.Newnan, GA

    Mills Chapel BaptistChurch85 Country Club Rd.Newnan, GA

    Moreland UnitedMethodist Church16 Church St.P.O. Box 156Moreland, GA

    Mt. Calvary Missionary Baptist Church644 Bear Creek Rd.Moreland, GA 30259770-253-6023

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  • 94 Coweta Living 2011-12 RELIGION

    Mt. Carmel United Methodist Church958 Summers-McKoy Rd.Newnan, GA

    Mt. Gilead UnitedMethodist Church2651 East Hwy. 16 Sharpsburg GA 30277770-254-8876

    Mount Hope BaptistChurch12 Griffin St.Grantville, GA 30220770-567-3880

    Mount Olive United Methodist Church1180 Poplar Rd.Newnan, GA 30265770-254-9590

    Mt. Prospect Baptist Church335 Bethlehem ChurchRd.Newnan, GA 30263770-251-9731

    Mount Sinai BaptistChurch6 Lovelace St.Newnan, GA 30263770-253-1976

    Mt. Vernon First BaptistChurch53 Pinson St.Newnan, GA 30263770-253-3772

    New Beginning BaptistChurch973 Standing Rock Rd.Senoia, GA

    New Day BaptistChurch1129 Bruce Jackson Rd.Newnan, GA 30263

    New Heights BaptistChurch2063 Sharpsburg-McCollum Rd.Newnan, GA 30265770-252-0993

    New Horizons Baptist Church

    70-D Bullsboro Dr.Newnan, GA

    New Lebanon Baptist Church1674 Wagers Mill Rd.Newnan, GA 30263770-254-0703

    New Life in Christ Anglican Church20 Tower Way, Suite 5Newnan, GA

    Newnan Chapel United Methodist Church72 Robinson St.Newnan, GA 30263-2543770-253-9447

    Newnan Church ofChrist2675 Highway 34 ENewnan, GA

    Newnan Family Worship Center Church of God300 Jefferson St.Newnan, GA 30263-1031770-251-0944

    Newnan PresbyterianChurch38 Greenville St.Newnan, GA

    North Coweta BaptistChurch5936 Hwy. 29 N.Palmetto, GA 30268770-463-1601

    Northside BaptistChurch3070 Highway 29 NorthNewnan, GA

    Oak Lawn BaptistChurch482 Pine Rd.Newnan, GA 30263770-502-0436

    Old Mount BethlehemBaptist Church602 Old Corinth Rd.Newnan, GA 30263-3059770-251-1980

    Open Door BaptistChurchHighway 16Senoia, GA 30276770-599-6541

    Orchard Hills BaptistChurch171 Gordon Rd.Newnan, GA

    Palmetto Church of God84 Smith CirclePalmetto, GA

    Peachtree City SeventhDay Adventist Church4957 Highway 34 E.Sharpsburg, GA

    Pentecostal Church-God Academy457 Ishman Ballard Rd.Newnan, GA 30263770-251-0900

    Pleasant Hill Baptist Church6033 Gordon Rd.Senoia, GA 30276770-599-3051

    Powell Chapel United Methodist Church586 Old Atlanta HighwayNewnan, GA 30263770-253-7841

    Providence Baptist Church37 Summers-McKoy Rd.Newnan, GA 30263770-251-6452678-378-1831

    Providence BaptistChurch918 Providence ChurchRd.Newnan, GA 30263770-502-8431

    Resurrection LutheranChurch1250 Lora Smith Rd.Newnan, GA

    Rock Springs BaptistChurch2405 Fischer Rd.Sharpsburg, GA 30277770-463-1151

    Royal Baptist Church70 Mayo Royal IndustrialBlvd.Newnan, GA

    St. George CatholicChurch771 Roscoe Rd.Newnan, GA

    Saint Mary Magdalene Catholic Church3 Village LaneNewnan, GA

    St. Pauls EpiscopalChurch576 Roscoe Rd.Newnan, GA 30263-4782770-253-4264

    St. Peter Baptist Church1586 Lower Fayetteville Rd.Newnan, GA 30265-2324770-251-7301

    Saint Smyrna BaptistChurch68 Heery Rd.P.O. Box 1073Newnan, GA

    Sargent Baptist ChurchP.O. Box 189467 N. Main St.Sargent, GA

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  • RELIGION Coweta Living 2011-12 95

    Doing theMost Good.

    Newnan Service Centerivvi-iiUxnni>i>J>>>}

    Family Store &Social Service

    DepartmentAccepting Donations

    Stephanie May, Director U Store Hours: Mon.-Sat. 9-5

    Scotts ChapelLamb RoadMoreland, GA 30259

    Senoia United Methodist Church229 Bridge St.Senoia, GA

    Sharpsburg BaptistChurch6413 Highway 54P.O. Box 127Sharpsburg, GA

    Sharpsburg First Church of the Nazarene4757 Highway 34 E.Sharpsburg, GA 30277-3507770-252-3734

    Shiloh Chinese Christian Church163 Hillwood CircleNewnan, GA

    SonRise Baptist Church6 Shenandoah Blvd.Newnan, GA

    SouthCrest Church365 Walt SandersMemorial Dr. Newnan, GA

    South Metro Ministries3935 Highway 34 EastSharpsburg, GA

    Southpointe Church3613 Highway 34 E.Sharpsburg, GA

    StonePoint Church18 Savannah St.Newnan, GA 30263770-683-5645

    Summer Hill Baptist Church1325 Highway 29 S.Newnan, GA 30263770-253-8296

    Sunnyside BaptistChurch255 Greenville St.Newnan, GA 30263770-253-2030

    Tri-County BaptistChurch5445 Hwy. 16 E.Senoia, GA 30276770-599-8121

    Trinity Baptist Church122 Franklin Rd.Newnan, GA 30263-1366770-253-3449

    Trinity FellowshipChurch8817 Highway 54Sharpsburg, GA

    True Light HolinessChurch1976 Smokey Rd.Newnan, GA 30263770-502-1230

    Turin Baptist Church29 Church St.P.O. Box 99Turin, GA

    Turin United Methodist Church20 Longstreet Ave.

    Turin, GA

    Unity Baptist Church311 Smokey Rd.Newnan, GA

    WellSpring ChurchEastside ElementarySchoolOld Hwy. 85 at EastsideSchool RoadSenoia, GA 30276404-271-8182

    Wesley Chapel Church2563 Smokey Rd.Newnan, GA 30263-5035770-251-5408

    Westside BaptistChurch762 Smokey Rd.Newnan, GA

    Westside School Road Church ofChrist197 Westside SchoolRd.Newnan, GA

    Westview Christian Church40 Mulberry St.Newnan, GA 30263-1350770-253-9976

    White Oak First Baptist2078 E. Hwy. 34Newnan, GA

    White Oak AssociateReformed Presbyterian Church2796 Gordon Rd.Senoia, GA

    Zion Hill Baptist Church87 Pinson St.Newnan, GA 30263-2440770-253-1298

    Zion Lutheran Church53 Country Club Rd.Newnan, GA 30263770-253-2884 CL

    Worship with Holy Communionat 8:30 and 11:00 A.M.

    Pastor E. Barbara Gibson770-254-8833

    1250 Lora Smith RoadNewnan, GA(off Hwy. 34 East)

    Come Celebrate Lifeat


    The Welcome Place

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