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<ul><li> 1. REGISTERING FOR COMMON CORE SYMPOSIUM TRAININGS LINK APPEARS AND OPENS NOV 15</li></ul> <p> 2. NAVIGATE TO JAN 2014 Select your preferred view more shows offerings by Day Week shows all 3 days 3. VIEWING EVENT DESCRIPTIONS List View Includes Descriptions Sorted by Date, then Alpha Selecting event title opens event page PDF versions linked on CCSSPD page 4. REGISTERING FOR A PRESENTATION/TRAINING Description Location Contact only use phone number email goes to a No-Reply address Select Registration ONLY if Seat Availability Waitlists will NOT be honored 5. REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION Register Now NEW green IM REGISTERED Go to Calendar Register for another date/event Cancel Registration If you made a mistake 6. EMAIL CONFIRMATION Do not reply to email, all question should be directed to Ed Services at 951.736.5611 7. CONFIRMATION CONT Email is sent to Registered User My Events shows on all calendars View/Remove (Cancel Registration) Export is ONLY if Outlook is installed 8. CATEGORY COLOR SCHEMA WAITLISTS WILL NOT BE HONORED Ed Services, will in a timely manner, close events to Red as they fill.*** NOTE TARGET AUDIENCE IN EVENT DESCRIPTIONS Registration Opens: Nov 15Closes: Nov 29</p>