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Red Scare and Mobs. Warm-up. What do you think mob mentality means? Why do you believe this?. Announcements. NO HW tonight unless you owe me HW!. Unit Question. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Red Scare and Mobs

Red Scare and MobsWarm-upWhat do you think mob mentality means? Why do you believe this? AnnouncementsNO HW tonight unless you owe me HW!Unit QuestionHow does the American dream factor into the movement of people to and throughout the United States? Is the American dream real? Why or why not?

Question of the DayHow did nativism impact the Red Scare? Have there been other instances like the Red Scare in our history? Background: WWIWorld War I began in Europe in 1914. England, France, and Russia (Triple Entente) fought Germany, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire (Central Powers) The United States does not get involved until 1917.The war ends in 1918.Background: Russian RevolutionDuring World War I, the people of Russia revolted against the Czar (king).They implemented a new system of government called Communism.Communism is a form of government in which everything is owned by the collective and where the government controls all of the economy. Red Scare

Red Scare notesUse the information on the back of your graphic organizer to complete your graphic organizer. Red Scare (first wave)1917-1920More suspicion of Communists and the fear of Communists in US governmentAmerica: mistrust and suspicion, especially of foreigners, etc.Red = communist (because of Soviet flag and the red star)

Sacco and VanzettiItalian immigrantsAccused of armed robbery and murderThey did not get a fair trial because of racism and the red scare They were found guiltyThey were sentenced to death

Red Scare Political CartoonsThink about what you learned today and complete the political cartoons sheet. ProhibitionLook inside the word, what do you see?Prohibit!Prohibition prohibited alcohol from being sold, made, transported, etc.

18th AmendmentMade all alcohol illegal for all people at all timesWomen had more power now, they also tended to be more religious2 reasons they wanted it:To protect wives and familiesThey considered it a sin

What do you think is going to happen?!?!

Al Capone VideoThe MafiaMafia- not much until 1920, then exploded because of the introduction of the prohibitionAl Capone ruled Chicago. He made millions getting alcohol from Canada.

Saint Valentines Day Massacre

Saint Valentines Day MassacreShooting of 7 people, a conflict between two powerful criminal gangs in Chicago in 1929Two sides: South Side Italian gang led by Al Capone and the North Side Irish/German gang led by Bugs Moran

The MobBoston more Irish mafia activity, particularly in the heavily Irish-American neighborhoodsFrank Wallace of the Gustin Gang dominated Bostons underworld until his death in 1931, when he was ambushed by Italian gangsters in the North End

Immigration and the MobHow is immigration related to the mob?

Exit slip/HWAnswer the following questions:1. What is the Red Scare?2. What were the main effects of the Red Scare?3. How did the Red Scare impact immigrants?4. How did Prohibition lead to the rise of mobs?5. How did the rise of mobs affect immigrants?6. Describe life in the early 1900s for immigrants. Include facts that we talked about today.