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  • Rectifying Income Tax

    Returns Online

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  • The ITR-1 Form is especially intended for

    salaried representatives to document salary

    expense forms. The shape is otherwise called

    Sahaj Form which is utilized by numerous

    salaried workers to record their assessment


    Aside from ITR-1 Form, there are different


    ITR Form 1 is the most basic shape to record

    charges, with no complexities.

  • People who are Eligible to File their Income tax

    return form ITR-2:

    1. Any person who is acquiring a wage from


    2. If an individual possesses one house, and is

    as of now acquiring a wage from that house,

    he/she can utilize the ITR Form 1.

  • 3. Any extra salary earned from some other sources, for

    example, Interest Income and so on. On the off chance that

    any wage earned by someone else like a life partner, minor

    tyke is clubbed together with the salary of the pay impose

    assesses, the ITR-1 Form can be utilized.

    Who can not Use this Income tax return form


    Any people who has a salary from any of the underneath said

    sources won't be qualified to document their pay assessment

    forms utilizing ITR Form 1

  • 1.Any person who has a pay emerging from a business or


    2.Individuals who have pay from farming, wherein the sum

    surpasses Rs. 5,000.

    3.If an individual claims increasingly that one house from

    which he/she wins a salary.

    4.Income got from rewards of a lottery.

    5.If the individual gets any wage under capital increases.

  • 6.Any misfortunes acquired can not be documented under

    this frame.

    7.Any individual paying remote assessment under segment

    90, 90A, or 91, and guaranteeing alleviation for this duty

    paid can't utilize this frame.

    8.Any occupant Indian who claims any benefits outside the


  • How would you File your ITR utilizing the Form 1?

    There are numerous methods for recording pay

    expense forms by utilizing Form 1 which


    1. An individual citizen can outfit his/her IT

    returns by topping off the physical shape and

    presenting every essential record.

    2. You can present a bar coded return frame

    which is accessible at the Income Tax site.

  • 3. The return can be submitted electronically

    with the assistance of advanced mark.

    4. You can likewise transmit the information

    electronically in the wake of presenting the

    confirmation Form - ITR-V.

    Things to be Filled in ITR-1 Form:

    The ITR Form 1 is separated into different

    segments. Every segment contains diverse data in

    the matter of how fill it.

  • Section A : This is the principal area on the frame.

    The line numbers A1 to A28 of this areas will

    contain your own points of interest, for example,

    first name, last name, and center name assuming

    any; PAN data as specified on your PAN card; age;

    sexual orientation and date of birth according to


    Part B: The area B contains data about your gross

    aggregate salary. Pay from compensation, property

    and different sources should be determined here.

  • Part C: This segment of the shape contains the

    points of interest of derivations and assessable pay.

    The line numbers C1 - C20 of this segment

    incorporates derivations according to areas 80C,

    80D, 80U, and 80G.

    Part D: The line numbers ( D1 - D19) will contain

    data about duty calculation and status, any refunds

    offered, charges after discounts, and TDS asserted

    and so on. You have to fill all these aforementioned

    data in these lines.


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