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This is the reception booklet for Interns coming to AIESEC in Ludhiana for their help and convenience.


  • ContentsIntroduction

    Word from LCP

    LC Contact List

    Travel Assistance


    Arrival to India

    Support System


    Things to pack


    Going Back

    Emergency Contacts

    Basic Hindi

    Culture Shock

    Exchange Program Policies XPP




















    Greetings to AIESEC in Ludhianas Reception booklet. Its our pleasure to tell you about our country and city and to prepare you for your internship.

    In this booklet, we provide information regarding preparation of your

    iGCDP | Global Citizen Internship at AIESEC in Ludhiana, India. Try reading it

    in details as it contains everything you need for your internship.


    AIESEC in Ludhiana


    It is not dreams that turn into reality,

    It is the passion that fuels them into action.

    A few believe in the destination,

    but here at AIESEC we have always believed in the journey.

    Anshuman Angrish

    LCP AIESEC in Ludhiana 15-16

  • LC contact listName

    Anshuman Angrish

    Aaftaab Chawla

    Deepanshi Khanna

    Jaskeerat Singh

    Hardik Arora

    Deepanshi Gupta

    Rajbeer Sethi

    Ayushmann Mishra



    VP iGIP

    VP Finance, BD

    VP iGCDP

    VP oGCDP

    VP oGIP

    VP Marketing

    VP TM










  • Travel Assistance

    Hello Excited Interns,

    First of all, Congratulations and thank you for matching with us, it is our endeavor

    to ensure that you have the best experience of your life with us through your internship.

    Travel assistance is divided into two parts

    1.From Home Country to India

    2.From New Delhi Airport to Ludhiana

    (To have a better in depth details proper links will be given with every help point.)

  • Travel Assistance

    1. Indian Visa- We strongly prefer Business Visa for the internships but Travel Visa is also okay. Documents needed to get Indian Visa are Original Passport Valid for at least 6 months, Photocopy of passport with notary and foreign aid stamp, Visa application form completely filled,

    two photographs for passport(white background), Photocopy of educational certificate with

    notary and foreign aid stamp, Statement of purpose, Invitation letter/TN acceptance note, No

    objection certificate from parents(make an affidavit of it from Government Office), No objection

    certificate from college/place of work, Travel insurance valid for whole internship period,

    Dummy Tickets(two way), Bank statement. Visa charges charged by government are

    approximately 50 US$ (Not covered by AIESEC in Ludhiana). You can apply for VISA at

    2. Flight tickets- You are advised to travel in economic class of airplane, but if the budget suits you

    can buy tickets accordingly. You can find cheap flights to New Delhi Airport, India (Nearest to

    Ludhiana) at ,,,, (Air flight tickets are also not covered by AIESEC in Ludhiana)

    1. From Home Country to India

  • Travel Assistance2. From New Delhi Airport to Ludhiana

    1. Bus(Preferred)-You can book a bus at . Average fare of ticket is 35-40

    US$. You are advised to be at the point of departure of bus 20-30 minutes prior with the ticket.

    2. Train- There are a number of trains that go daily from The New Delhi Railway Station to Ludhiana.

    The times can be checked on the internet at . If you have any problems you

    can go upstairs to the foreign tourist office and its opening hours are from 9am 5pm. Do not listen to anyone who tells you that it is closed. There are a few STD calling booths in the train


    3. Plane- If it is possible you may be able to get your travel agent you book a connecting flight for

    you before you arrive. This will cost approximately 80$. Although this is the most expensive of

    the options is one of the easiest options. From the International airport you can catch a shuttle

    to the domestic terminal. There is a help desk next to where you claim your luggage if you need

    to ask any questions. Nearest domestic airport is Sahnewal airport near Ludhiana.

    (None of the travel fares are paid by AIESEC in Ludhiana)

  • PreparationPreparing yourself for any country in the world is difficult as one is not familiar

    of the challenges in the way. Come back, and youre going to see your country differently, youre going to see your president differently, no matter who it is. Music, culture, food, water. Your showers will become shorter. Youre going to get a sense of what globalization looks like. Youre going to see that global climate change is very real. And that for some people, their day consists of

    walking 12 miles for four buckets of water. And so, there are lessons that you

    cant get out of a book that are waiting for you at the other end of that flight.

    Before you head out on your journey through the GCDP program, it is always

    useful when you take some time to introspect and get a sense of where one

    stands at the moment. Firstly this will help you be more aware of yourself, and

    secondly, it will help you organize your thoughts and feelings better so you can

    set the right objectives for your internship experience.

  • Preparation-What is GCDP(Global community development program) or Global Citizen Program?

    It is a program that aims to provide socio impact opportunities that build young entrepreneurial

    leaders who have right set of skills, knowledge and attitude to make a difference in society

    -Go to and get yourself registered. Discover India Program is an AIESEC India

    run initiative. It helps you discover more about India.

    -Prepare a Budget of your whole internship so that, estimating every expense to have a better look. Youcan take help from to calculate the amount of living in Ludhiana or compare it

    with your city. This will help you to have a better inner and outer journey.

    -Make an Internship checklist which include all the items checklist and a bucket list for your internship.

    -Keep a check of weather of the place at

    -Also go through this list before coming to India-

    - Fill out this form to be a certified intern of AIESEC in India- (Important)

  • Arrival Into India(Arrival Support)

    Clear who will be meeting you, where, exchange phone numbers. Accommodation details - address, address of an AIESECer.

    Keep you dollars handy, you can convert a portion(200$ suggested) of them on arrival at airport. You can ask any AIESECer about currency exchange enters in the city also.

    Confirm the identity of your TN manager, make sure you have their name and number, and then ring the TN manager and confirm your pickup.

    Buy a Simcard at the airport Call your contact in India as soon as possible via a payphone Search for the travel that you have booked to come to Ludhiana. Advised not to stay with some unknown before, during and after the completion

    of the internship.

  • Support System

    -Before coming to India visit to get a look at the problems faced by interns and their answers.

    You can also submit your queries, comments and suggestions there.

    -If you are not at all satisfied with your experience and you are facing problems

    that are not letting you have a good/satisfactory experience then you may

    write an email to . An action will be taken within the first 24

    hours of the submission of your complaint. National Control Board will be the

    one filing your complaint.

  • NPS- Net Promoter ScoreNPS is a customer loyalty metric that is based on direct questions. It measures the loyalty that

    exists between a Provider (AIESEC in this case) and a consumer (the exchange participant in this

    case) based on the quality of the services given by the provider.

    You will receive an email with a survey 3 times during your entire cycle of engagement with

    AIESEC. You will receive the first survey as soon as you are matched, the second survey when you

    are in the other country on exchange and the third survey when you come back from the


    You can give the ratings as

    per your experience.


    0-6 means Very Poor

    7-8 is Average

    9 is Good

    10 is Excellent

  • Things to PackClothes-Check the weather conditions before you start packing. Ground realities of India can be very dramatic, carry simple and cheap clothes that are comfortable. You are advised to bring clothes which cover

    most of your body. Mini skirt, dresses, shorts are not common in India and