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Reading Comprehension. Virtual Tutoring Session 4. Development. Reading comprehension is aided by rapid decoding skills Comprehension breaks down when a student is struggling to read the words We don’t just wait for students to develop decoding skills to teach comprehension Read Alouds - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Reading Comprehension

Reading ComprehensionVirtual Tutoring Session 4DevelopmentReading comprehension is aided by rapid decoding skillsComprehension breaks down when a student is struggling to read the wordsWe dont just wait for students to develop decoding skills to teach comprehensionRead Alouds Critical Academic SkillWhere does it fit?

How do we teach it?Reading Comprehension is taught as a meta-cognitive skillGood readers are always thinking while they read.StrategiesConnectingWonderingPredictingInferringVisualizingNoticing

ConnectingEncouraging readers to find a connection with the text and something else.Text to textText to SelfText to World


Encourage readers to ask questions before, during, and after reading.BeforeSets a purpose for readingDuring/AfterHelps the reader recognize when things arent making sense Attempts to dig deeper

PredictingEncouraging readers to guess what might happen nextRequires inferencing and noticing skillsEncourages the reader to pay attention!


Encouraging readers to read between the linesDevelopmentalUsed to Make predictionsSolve unknown wordsDraw conclusionConnects background knowledge and text cluesVisualizingEncourages readers to make a picture in their own mind.Can be challenging for manyThink of the five senseGuided Imagery


Encouraging readers to notice important details, changes in the text, writing stylesGoal is to notice and then infer, question, predict, visualize!Informational Text FeaturesGraphs, ChartsIllustrationsStylistic ElementsFont changesTools to UseRead AloudsMake hard texts accessibleThink AloudsModel how a reader would use a strategyTeach each strategy explicitlyEncourage oral language skills by having students talk about the strategiesGraphic OrganizersUse a variety of text!Into the Book Website

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