RDA and Linked Data: Moving Beyond the Rules

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RDA and Linked Data: Moving Beyond the Rules. Jenn Riley Head, Carolina Digital Library and Archives The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 21 st century information landscape. Everything interconnected Build on others data Semantic Web - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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RDA and Linked Data: Moving Beyond the RulesJenn RileyHead, Carolina Digital Library and ArchivesThe University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill21st century information landscapeEverything interconnectedBuild on others dataSemantic WebThink of it as authority files on steroidsIts all very metaFebruary 18, 2012MLA 20122Linked DataUse URIs as names for thingsUse HTTP URIs so that people can look up these namesWhen someone looks up a URI, provide useful information, using standardsInclude links to other URIs, so that they can discover more thingsFebruary 18, 2012MLA 20123Tim Berners-Lee, Linked Data Design Issueshttp://www.w3.org/DesignIssues/LinkedData.html3RDA as data elementsTheres another side to RDA, beyond the rulesGrew out of a 2007 meeting between representatives from the JSC and DCMIBut its currently operating mostly independentlyVision is that RDA data elements could be the basis for machine interoperation of library data in a Linked Data environment in the futureFebruary 18, 2012MLA 20124Off to KimmyEncoding a graph into data

February 18, 2012MLA 201266Woah. Really?!?Nobody is meant to create this data in this form directly. Really.

February 18, 2012MLA 20127Libraries encoding data in this form opens up enormous possibilities for us to participate in the wider information community.

Lets explore that idea.

This is the last of the XML, I promise.

February 18, 2012MLA 201288Other important features of the Semantic Web/Linked Data environmentThe RDF graph model is the most important thing; encoding triples in a specific syntax is secondaryThe concept of a record isnt really meaningful when looking at the information world as a graphOpen world assumptionMany vocabularies, with connections between themExpectation that implementations will deal with data from multiple sourcesReasoners

February 18, 2012MLA 20129Large Linked Data initiatives to watchNamed graphsProvenance WGAlso watch DC-ArchitectureFebruary 18, 2012MLA 201210Infrastructure that well needWays to identify trusted data sourcesWays to identify and understand properties and classes defined by othersBest practices for data cachingActual shared catalogingWell need to stop downloading records. I mean that.Better data creation, management, sharing, and exposure systemsOnes that actually workLibrary community best practices on where to scope our data creation effortsFebruary 18, 2012MLA 201211Heres one part of that emerging infrastructureFebruary 18, 2012MLA 201212

What the library community is doingExposing authority (and more recently bibliographic) data, and vocabularies as Linked DataW3C Linked Library Data Incubator GroupStanford Linked Data Technology PlanRDA as data elements in Open Metadata RegistryStill dancing around official endorsementLC Bibliographic Framework Transition InitiativeThe new bibliographic framework project will be focused on the Web environment, Linked Data principles and mechanisms, and the Resource Description Framework (RDF) as a basic data model. (From http://www.loc.gov/marc/transition/news/framework-103111.html)February 18, 2012MLA 201213Whos doing music Linked Data?Last.fmBBC MusicMusizBrainzDiscogsDBtuneMagnatuneMany more, and growing

February 18, 2012MLA 201214My burning questionWhat would it mean for libraries to be LD consumers, and not just publishers?February 18, 2012MLA 201215Thanks!jennriley@unc.eduThese slides: http://www.lib.unc.edu/users/jlriley/presentations/mla2012/jennMLA-RDA.pptxW3C LLD Incubator Group final report: http://www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/lld/XGR-lld-20111025/Stanford Linked Data Technology Plan: http://www.clir.org/pubs/reports/pub152/LDWTechDraft_ver1.0final_111230.pdfOpen Metadata Registry: http://metadataregistry.orgHillmann, Diane, Karen Coyle, Jon Phipps, and Gordon Dunsire. (January/February 2010) RDA Vocabularies: Process, Outcome, Use. D-Lib Magazine 16, no. 1/2. http://dlib.org/dlib/january10/hillmann/01hillmann.htmlFebruary 18, 2012MLA 201216


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