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<p>Use Of The Taig 1210 Radius Turner</p> <p>1210 $20.10 Radius Turner Here's a pretty good way to</p> <p>Chuck a dowel pin or other at least 1.5" so the tool can s the chuck.</p> <p>Make sure the center of rota the lathe centerline and mov tip touches the rod and tigh</p> <p>Move the carriage back.</p> <p>Swing the tool around.</p> <p>See there is a gap between th</p> <p>Measure that with a feeler g</p> <p>In this case it was .036"</p> <p>Move the cross slide in half You can use this same meth line and offset it for radii no</p> <p>Note that the tool now has th side. Do not touch the cros on.</p> <p>Chuck the workpiece. Bring the work. Set a carriage stop the face.</p> <p>Move the carriage back a bit</p> <p>Swing the tool to take repea in a bit each time, closer to t Do not go past perpendicula</p> <p>Done.</p> <p>The radius looks ok but ther</p> <p>See the flat spot?</p> <p>Forgot to shim the tool. You</p> <p>A final cut with the tool tip o</p> <p>Looks pretty good. You aren .001" with this tool.</p> <p>Once the hemisphere is form cut, if you do this before you you won't get a full round. N the chuck. You can't form th hemisphere, unless the work course means chatter, etc.</p> <p>Back to the main Taig Lathe pages at cartertools.com</p>