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2. Product 3. Electronics 4. CordiesKeep you cables on the table. Cordies keeps all of your cables organized and weighted down: phone chargers, digital camera cords, audio cables whatever isnt in use butShipping Now shouldnt be flopping around. 5. Cordlets Get a grip! Cordlets hold and direct cables exactly where you need them on your desk. Each pack of four will give you control over the small wires coming from your mouse, keyboard, and charging accessories, without taking up precious workspace. Stick a Cordlet whereverShipping Now you need a helping hand with cord management. 6. PowercurlThe PowerCurl is a clip-on cord wrap for Apples 45W, 60W, 85W, and older rectangular 85W MagSafe Power Adapter. PowerCurl makes it easy to unplug and pack up quickly without having to untangle your extension cords the next time you set up shop.Shipping Now 7. Wrapster With Quirkys Wrapster, you can say good-bye to tangled earbud headphones weve created the ultimate cord management solution! The Wrapsters unique design allows you toShipping Now wrap your cords vertically, which means more convenience and less bulk. 8. ContortYour USB thumb drive is just one accidental bump away from sending your valuable files into oblivion. Dont fear; the Quirky Contort is here. Contort is a four-port USB hub and cordShipping Now manager, with a flexible neck to protect all your USB devices from accidental damage. 9. Pivot PowerPivotable Surge Protection Reclaim your outlets with Pivot Power, an adjustable power strip that holds large adaptersShipping Now inEVERY outlet!(US Version) 10. PlughubKeep your cords clean and concealed with Plug Hub, an under-desk cord management station that hides your power strip and cords in one discreet unit.Shipping Now 11. Spacebar The Space Bar is a simple, elegantly-designed desk accessory that minimizes clutter while providing additional USB ports for your computer. After a long day of work, simply slide your keyboard into the designated space below the shelf and store your office miscellany Shipping Now keys, digital camera, etc. up top. 12. Space Bar Plastic Plastic version of the Space Bar, a simple, elegantly designed desk accessory thatminimizes clutter while providing additional USB ports for your computer.Shipping Now 13. Mantis Mantis is a versatile clip-on task lamp that brightens your workspace, with minimal interference to your surroundings.Shipping Now 14. Scratch-n-Scroll is a mousepad with an erasable writing surfaceScratch n Scroll (v2) Simply jot notes on the mousepad using the included plastic stylus. You can erase your notes at any time by flipping up the Scratch-n-Scrolls semi-Shipping Now transparent top sheet (like the childhood toy Magic Slate). 15. Metal Cordies Desktop cable management system that organizes your various computer cables while alsokeeping them weighted down so they dont slide off your desk when disconnected.Shipping NowMetallic version! 16. Converge Converge is a docking station that shows off your electronics while they charge. Wires slip in easily, stay in place with the help of soft TPE grips, and stay out of sight.Shipping Now Features 4 USB ports. 17. Digits (v2)Mini conductive pins that attach to the gloves you already love so you can use electronic touch screen devices. Pack of 4. NEW FEATURES: More concave shape, making typing more accurate, thicker/stronger pin,Shipping Now reinforced threading allows for easier installation. 18. Pivot Power MiniA mini version of the adjustable power strip.Shipping FebruaryUS version 19. EmberEmber is a portable study lamp that gives you more light and plugs where you need them.Shipping April 20. Pivot Power Premium The adjustable power strip, featuring an attractive high-gloss white finish.Shipping February 21. Pod Power Provides outlets at different intervals along the extension cord, so you haveconvenient outlet locations around your room. 22. Ray is a solar powered charger for electronic gadgets.Ray The powerful suction cup and a tilting kickstand support multiple positions to capturethe maximum amount of sunlight.Compact battery stores enough energy to fully charge a cell phone. USB port allowsfor easy charging. 23. Cleaning & Utility 24. A collapsible double-blade ice scraper, designed to let you use both hands for moreThor leverage when scraping off your icy windshield. Extendable,telescoping arm for better reach.Shipping Now Front handle lets you scrape with more force and less strain. Flip Thor over and use the brush to sweep off snow. 25. Unhampered A space-saving, easy-to-tote collapsible laundry hamper. Sturdy support keeps it open when you want it to be. Folds easily and buttons keep it bundled securely. 26. Slimline A drying rack with a hook that hangs over your door and folds down to hang and dry your clothes. Convenient, space-saving design. 27. Iron Station An ironing board that can pivot open to easily press sleeves, collars, and pant legs, and rotate closed for traditional use. Tripod stable technology makes set up and storage a breeze. 28. LoopThis easy to grip abrasive scrubber pairs with any cloth and takes care of messes thatnormally require multiple tools. For the at really stuck-on stuff, use Loops precision edgeShipping February and get things squeaky clean. Hang Loop and your towel on the included clip. 29. Broom Groomerwith BroomThe step-on dustpan with rubber teeth that combs out bunnies from yourbrooms bristles, now with a broom!Shipping February 30. Broom Stopper Device A mechanism that you can attach to your broom/mop that prevents your broom from falling over when you rest it against the wall.Shipping February 31. Broom Groomer Mini The dustpan with rubber teeth that combs out bunnies from your brooms bristles, now in a smaller size for quick clean-ups.Shipping February 32. 3-Sided MopThis mop has 3 separate heads, all built into one. Change quickly between mop heads with one swift motion.Shipping April 33. Collapsible Mop Bucket A bucket that folds flat for maximum space saving.Shipping April 34. Broom Groomer The Broom Groomer is a step-on dustpan with added functionality that makes sweepingeasier. Rubber teeth on the back of the dustpan let you quickly and easily comb out dustbunnies from your brooms bristles, while a smooth rubber lip on the front keeps theShipping Nowdustpan flush with the floor so nothing slips through the cracks. 35. Expandable Broom A microfiber broom that can be used as a push broom and a conventional sweep broom. Broom head collapses easily to change shape/function.Shipping April 36. SudsiAn electric cleaning tool with three interchangeable heads, so you can polish every part of your bathroom, from your tiles to your toilet, without getting on your hands and knees.Shipping April 37. Brim Brim is a toilet brush engineered to clean thoroughly and make your life easier. A flexible head contours to a variety of toilet bowl surfaces and flexes under theShipping April rim to clean spaces that you cant see, while the angled handle makes this chore easy and comfortable. 38. Pen ZenAn elegantly designed storage unit for pens, pencils highlighters, and other office supplies.Features rubber extrusions that act as magic fingers to hold your items in place.Bamboo exterior makes for an appealing addition to your desktop decor. 39. Housewares 40. Click n Cook Click n Cook is a modular spatula system that keeps all your essential utensils in one easy place. Just snap the spatula attachment into the handle and release with a click of a button.Shipping Now 41. PortionPortion features a hollow clear plastic handle, which doubles as a measuring cup, and a silicone spoon with lines for measuring smaller quantities.Shipping Now 42. Grip GraterGrip Grater features replaceable plates, folding storage, and multiple positions for easier, more efficient grating. You can use it either vertically as a regular hand-held grater, or horizontally so you can grateShipping Now directly into a plate or bowl. 43. VerseurA wine-lovers multi-tool, Verseur features an easy-to-use corkscrew, a foil cutter, a pour spout, and tight-sealing stopper for keeping an open bottle fresh.Shipping Now 44. Tether A flexible silicone rod that stabilizes your stemware as it goes through the dishwasher. 4 per pack. Hollow base slides over dishwasher post.Shipping Now End clasp clips onto wine glass stem. 45. Boil BuoyPlace Boil Buoy in a pot of water, turn on the heat, and wait for the ringing chime to let you know when youre water is boiling.Shipping April 46. Slice Slice is a pizza cutter wheel with dual crust-cutting blades for smooth slicing.The soft contoured design fits in the palm of your hand and leverages body weight for easy rolling.Shipping February 47. Bloom Bloom is a double-balloon whisk with a retractable, removable head for easy cleaning and storage.The double-balloon head introduces more air for better whisking results, and the silicone ends allowfor whisking in coated pans and high heat. 48. Vesta Vesta is a hot pot that lets you heat water, noodles, pasta, and other liquids, then eat or servefrom the very same bowl. 49. Mocubo Mocubo is a bamboo cutting board with a slide-out strainer and food prep containers. Slide-out trays are made of BPA-free Tritan copolyester. 50. StemThe Citrus Spritzer is a spray top with bore that can be inserted directly into acitrus fruit to mist juices onto food!Shipping February 51. Closet 52. Solo Solo is a collapsible hanger that makes it easy to hang and remove clothes in one swift motion. Unique design allows you to insert into a wide array of shirts, and then grab and go with justShipping Now one hand. 53. ContourNon-slip, multi-tiered hangers that support all types of clothes. The design allows dresses to h