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Our admissions handbook for incoming students.


<ul><li> 1. VIEWBOOK 2014 </li> <li> 2. welcome to Queens </li> <li> 3. 1 studentLIFE 6 8 12 16 20 Student Support Services Live in Kingston Clubs and Associations Live in Residence getINVOLVED 22 22 Athletics and Recreation thinkGLOBALLY 28 STUDY 34 38 62 64 68 70 72 74 Faculty of Arts and Science First Year Study Abroad Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science Commerce Concurrent Education Nursing Science Graduate and Professional Studies FINANCE 79 APPLY 90 105 See Queens for Yourself KEYDATES106 CONNECT 108 </li> <li> 4. Queens casts a potent and mysterious spell. 2 </li> <li> 5. So said a Queens principal a long time ago. Its the beauty of the place, its history, its reputation for excellence. More, its the people. The students, the professors, the artists and the visionaries a community defined by its spirit of initiative.Working together, questioning, imagining, creating making a difference. 3 </li> <li> 6. The Queens Student: You Queens attracts students who want to excel, and who want to do. Surrounded by bright, motivated peers, and aided and encouraged by Queens supportive atmosphere, youll spend four years being taught by some of the nest academic minds anywhere acclaimed philosophers and social scientists, innovative engineers and rst- rate scientists. Queens challenges students intellectually, and they rise to the challenge. But for Queens students, the university experience is more than what happens in the classroom. Its working on reducing the universitys carbon footprint, or providing local school kids with the chance to attend a summer science camp. Its immersing yourself in Queens famous school spirit, by taking part in a sport or cheering from the sidelines. </li> <li> 7. 5 Queens students come from more than 90 countries and all across Canada, and from every imaginable background small towns and suburbs, urban highrises and First Nationscommunities. Youll meet people like yourself and others who are very different. Your fellow students will be among the most interesting, creative and provocative individuals you will ever encounter. They will challenge you. You wont always agree with them, but you will get a big part of your university education from them, in conversations over meals or in late night discussions in residence rooms. 88.9% Incoming Average of the 1st year class: The Queens experience doesnt end with graduation. The friendships you make will last the rest of your life. Wherever you go, whatever path you choose business or government, law or medicine, the media or the arts you will find and work with fellow Queens graduates. An international, cross-generational community of excel- lence, people committed to dreaming and doing, to living the Queens spirit. </li> <li> 8. 6 studentLIFEqueensu.ca/studentaffairs </li> <li> 9. 7 Successful students are balanced students. They know there is more to the university experience than marks and assignments. That, no matter how dedicated they are, they balance work and play, study time and extracurricular activities. Queens will help you find your balance. Looking for a way to get involved with others? Want to make a difference, locally or globally? Need to recharge your spiritual batteries or just blow off some steam? Theres a group to join, someone to talk to, or a team to play with. We also support your health and wellness. We create a welcoming living and learning environment and help you boost your school performance. All part of making sure you succeed. And Queens wants you to succeed. studentLIFE </li> <li> 10. 8 SUPPORTINGYOUR SUCCESS When you arrive at Queens, you are very excited, ready for the adventure, ready to learn and ready to work. The transition to university life is a big one and part of it is adjusting to the challenges and workload that are part of being a Queens student. At Queens you are never alone. We have many offices dedicated to helping you learn, think and do. Learning Strategies Development queensu.ca/learningstrategies The Learning Commons queensu.ca/qlc The Writing Centre queensu.ca/writingcentre The Adaptive Technology Centre library.queensu.ca/websrs/ Health, Counselling and Disability Services queensu.ca/hcds Be Well. Do Well. healthy living strategies bewell-dowell.org Queens University International Centre quic.queensu.ca Chaplains Office queensu.ca/chaplain </li> <li> 11. STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES Queens is committed to an inclusive and accessible campus community. There are services and resources across our campus to help students with disabilities, including our Adaptive Technology Centre, the Dis- ability Services Office and more. Check out the Acces- sibility @ Queens website at queesnu.ca/equity (click onAccessibility) to get an idea of all Queens has to offer. We assist students by... facilitating access to information, services, space and activities; promoting autonomy; providing advocacy and support; recommending accommodations; and educating the Queen's community about the ways in which the above objectives may be supported and empowered. If you are a student with a disability and think you may require academic accommodations you will register with the Disability Services Office (DSO) after you are admitted to Queens and accept your offer of admission. LIFEstudent If you have a learning disability or attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder you will need to send in your most recent psycho-educational assessmen as early as possible, before coming to Queens, so that advising staff can review it in advance of yo appointment. For more information on documenta tion requirements for all disabilities, please visit our website. If you have any questions about our services or documentation requirements please contact us. Office: 613-533-6467 Fax: 613-533-6284 Email: hcds.dso@queensu.ca Website: queensu.ca/hcds/ds t ur - ACADEMIC ADVISING No matter what faculty or school you belong to at Queens, there are people on staff to help you with your academics. 9 To learn more about library services and adaptive technology available visit: http://library.queensu.ca/websrs </li> <li> 12. 10 FOUR DIRECTIONS ABORIGINAL STUDENT CENTRE Four Directions Aboriginal Student Centre is committed to enhancing the development and well-being of the Queens University Aboriginal Community. We encourage all Queens students to develop an awareness and appreciation of the history and current experiences of Aboriginal people in Canada. In keeping with the teachings of the Four Directions, the Centre strives to support Aboriginal students in balancing their academic, spiritual, physical and emotional development. Cultural programming is determined by student interest. Past programs include a drum-making workshop, moccasin-making workshop, guest speakers and storytellers, traditional teachings, Full Moon Ceremonies, and a medicine garden. Visiting Elder supports students in their education journey. The Elder is an invaluable resource to students and staff by providing support, guidance and a leadership role. The Elder is available to meet with students on a one-on-one basis. Student lounge provides a relaxing atmosphere where students can study, write essays, socialize and hold meetings. Academic and career assistance is available for course and program selection, working with faculty to develop strong essay-writing skills, and assisting students in exploring career options, peer mentorship and academic zone. Resources include an Indigenous-focused library, a list-serve providing details about Aboriginal events on campus and in the surrounding communities. We also have a fully-equipped kitchen, free laundry facilities and wireless internet for students. Social events include a welcome back barbeque, Early Move-In Day, and regular Three Sisters Feasts for students and other members of the Queens and local Aboriginal community. These events create a strong sense of community for students and give them an opportunity to meet and make new friends. Professional staff includes a Director, Aboriginal Community Liaison, Aboriginal Student Success Strategist, Aboriginal Advisor, and an Administrative Coordinator who are available full-time to assist you. In recognition of the need to encourage participation by members of the Aboriginal community in post- secondary education, Aboriginal students are eligible to apply under the Aboriginal Admission Policy. The AAP is a pathway for admission to the first year of a full-time, first-entry undergraduate degree program. For more information, please see page 94 and contact the Aboriginal Community Liaison by emailing fd.recruiter@queensu.ca. Visit our website to learn more about programs and events at Four Directions: queensu.ca/fdasc </li> <li> 13. 11 QUEENS UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL CENTRE ...something for everyone The Queen's University International Centre (QUIC) offers non-academic support for international members of the Queen's community and those interested in study, work and travel abroad opportunities. QUIC also has community spaces to relax, read, study, work and meet with other students as well as table tennis and a kitchen for warming food. LIFEstudent What can you do at QUIC? Learn about and settle in at Queens and in Canada at our International Student Orientation sessions, or with our International Student Advisors. Get involved! Join events and clubs. Be part of a community of internationally-minded people at Queens. Get training. Develop your international knowledge and cross-cultural skills at our sessions and workshops. Learn about your options for international study and work. Volunteer. Join the more than 300 students each year who share their skills and maybe even learn a new one! Connect with us online to learn more: Website: quic.queensu.ca Twitter: twitter.com/quic Facebook: facebook.com/quic.queensu.ca </li> <li> 14. kingstonBYDAY For the years you are at Queens, Kingston will be your home. A beautiful city beautifully located, Kingston combines big-city sophistication with small-town livability. Campus life can sometimes feel all-consuming, particularly when essays are due and exams are looming, but Kingston is worth taking the time to explore, even if, maybe especially, you are feeling stressed by work. 12 Try to count the total number of plaques in town marking where Sir John A. Macdonald lived, worked, or had his mail sent. Pick up some fresh eats at the FarmersMarket in Springer Market Square Visit the Wolfe Island corn maze in the fall Take a scenic run by the lake Window-shop along Princess Street queensu.ca/discover/kingston </li> <li> 15. kingstonBYNIGHT Hit the Kingston WritersFest in September Play a lively game of hockey in Victoria Park during the winter Visit Fort Henry to see history in action Have a delicious dinner out in downtown Kingston KINGSTONlivein 13 </li> <li> 16. LULULEMON LUKES JUMP+ AMERICANAPPAREL STARBUCKS SIMASUSHI TAKESUSHI JACKASTORS MILESTONES BUBBASPOUTINE CHEZPIGGY HARPERSBURGERS DAVIDSTEA THREEBOUTIQUE URBANOUTFITTERS HEELBOY PANCHANCHO REDHOUSE AGENT99 ASIANMARKET FIVEGUYS JUSTHIFI WHITEMOUNTAIN GOLDENROOSTER ZAPRECORDS SLEEPLESSGOAT 14 </li> <li> 17. MODERNPRIMITIVE THETOUCAN TRAILHEAD TARANATURALFOODS STERLING WOK-IN ESTILO NOVELIDEA ATOMICAGOURMETPIZZA GOODLIFEFITNESS LUSHNAILBAR MINOS BURRITOAMIGO OPENEYEYOGA SIPPSCOFFEEANDDESSERTBAR WOLFEISLANDBAKERY COFFEE&amp;COMPANY COOKESFINEFOODS&amp;COFFEE SILVERWOK LECHIENNOIR WOODENHEADS LONESTAR BLACKDOGPOTTERY THEGAP MINOTAURGAMESANDGIFTS CURRYORIGINAL 15 KINGSTONlivein </li> <li> 18. 16 whats your PASSION? Get Involved Queens offers practically every club imaginable well, about 400 of them at least. Not a day goes by on campus without a practice, performance, conference or competition taking place. Our student clubs enhance what you learn in the classroom and give you the chance to embrace your passions. From Amnesty International and Oxfam to Urban Snowboarding and Students of Speculative Realms theres probably a club for you. If there isnt, we can help you create one. </li> <li> 19. CLUBSAND ASSOCIATIONS </li> <li> 20. OPEN TO SEE... lots of great opportunities to get involved at Queens </li> <li> 21. Queens offers practically every club imaginable well, about 400 of them at least. Not a day goes by on campus without a practice, performance...</li></ul>