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2. 2 Its Beautiful Cost Effective Long Lasting Maintenance Free 3. 3 A new fence can do wonders for the environment. If its wood or iron, itll certainly look good. 4. 4 A reputable tech will have certainly covered everything you need to know. But theres a huge discrepancy between keeping notes and actually having to perform tasks. That fence comes with a new set of responsibilities. You now have to be ready for priming, painting, rusting, rotting, infestation, weather, fading, splitting and more. STILL, HOW MANY OF US ARE PREPARED FORTHEWORK REQUIREDTO KEEP IT LOOKINGTHIS APPEALING? 5. 5 THIS ISWHY MORE AND MORE PEOPLE ARE INSTALLING QUALITYVINYL FENCES AND WHY MORE AND MORE INSTALLERS AND DESIGNERS ARE ENCOURAGING THE OPTION Vinyl materials can initially be more expensive. expect that fence to pay for itself. Yet with the long range savings in time and cost 6. 6 Vinyl has become the alternative of choice for residents that want fencing without all the problems that come with most materials. Vinyl doesnt require the care and maintenance of metal or wood It wont fall victim to threats of weather 7. 7 QUALITYVINYL FENCES COME IN AVARIETY OF STYLES, FASHIONS AND COLORS, READY TO MEET ANYTASTE AND LIFESTYLE. They can be used for security and privacy. They can be designed to be as attractive or as plain as your budget allows. 8. 8 AND LET ATECH SHOWYOUWHYVINYL IS DEFINITELYTHE BETTER CHOICE FORYOUR THOUSAND OAKS PROPERTY. http://www.vinyl-concepts.com/ 9. 9


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