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its abt food and life


  • 1. Quality Food, Quality Life BY, MOHIT.D SAKET.D JAY.D SWAPNEEL.D SOMESH.G

2. Introduction Food is required by every living being to survive as this food provides them with their daily requirements. Its also essential for the proper growth in their bodies. 3. Better CropYields We all know that some crops are cultivated according to different seasons and some all year around. One may think what a CROP is ? It is the growing of same variety on crop at same place and same time on a large scale. Different crops require different climatic conditions, soil types, period of exposure to sun light ,etc. 4. Kharif Crop (June-Aug) :- Eg. Rice Rabi Crops (Nov-May) :- Eg. Wheat 5. Some of the crops are season specific i.e., thy are grown in particular season. Cultivation of crops is carried out by various activities done by the farmers. The yield of crops can be improved by adopting some modern techniques of farming. 6. In order to increase the yield every year various methods such as protection of crops by insecticides and pesticides is used Mainly better quality of seeds are also used. 7. Using Better Variety Of Seeds In recent times, better crops are grown by hybrid seeds i.e., by hybridization. It is the cross-breeding of two different crops where each one has a desires characteristic that is desired. Most crops are developed with high yields, better quality, better resistance to diseases and pests, short period of growing etc.This is known as HighYielding Varieties (HYV). The greatest advantage of HYV is the higher yield. 8. Eg for hybrids are :- T 141 (Rice) Sonara 64 (Wheat) 9. to be continued ...


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