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<ol><li> 1. D I G I T A L M A R K E T I N G &amp; L E A D G E N E R A T I O N P R O P O S A L 2 4 T H J U N E 2 0 1 5 Pursuit Comms </li><li> 2. Goals and KPIs Business goals Generating more sales leads Driving web traffic Higher revenue Social media goals (it has to be measurable) increase social media traffic to website by 10% Use data from the first 3 months as the benchmark Social media KPI number of unique website visitors sent from Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Facebook Number of sign ups Google Analytics </li><li> 3. W E B S I T E A N D S O C I A L M E D I A A U D I T </li><li> 4. Overall suggestion Social media button on every page Increase content (keywords) for SEO + newsletter + blog + subscribe to our newsletter </li><li> 5. Social media links and buttons Drop communications Stronger strapline that is more inlined with your offering and specialisation </li><li> 6. SUGGESTION Add LINKEDIN on each Profile Add in copy : Connect with xxxx here </li><li> 7. SUGGESTION Click to Projects? </li><li> 8. Video? Or Film Instead of Cinema Share button on each video Describe the breath of work in detail Simplify and streamline video title Clients name? Check on Claridges story link </li><li> 9. Body copy Have a brand story. Share Why you do what you do Add Call To Action : Add Clients picture next to Clients quote </li><li> 10. Add Share button </li><li> 11. Share your purpose of doing this And what would the person expect to see in this section. Add Subscribe to our YouTube Channels </li><li> 12. Embed 60 second showreel Each icon click to actual work </li><li> 13. Add Call To Action Subscribe to the Newsletter Twitter feed </li><li> 14. https://www.woorank.com/en/www/pursuitcomms.com WOORANK SEO &amp; Website Analysis Tool </li><li> 15. Google analytics Traffic flow Homepage drop off rate is high. Work towards increasing traffic but it is also important to reduce drop off rate </li><li> 16. FB : 160 followers Twitter : 87 followers Instagram : 24 followers Youtube : 6 subscribers Linkedin: 175 followers </li><li> 17. FACEBOOK Best use for sharing interesting articles and topical subject Best use for specific promotion targetting specific target audience Suggested activities Use Promoted Post on Insights Video 2 post a day </li><li> 18. TWITTER Best for creating buzz competitors community Suggest activities: Change name 10/20 tweets a day 80/20 rule 24 hour respond </li><li> 19. Twitter insights </li><li> 20. LINKEDIN - Best use for posting thought leadership article, shared from a senior person - Consistency is key header, company summary, photo (website) Suggested activities Thought leadership article once a week / every 2 weeks One tweet daily from Andrew, Kelvin and Hong Ang </li><li> 21. YOUTUBE Second most used search engine after Google Suggested activities: Rebrand it to Insights Channel Additional channels Optimize every video </li><li> 22. INSTAGRAM Quality over Quantity Suggested activities 1 post a day from individual employee Use trending # </li><li> 23. PINTEREST Best social platform to drive traffic Suggested activities 100 Pins a week </li><li> 24. Overall summary Increase activities to drive traffic to website Optimised activities Consistent look and voice </li><li> 25. https://www.woorank.com/en/www/pursuitcomms.com WOORANK SEO &amp; Website Analysis Tool </li><li> 26. Google analytics Traffic flow </li><li> 27. Recommended Digital Marketing Activities Twitter 10/15 tweets a day (growth) 80/20 rule Growth hack 24 hour respond LinkedIn Thought leadership article Once a week Shared from Kelvin and Andrew Participate in group pages 1 post a day Youtube Rebrand Youtube Facebook Promote Post for Insights Video Once a month Daily 2 posting Pinterest Best platform to drive traffic to website 100 pins a week Instagram Each employee to take ownership of the account every week 1 pictures a day </li></ol>