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  1. 1. D I G I T A L M A R K E T I N G & L E A D G E N E R A T I O N P R O P O S A L 2 4 T H J U N E 2 0 1 5 Pursuit Comms
  2. 2. Goals and KPIs Business goals Generating more sales leads Driving web traffic Higher revenue Social media goals (it has to be measurable) increase social media traffic to website by 10% Use data from the first 3 months as the benchmark Social media KPI number of unique website visitors sent from Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Facebook Number of sign ups Google Analytics
  3. 3. W E B S I T E A N D S O C I A L M E D I A A U D I T
  4. 4. Overall suggestion Social media button on every page Increase content (keywords) for SEO + newsletter + blog + subscribe to our newsletter
  5. 5. Social media links and buttons Drop communications Stronger strapline that is more inlined with your offering and specialisation
  6. 6. SUGGESTION Add LINKEDIN on each Profile Add in copy : Connect with xxxx here
  7. 7. SUGGESTION Click to Projects?
  8. 8. Video? Or Film Instead of Cinema Share button on each video Describe the breath of work in detail Simplify and streamline video title Clients name? Check on Claridges story link
  9. 9. Body copy Have a brand story. Share Why you do what you do Add Call To Action : Add Clients picture next to Clients quote
  10. 10. Add Share button
  11. 11. Share your purpose of doing this And what would the person expect to see in this section. Add Subscribe to our YouTube Channels
  12. 12. Embed 60 second showreel Each icon click to actual work
  13. 13. Add Call To Action Subscribe to the Newsletter Twitter feed
  14. 14. https://www.woorank.com/en/www/pursuitcomms.com WOORANK SEO & Website Analysis Tool
  15. 15. Google analytics Traffic flow Homepage drop off rate is high. Work towards increasing traffic but it is also important to reduce drop off rate
  16. 16. FB : 160 followers Twitter : 87 followers Instagram : 24 followers Youtube : 6 subscribers Linkedin: 175 followers
  17. 17. FACEBOOK Best use for sharing interesting articles and topical subject Best use for specific promotion targetting specific target audience Suggested activities Use Promoted Post on Insights Video 2 post a day
  18. 18. TWITTER Best for creating buzz competitors community Suggest activities: Change name 10/20 tweets a day 80/20 rule 24 hour respond
  19. 19. Twitter insights
  20. 20. LINKEDIN - Best use for posting thought leadership article, shared from a senior person - Consistency is key header, company summary, photo (website) Suggested activities Thought leadership article once a week / every 2 weeks One tweet daily from Andrew, Kelvin and Hong Ang
  21. 21. YOUTUBE Second most used search engine after Google Suggested activities: Rebrand it to Insights Channel Additional channels Optimize every video
  22. 22. INSTAGRAM Quality over Quantity Suggested activities 1 post a day from individual employee Use trending #
  23. 23. PINTEREST Best social platform to drive traffic Suggested activities 100 Pins a week
  24. 24. Overall summary Increase activities to drive traffic to website Optimised activities Consistent look and voice
  25. 25. https://www.woorank.com/en/www/pursuitcomms.com WOORANK SEO & Website Analysis Tool
  26. 26. Google analytics Traffic flow
  27. 27. Recommended Digital Marketing Activities Twitter 10/15 tweets a day (growth) 80/20 rule Growth hack 24 hour respond LinkedIn Thought leadership article Once a week Shared from Kelvin and Andrew Participate in group pages 1 post a day Youtube Rebrand Youtube Facebook Promote Post for Insights Video Once a month Daily 2 posting Pinterest Best platform to drive traffic to website 100 pins a week Instagram Each employee to take ownership of the account every week 1 pictures a day