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DESCRIPTION offers best European skin care products is the best natural products to go with the varying beauty needs of all women. It has opened up a new world of natural products and cosmetics that can be used without being worried about any side effects. To know more about


  • Comprehensive Range of Professional Skin Care Products for Estheticians

    Selecting the correct skincare product is of utmost importance to get a healthy, beautiful, vitalized and

    youthful looking skin. The market is flooded with so many beauty products that it really becomes

    difficult to make the right choice pertaining to skincare products and cosmetics. Now discover a toxin

    free nail polish thats not only attractive in looks and lasts long, but also safe for your beautiful and

    sensitive skin. These come under a range of professional skin care products for estheticians that have

    been specifically formulated by using natural ingredients that promote nail health. Explore safer

    alternatives for your skin that has been proven effective to make a difference in the world of skincare

    and cosmetics.

    Nail polishes of vibrant colors beautify nails and are thus among the topmost favorite cosmetics of

    women at all times. Drs Remedy enriched nail polish, a brand name formulated under Dr. Cirlincione

    and Dr. Spielfogel, makes use of wheat protein, tea tree oil, lavender and garlic bulb extract and has

    been scientifically evaluated by APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association). Skin types of individuals

    vary, yet, the naturally formulated nail lacquers and treatments are definite to suit all skin types. The

    three biggest toxins associated to serious health problems that are prevalent in all commercial nail

    enamels are formaldehyde, toluene and DBP. Drs Remedy offers the most suitable toxin free solution in

    this regard.

    Fed up of trying out different natural skincare products without any effective results? Try out the

    professional skin care products for estheticians that are proven effective for all those having discolored

    nails, pregnant women and parents looking out for safer health alternatives for their children. Make the

    best buying decision when it comes to naturally effective skincare products and cosmetics, each of

    which utilizes the purest possible ingredients known to deliver excellence. Color your nails naturally with

    the new line of nail polishes focused at better nail health, thanks to the comprehensive collection of

    long lasting nail colors from Drs Remedy.

    Skincare and cosmetics sound appealing to all women and there cant be a better option than to look

    out for their natural variants. Drs Remedy enriched nail polish comes with shine and durability, without

    any compromise on being naturally effective. It makes use of anti-fungal and antibacterial agents that

    serve as the safest alternative to chemicals used in commercial nail colors. Use Drs Remedy

  • natural, organic and effective products and avoid all health problems resulting due to harmful toxins.

    Say no to harmful chemicals for skin permanently with the wide range of scientifically evaluated and

    clinically approved skincare products and cosmetics.