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    RMIT VIETNAM 2014 SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM 05th September, 2014 Le Tran Uyen Nghi Dear Nghi Le, On behalf of the President of RMIT Vietnam and the Chairman of the Scholarship Advisory Committee, I am delighted to advise that you have been selected as one of the winners of the RMIT Vietnam 2014 Professor Nguyen Van Dao Scholarship. The scholarship is established to honour the world acclaimed mathematician and one of Viet Nams leading education administrators. It is, therefore awarded to the student with the highest mathematics grade achieved at high school. Congratulations on being awarded the scholarship which will cover 50% of your tuition fee for your selected higher education undergraduate program at RMIT Vietnam. What are the next steps: If you have not yet enrolled in a program or received an offer for study in one of our programs, you can expect to receive a Letter of Offer from our Admissions Office in the next few days. You will need to sign and return the letter to the office to secure your place. If you are already enrolled in a program or have signed and returned the Letter of Offer to the Admissions office, you are advised to accept this scholarship offer by signing and returning this Scholarship offer letter to the Admissions as soon as possible but no later than 12th Sept, 2014. For more details, the team can be reached on 08. 3776 1479. Congratulations once again and we do trust that you will make the most of this excellent offer to be best prepared for your future. Sincerely, Quan Nguyen Phuong, M.Ed Scholarship Coordinator, Student Engagement Student Services

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    scholarship with all of its terms and conditions published on the RMIT Vietnam website.

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    Date: ...... The scholarship being offered to you is subject to the terms and conditions that apply for RMIT Vietnam scholarships as defined by the Scholarship Advisory Committee and published on RMIT Vietnam website and intranet from time to time.

    05th September, 2014