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Production log- editing of film and sound


  • 1. Production LogEditing

2. March 5When creating my media trailer, earlier I haanalysed various trailers, I had a good concept onhow the trailer should have looked , typicalconventions and how I could challenge theseconcepts. I printed out my story board to use as aguide line to put the story my story boardtogether.March 7After reviewing trailer I used abode premier and bitby bit I put the clips together of how I wantedthem to look and how to look, as a fast first draft. 3. March 8The computer we were using crashed numerous amounts of time and as a result we were moved three times, this frustrated me because this was making us behind time. The fact that the computer were failing us didnt help in making the trailer, moving computers meant we had to start again, and moving computers twice was an even further set back. 4. March 10Eventually we stuck switch one computer although it kept crashing, we didnt mind because it was better than previous computer, we had to put the software on auto save for every three minutes just in case the computer froze and it needed immediate shut down, so we didnt loose any major workMarch 11After eventually getting the clips back to how it was onthe previous computer, we were able to commencework and progress, at this point we notice we neededmore filming and left spaces for the clips were wewanted to add changed clips of the trailer 5. premiere Having previous experience with premiere prop from my ancillary task, I was not confident but able to edit and add clips and the basic, with time my skills grew and I became more cable to edit the video and add effects, after downloading matrox, I added effects like blur and the shake to add effects like flash backs and add the typical genre effect to it 6. Issue in Editing Issue in editing, often I felt the burden of editing becausemy group lacked experience in editing, so I felt like I wasforced to complete every main task, while editing I rarelyfelt I had major support although my group did watch thetrailer while editing and give onions on how to edit, I feltburden with the pressure of create the film high quality andby myself Also our ideas often crashed we as group if two peopleagreed that this didnt look good, the other person wouldfeel ganged up on, and felt like we were ignoring thereonion It was a little difficult to follow the storyboard sequencesbecause often the story board did not include scene witchwas added randomly when filming, not sticking to thoseschedules made it often difficult to communicate as agroup because teammate would unusually say just goback to the story board when It wasnt that easy 7. shot In the end we decided to choose shot which hadbest audio and clear acting Also clips that represented our media at itsbest, we choose shot that did not give away tomuch of the trailer, but brought mysteriously, butalso defying conventions of a typical movie trailer 8. Production LogSound 9. March 15One of my team mate was assigned the role, to create the sound for our media trailer, to add sounds effects and a music tone that will add effect to the music in the background. In the beginning we used a combination of sound FX to find some appropriate sounds e.g. a whistling frost sounds, sloshing sound effect for institutions and guild line, a different swoosh sounds for pictures animated. I helped my teammate to pick appropriate sounds fix because she was finding it difficult 10. March 16After a while I decided that the sound FX which wasdownloaded wasnt appropriate enough and didnthave the sound effect we wanted in, so instead Iwhen on to YouTube and found a horrific build upand used YouTube converter to get the musicneeded 11. After completing the conversion, I click downloading and imported the soundinto abobe premier 12. March 19To create sound I first places the file from sound FXfrom where I wanted to receive my file.........By clicking file and import 13. After choosing the file I wanted, I just dragged itdown to audio an a pulled and edited it to howlong I wanted the sound for 14. After clicking the curser down, u was abe to view the audio for my video and seethe volume it was at 15. I was able to change the volume higher or lower bymoving hate yellow line displayed on audio1, Also if I wanted to just lower certain areas ofthe clip, I clicked on the yellow ball and placed itwhere I wanted louder audio of lower audio and 16. March 19Used different audio tabs to help over lay the sound effects and bring the jumpy feels, also added sound transitions from matrox to allow some audio to fade over into the next beat to avoid disruption