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Example HMI and SCADA applications of Prodigy industrial automation software.


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  • Testing of aircraft jet engines after maintenance and prior to refitting is vital for reliable and safe operation. Each engine test requires a log report providing details of the engine, all relevant test parameters and the engineers who supervised the test.

    For each test the engine is run through a test sequence. Dependent upon the resulting data it may be necessary to rerun steps in the sequence in any order.

    Three engineers conduct each test acting as Operator, Recorder and Controller. Each engineer has a monitor screen for monitoring the test data and any alarm conditions to occur. Data is displayed using a combination of dials and trend graphs with the Operator having a different screen configuration to the other test engineers.

    41 different parameters are measured including thrust, temperatures, pressures, flows, speeds, vibrations, frequencies and fluid levels. From this data other corrected values are automatically derived by the system, normalised to standard day sea level conditions.

    Datalogger units are used to acquire most data parameters. Thrust data iscollected using a specially configured load cell and display with serial communications. Data such as engine type, serial number and test engineer names are entered manually into the system

    Test reports are generated after each engine test to verify satisfactory running.


    Application N

    otes-Jet Engine Test System

    Equipment Used

    Key Benefits

    High accuracy reporting of test results

    If you would like to find out more about this application, please contact the sales office who will put you in touch with the original Systems Integrator.

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    Intel based Pentium PC usingMicrosoft Windows 2000

    Status InstrumentsMEDACS data acquisition units

    Eye to the future Window on the world

    London Electronics Display

    Customised interactive operator displays

    Automatic report generation

    Flexible test sequence data recording

  • Summary

    Application N


    atch Materials Preparation

    Intel based Pentium PC usingMicrosoft Windows NT 4Light Pen Operator Interface

    Equipment Used

    PC Plug-in Cards2 x PCL-818L 8 Ch A/I1 x PCL-733 32 Ch D/I1 x PCL-734 32 Ch D/O1 x PCL-836 6 Ch Pulse/I

    Key BenefitsImproved product consistency

    Low cost direct PC control

    Easy operator interface

    Unlimited recipes

    In order to improve the consistency of the product, a control system was required to perform accurate mixing of the required solids and water. The PC controls all valves, pumps, agitators and conveyors. It also monitors the load cells, level transmitters and flow meters. This allows the mixing of the solids and water to be controlled according to a user selected recipe which defines the solid weight limits, the ratio of solids to water and the mixing times.

    By monitoring the water and solids in each batch, accurate stock reports can be produced based on the raw materials used, on a per shift or per formula basis. Trend graphs also allow the calculated consistency to be monitored over time.

    Alarm monitoring is performed through limit switches on all valve and pumps, and, in the event of a problem, will cause the batch to be held until it is resolved. Alarms are recorded into a history database so that troublesome valves and pumps can be easily identified. Motor currents on all pumps and agitators are also monitored to allow preventative maintenance to be carried out based on real, under load, running times.

    If you would like to find out more about this application, please contact the sales office who will put you in touch with the original Systems Integrator.

    Online plant maintenance information

    Stock usage reports

    Link to plant wide DCS

    Eye to the future Window on the world

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  • The system was designed to provide management with an accurate assessment of down time reasons for 11 welding machines. Previously, the customer had adopted a manual paper based method of collecting down time reasons but this had proved to be inaccurate; Down time periods were not timed accurately, reasons were only assigned at the end of a shift and errors were made reading the paper forms. In addition, a great deal of time was wasted transferring the data from paper into a computer database.

    The system monitors for the running / stopped state of each machine. This is determined by counting each weld and calculating a running speed. If a machine stops, a short period of time is allowed and then a hardwire interlock is asserted. This prevents the operator from restarting the machine until a valid down time code has been entered. Multiple codes may be used to indicate different reasons during any one down time event and the system logs all events into a daily batch database. Every Monday morning, a report on the pervious weeks operations is generated by the system and sent to the senior management. Currently this is paper based but it is soon to be automated by electronically transferring the data directly into the companys EIS.


    Application N


    own Tim

    e Monitoring

    Intel based Pentium PC usingMicrosoft Windows NT 4

    Equipment Used

    11 x ADAM 4012 1 Ch A/I,1 Ch Pulse/D/I, 2 Ch D/O

    Key BenefitsMore accurate down time reasons

    Better understanding of down time

    Better understanding of machine capability

    Better understanding of product specific manufacturing problems

    If you would like to find out more about this application, please contact the sales office who will put you in touch with the original Systems Integrator.

    Eye to the future Window on the world

    11 x TM170 Remote OperatorKeypads

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  • As part of its design, the system allowed the customer to computerise its quality control record system. This led to the attainment of Lawcred and EFFSIS accreditation which is a key requirement of the large supermarket chains.

    In addition to providing an easy to use interface for the operators, the system gives an instant overview of production status to the factory management. The system is also accessed remotely by the Engineering department to investigate problems and to determine if changes that have been made have had a positive or detrimental effect. By incorporating a long term data storage facility, past production runs can be easily analysed using the historic trending package, making it easier to work towards process improvements.

    Alarm monitoring was incorporated to highlight any signal straying outside its allowed limits. Alarm conditions appear on the permanent alarm banner and the specific area of the mimic display changes colour to draw attention to the potential problem. Prodigys Alarm Scheduler was also used to prevent nuisance alarms during cleaning cycles and shutdown periods.


    Application N



    Equipment Used

    Key BenefitsContinuous quality monitoring

    Provision of Proof of Process data

    Allowed Due Diligence to be demonstrated

    Enabled Lawcred and EFFSYS to be attained

    If you would like to find out more about this application, please contact the sales office who will put you in touch with the original Systems Integrator.

    Intel based Pentium PC usingMicrosoft Windows NT 4Intelligent Multi-port Serial Interface

    4 x ADAM 4011 1 Ch T/C A/I,1 Ch D/I, 2 Ch D/O

    1 x ADAM 4060 4 Ch Relay O/P32 x West 4100/4170 Controllers

    Eye to the future Window on the world

    Tascomp Limited Tel: +44 (0)1642 370666 Fax: +44 (0)1642 370012 Web: E-mail:

  • Summary

    Application N


    aste Water Treatm

    ent Plant Monitoring

    Intel based Pentium PC usingMicrosoft Windows NT 421 Colour Graphics Monitor

    Equipment Used

    1 x Allen Bradley 1770-KF3DH485 Network Interface

    Additional Prodigy CompleteDevelopment System for Off-lineTraining and Development

    3 x Allen Bradley SLC-50x PLCs(Existing Equipment)

    1 x CRL 460 Controller(Existing Equipment)

    Key BenefitsReplacement of ageing chart recorders and out of date plant mimic panels

    Direct link to existing PLCs

    Ability to modify the plant mimic as the p


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