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Procter & Gamble's commercial "Best Job"!


  • 1. BEST JOB (P & G) PROCTER &GAMBLE JOBA commercial for Procter & Gamble.An Emmy Award winner as the best spot of the 2012.Agency: Wieden + KennedyDirector: Alejandro Gonzlez Irritu.

2. THE CONSEPTThe spot opens with a series of moms around the worldwaking their kids at the crack of dawn, making thembreakfast, driving them to practice, watching theiruniforms, washing their dishes, making their beds,attending all their practices, tending to their injuries andthen finally, tearfully, watching their Olympicperformances. The spot ends with the beautiful line: The hardest job inthe world is the best job in the world. 3. WHAT ABOUT THE SOUNDTRACK?This is the song used in the P&G best job, thank you momcommercial for the 2012 London Olympic Games: is called Divenire.By Ludovico Einaudi. 4. THANK YOU MOM CAMPAIGNProcter & Gambles Thank You, Mom campaign in theUnited States is part of the largest multi-brand commercialinitiative in the Companys history.The heart of the campaign is a belief that behind everyamazing Olympic and Paralympic athlete is an equallyamazing mom. P&G thanks those moms, as well as allmoms in the U.S., for the great work they do in raisinghealthy, happy kids. 5. The Thank You,Mom campaignhonors moms,celebrates theLondon 2012 Olympicand ParalympicGames, andleverages theCompanys broadportfolio of leadingbrands to driveextensive retaildisplays and volume. 6. KIDS 2012Heres P&Gs latest London 2012 Olympic Gamescommercial, Kids 2012: see them as world-record breakers, buzzer beatersand the embodiment of grace under pressure, but to theirmoms, Olympians will always be kids.In this Procter & Gamble commercial, we see the worldthrough the eyes of the moms of London 2012 Olympians. 7. THANK YOU MOM - THE ROLE OFMOMSBeing a mom is the hardest job in the world. But its also thebest. This Procter & Gamble commercial honors everythingthat all moms do to help their children succeed by showcasingthe amazing moms behind Olympic athletes at the London 2012Olympic Games. The hardest job in the world is truly the bestjob in the world. 8. Moms carry us for nine months and then keep on carryingus. Through countless sacrifices they are loving nurturersand selfless providers and motivators as well as chauffeursand doers of laundry and dishes. Procter & Gamblescampaign celebrates the role of moms all over the world. 9. THANK YOU MOM APP. ONFACEBOOK.To make it easy for people to join in the P&G Thank YouMom campaign, P&G also launched the Thank You Momapp that allowed people to thank their own moms fortheir hard work and sacrifice by uploading personalizedcontent in the form of a video, still image with caption ortext-based message. Users were then able to encouragefriends and family to do the same, spreading the word tothank and celebrate moms.To share your own Thank You Mom message, please visitthe Thank You Mom app. 10. WHATS THE DEFINITION OFTHANK YOU?Thank you is defined as an expression of gratitude used toshow appreciation for something.It is used for telling someone that you are grateful forsomething that they have said or done. Thank you for (doing) something:Thank you for supporting me.Thank you: the usual expression of appreciation in usetoday. 11. HERE ARE SOME PHOTOS BY P&G! 12. P&G/ TEAM USA YOUTH SPORTSFUNDP&G sponsored 28 U.S. Olympic and Paralympic athletes,as well as lanched the P&G/Team USA Youth Sports Fund.The P&G/Team USA Youth Sports Fund provides youngpeople with greater access to sports in order to helpdevelop the next generation of athletes and spread theOlympic Games values of excellence, friendship andrespect. It is part of the of the companys global effort tosupport youth sports. 13. When I was a kid, I had so much fun playing all differentsports, such as soccer and surfing, said Ryan Lochte,Gillette brand athlete and six-time Olympic medalist inswimming. Having the opportunity to try diverse activitiesgave me the confidence I needed to achieve my dreamslater on in life, especially at the Olympic Games. Thats whyP&Gs support of the P&G|Team USA Youth Sports Fund isso important. 14. THANK YOU MOM FACEBOOKPAGEP&G utilized Facebook to engage consumers in the ThankYou, Mom campaign. Sponsored athletes encouragedothers to visit the Companys Thank You, Mom Facebookpage to share stories and show their support.Also, for every new like on the Facebook page, theCompany donated one dollar to the P&G/Team USA YouthSports Fund, up to $100,000. 15. P&GS BEST JOB WINSCOMMERCIAL EMMYP&Gs Best Job commercial, the cornerstone of theThank You Mom campaign, won the best primetimecommercial Emmy during the Creative Arts Emmy Awardceremony held at the NokiaTheatre in Las Angeles (2012). 16. Anna AnastasopoulouKonstantina PapadimitriouAnastasia Tsachli