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CF Lab Assignment 1Task 1:Attempt the program given in literature above. Also see whether the results are as expected?1-Programs without declaration statementCodes for the program: ! This program is to go through basic functions of fortran 77 print*,'' ! intentionally left print*,'--------LAB 1 TASK 1 (without declaration)-------------' print*,'' print*,' Exercise 1' print*,'I am a student of masters' print*,'' print*,'' print*,' Exercise 2' print*,'2','+','2','=',4 print*,'' print*,'' print*,' Exercise 3' print*,'2+2=',4 print*,'' print*,'' print*,' Exercise 4' k=40 ! 40 is an integer so k is not declared in variable declaration print*,'This will print',k print*,'' print*,'' endResults:

2-Programs with declaration statement:Codes for the program:! This is an introductory program & includes declaring the variables and user input real a,b,c,length1,length2,angle ! where a,b,c are used for average calculation problem ! lenght1 and length2 are used in READ command demonstration ! angle is used to in demonstration of trigonometric functions print*,'-------LAB 1 TASK 1 (including declaration statement)-----------' print*,'' print*,' Exercise 1 (compute average)' a=10 b=17 c=20 print*,'' print*,'' print*,'average of ',a,',',b,'&',c,'is',(a+b+c)/3 print*,'' print*,' Exercise 2 (READ command demonstration)' print*,'' print*,'' print*,'Enter lengths:' read*,length1,length2 print*,'' print*,'The lengths are',length1,'&',length2 print*,'' print*,' Exercise 3(average with user based input)' print*,'' print*,'' print*,'Enter the value of a:' read*,a print*,'Enter the value of b:' read*,b print*,'Enter the value of c:' read*,c print*,'' print*,'average of ',a,',',b,'&',c,'is',(a+b+c)/3 print*,'' print*,' Exercise 4 (Trigonometric function)' print*,'' print*,'' print*,'Enter the value of angle in degrees:' read*,angle print*,'sin (',angle,') =',sin(3.14159*angle/180) endResults:

Task 2:In the example given in section 4.3, declare another variable named average, save the averagevalue in this variable and print this variables value instead of the expression directly.Codes for program:program user input average real a,b,c,avg c a, b & c are the numbers whose average is to be calculated print*,'' print*,'' print*,'--------LAB 1 TASK 2---------' print*,'' ! intentional spaces for better look print*,'' ! Input print*,'Enter the value of a:' read*,a print*,'' print*,'' print*,'Enter the value of b:' read*,b print*,'' print*,'' print*,'Enter the value of c:' read*,c print*,'' print*,'' avg=(a+b+c)/3 print*,'average of ',a,', ',b, '& ',c, 'is ',avg end program user input averageResults:

Task 3:Checking the order in which mathematical operations are performed in fortran.Codes for program:print*,'' print*,'----------LAB 1 TASK 3-----------' print*,'' print*,'' ! check for effect of different arithmetic operations print*,5.+2.*3.,',',(5.+2.)*3.,',',2.*3.**3.,',',(2.*3.)**3.,',' 1,(2.)**(3.)**2. ! statement is continued from previous line ! the result of this program indicates the order in which mathematical functions are solved in fortran ! for given case order is parenthesis>exp>multiplication>addition EndResults:

Task 4:Take the angle from user, compute the trigonometric quantities: sine, cosine, tangent, sin-1, cos-1, tan-1and print the results in the following format:sin(angle value) = Computed value asin(angle value) = Computed value cos(angle value) = Computed value acos(angle value) = Computed value tan(angle value) = Computed value atan(angle value) = Computed valueCodes for program:program Trigonometric functions real z,x,y1,y2,y3,y4,y5,y6 ! variable z for angle input and x to denote radian y is output print*,'' ! space intentionally left print*,'' print*,'-----------LAB 1 TASK 4-----------' print*,'' print*,'' print*,'Enter the value of angle in degrees:' print*,'' read*,z print*,'' print*,'' x=z*3.14159/180 y1=sin(x) y2=(180/3.14159)*(asin(y1)) y3=cos(x) y4=(180/3.14159)*(acos(y3)) y5=tan(x) y6=(180/3.14159)*(atan(y5)) print*,'sin(',z,') = ',y1,' asin(',y1,') = ',y2 print*,'' print*,'' print*,'cos(',z,') = ',y3,' acos(',y3,') = ',y4 print*,'' print*,'' print*,'tan(',z,') = ',y5,' atan(',y5,') = ',y6 end program Trigonometric functionsResults:

Task 5:Find the hypotenuse of a triangle by taking base and perpendicular from the user. Print the computed value.Codes for program:program calculation of hypotenuse of triangle real perp,base,hyp print*,'' ! intentional space print*,'-----------LAB 1 Task 5----------' print*,'' print*,''c INPUT print*,'Enter the value of perpendicular in cm:' print*,'' read*,perp print*,'' print*,'' print*,'Enter the value of base in cm:' print*,'' read*,baseC Execution hyp=sqrt(((perp)**2)+(base**2))c Results print*,'' print*,'' print*,'hypotenuse of triangle with ',perp,'cm perpendicular and' 1,base,'cm base is',hyp print*,'' end program calculation of hypotenuse of triangleResults:

Task 6:Take input from user the initial number of atoms, half-life and the time that an atom has spent to calculate the atoms remaining?Codes for program:program Calculation of remaining radioactive atoms real n,no,t,thalf,lamda print*,'' print*,'--------LAB 1 TASK 6--------' print*,'' print*,''c INPUT print*,'Enter the following values:' print*,'' print*,'initial number of atoms:' print*,'' read*,no print*,'' print*,'' print*,'time of observation (seconds)' print*,'' read*,t print*,'' print*,'' print*,'half life of element (seconds)' print*,'' read*,thalf print*,'' print*,''c EXECUTION lamda=0.693/thalf n=no*(exp(-lamda*t))c RESULTS print*,'NO. of atoms after ',t,' seconds = ',n end program Calculation of remaining radioactive atomsResults:



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