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PRIME CONTRACTOR & MAJOR MANUFACTURER PROFILES: AMERICAS/EUROPE/ISRAEL/JAPANEmployment: 3,000 at Airbus Industrie and some 40,000 including Airbus subsidiaries of EADS and BAE SYSTEMSAIRBUS INDUSTRIE 1 Rond Point Maurice Bellonte 31707 Blagnac Cedex, France Tel: (33-561) 93 33 33 Fax: (33-561) 93 37 92

Officers: CEO Nol Forgeard COO Gustav Humbert CFO Andreas Sperl

Aerospace Organization/Products:

Consortium of EADS, (The Netherlands) (80%) and BAE SYSTEMS Airbus, (UK) (20%): Produces A300 and A310 (746 delivered), A319, A320 and A321 (1,292 delivered), A330 and A340 (343 delivered) commercial jet transports (all deliveries as of 8/31/00). The 107-seat A318 and further versions of the A330/A340 are in development, along with the 555-seat A380, expected to be the worlds largest airliner. Consortium facilities are located in Meaulte, Nantes, St-Nazaire and Toulouse (France); Bremen, Hamburg and Stade (Germany); Cadiz, Madrid, Seville and Toledo (Spain); Broughton and Filton (UK); with regional offices in Sydney (Australia), Brussels (Belgium), New Delhi (India), Tokyo (Japan), Moscow (Russia), Singapore and Dubai (UAE); spares centers in Beijing (China), Frankfurt/Main and Hamburg (Germany), Singapore and Washington DC (USA); and training centers in Beijing (China), Toulouse (France), and Miami, FL (USA). Subsidiaries: Airbus Industrie China Ltd. (China): Provides training and product support. Airbus Industrie of North America (AINA) (USA): Provides training and product support. Airbus Military Company (AMC): Design and development of the A400M military transport aircraft. Airbus Transport International (ATI): Transports Airbus aircraft sections among factories in Europe using the outsize A300-600ST Beluga cargo aircraft, also ad hoc charters. Associates: Alenia (Italy), Belairbus (Belgium), Stork Aerospace Group (The Netherlands).FINANCIALS ($ MILLIONS):Operating Revenues Operating Expenses Net Profits Debt to Equity RatioAIRBUS INDUSTRIE REPORTS SOME, BUT NOT ALL, FINANCIALS AS A CORPORATE ENTITY. THE COMPANY HAS BEEN PROFITABLE SINCE 1990, ALTHOUGH THE VALUE OF THOSE PROFITS IS NOT REPORTED.

Employment: 116,000 corporate (6,000 Alcatel Space) Officers:ALCATEL 54 Rue La Botie 75008 Paris, France Tel: (33) 1 4076-1010 Fax: (33) 1 4076-1400

Chairman & CEO, Alcatel Serge Tchuruk; President & CFO JeanPierre Halbron; COO Krish Prabhu; President & CEO, Alcatel Space Jean-Claude Husson; Vice President & COO, Alcatel Space Benot Tellier; Technical Director, Alcatel Space Michel CourtoisFINANCIALS ($ MILLIONS):* 1998Operating Revenues Operating Expenses Net Profits Debt to Equity Ratio 3,782 2,745 416

19993,526 2,514 99

% Change(7%) (8%) (76%)

Aerospace Organization/Products:Alcatel Space Industries (Nanterre, France): Designs, manufactures and operates complete turnkey space systems; also acquires orbital positions and financing. Develops technologies in telecommunications, navigation, observation, optical and radar systems, satellite meteorology, and environmental and scientific areas. Designs and manufactures Arabsat, Astra 1K, Eurasiasat 1, Europe*Star, Eutelsat W, Globalstar, Hispasat, Hot Bird 6 and SkyBridge telecommunications and multimedia satellites; WorldSpace and XM Radio digital broadcasting satellites; EGNOS and EURIDIS navigation satellites; ERS, Hlios 1, Hlios 2 and Spot Earth-observation instruments; IASI instrument for METOP satellites and MSG meteorology satellites; Corot scientific satellite and Huygens interplanetary probe. Designs and manufactures the Proteus platform, with payloads ranging from 1,100 to 1,320 lb. for LEO applications, and the Spacebus platform, with payloads ranging from 1,980-13,200 lb. with power sources ranging from 1.5-20 kw. for geostationary applications. Designs and develops Earth stations for air traffic control, mobile telephony, multimedia, radio broadcasting and rural communication. Alcatel Space Industries is a subsidiary of Alcatel (51%) and Thales (49%). Management, production, and support activities are carried out in Cannes, Nanterre, Valence, Toulouse, France and Kourou, French Guiana. Subsidiaries of Alcatel Industries: Alcatel Bell Space (Hoboken, Belgium): Manufactures products in satellite communication, navigation, remote sensing, and spacecraft control systems, including gateways, user earth terminals, and satellite ground control stations. Alcatel Espacio (Madrid, Spain): Designs, develops and manufactures spacecraft equipment and subsystems. Alcatel Etca (Charleroi, Belgium): Manufactures on-board satellite power conditioning systems and ground based equipment such as ground stations for power conditioning and test benches for launchers. Alcatel Space Denmark (Ballerup, Denmark): Designs and manufactures power conversion products for satellites and launch equipment. Alcatel Space Netherlands B.V. (Noordwijk,

*AW&ST conversion based on exchange rates available on 12/31/98 and 12/31/99. Values updated from 2000 Source Book.

Netherlands): Provides quality support and project documentation services. Alcatel Space Norway (Horten, Norway): Designs and manufactures products for use in advanced analog and digital processing for satellite systems. Alcatel Space Operations GmbH (Darmstadt and Gilching, Germany): Provides field operations services to EUMETSAT, the European Space Agency and the German Space Agency (DLR). Alcatel Space Switzerland (Gals, Switzerland): Builds on-board equipment for instrumentation and microgravity experiments; designs and manufactures electrical ground support equipment. Alcatel Spacecom (Nanterre, France): Investor and an operator supporting its customers in their market strategies. It provides value-added services, supports privatization of institutional firms, worldwide expansion of projects refocusing of space agencies on R&D programs, new entrepreneurs and promising new services. Euteltracs is an Alcatel Spacecom subsidiary. Indra Espacio S.A. (Madrid, Spain): Ground segment engineering and applications for satellite communications, spacecraft control, Earth observation and satellite navigation. Alcatel Spacecom Joint Ventures and Limited Partnerships: Cyberstar, partner: Loral Space & Communications (USA). Eurasiasat S.A.M., partner: Trk Telekom (Turkey). Europe*Star, partner: Loral Space & Communications (USA). SkyBridge, partner: Loral Space & Communications (USA), among others from Belgium, Canada, France, Japan and the USA. TE.SA.M. (Globalstar), partner: France Tlcom (France).


PRIME CONTRACTOR & MAJOR MANUFACTURER PROFILES: AMERICAS/EUROPE/ISRAEL/JAPANEmployment: 18,000 Officers:ALCOA 201 Isabella Street Pittsburgh, PA 15212-5858, USA Tel: (412) 553-4545 Fax: (412) 553-4498

President & CEO Alain Belda Ex. VP & CFO Richard Kelson Group President L. Patrick Hasse President, Howmet International James Stanley President, Huck International Bruce M. Zorich President, Thiokol Propulsion Robert L. Crippin

Aerospace Organization/Products:Alcoa Engineered Products (Lafayette, IN, USA): Manufactures aluminum extruded shapes, tube, rod and bar for aerospace applications. Alcoa Europe Extrusions and End Products (Geneva, Switzerland): Produces aluminum extrusions, window systems and end products for aerospace applications. Alcoa Mill Products (Davenport, IA, USA): Manufactures aluminum sheet and plate for the aerospace and defense industry. Alcoa Wheel and Forged Products (Cleveland, OH, USA): Produces forged structural parts for aerospace applications. Howmet Corp. (Darien, CT, USA): Supplier of investment-cast superalloy and titanium components for turbine engines used on jet aircraft and in utility power generators and of investment-cast aluminum components used in aerospace and commercial applications. Huck International (Tucson, AZ, USA): Designs and manufactures high-technology fastening systems for aerospace and industrial applications. Specialty fastening systems include proprietary fasteners, installation tools, automation equipment and power sources. Thiokol Propulsion (Brigham City, UT, USA): Produces reusable solid rocket motors (RSRMs) for the space shuttle; the CASTOR family of motors for expendable launch vehicles; flight initiation and destruct ordnance systems; composite resins for aerospace and industrial applications. Military programs include High Velocity Antiradiation Missile (HARM), Minuteman Propulsion Replacement, Trident 2 (D-5) and a variety of illuminating and infrared flares and advanced decoy countermeasures. Additional capabilities include tactical and strategic missile motor demilitarization, aging and surveillance technologies. Thiokol Propulsion-Elkton (Elkton, MD, USA): Produces the STAR family of upper stage and satellite insertion motors; numerous tactical motors including those for the Harpoon and Vertical Launch ASROC (VLA). Develops the Extended Range Guided Munition (ERGM) and upper stage and solid divert propulsion for theater missile defense initiatives. Manufactures gas generators and safe and arm devices for launch vehicle propulsion.


Employment: 380ARIANESPACE Blvd. de lEurope, BP 177, 91006 EVRY Cedex, France Tel: (33-1) 60 87 60 00 Fax: (33-1) 60 87 62 47

Officers: Chairman & CEO Jean-Marie Luton Secretary General Francoise Bouzitat

Aerospace Organization/Products:

Responsibilities: Marketing and sales of launch services; production of Ariane launch vehicles; operation of launch services from Europes Space Port in Kourou (French Guiana). Launch Vehicles: Ariane 4 series (inc


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