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  • GEOSHIP Regenerative Architecture



    P O W E R E D b y S E R V I C E™


    Geoship, A Leader in Zero-Carbon Dome Homebuilding Reopens StartEngine Equity Crowdfunding Raise After Raising Over $100k in 5 Days

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  • Nevada City, CA – February, 2020 – Geoship is introducing the bioceramic geodesic dome to the world. The technology merges the work of two of history’s greatest inventions — Buckminster Fuller’s Geodesic Geometry and Professor Rustum Roy’s Ceramic Crystal Chemistry. Fuller compared the domes they were building in the 60’s and 70’s to “wooden spaceships” — the right shape built with the wrong material. He predicted it would be 50-100 years before the material science would catch up to his new geometry. Right on cue, in 2004, the general theory and compositions of

    Roy’s ceramic crystal chemistry was announced. Geoship brings together the geometry and materials that maximize efficiency and believes that bioceramic domes will replace wood boxes as the ‘bread and butter’ of 21st century home building.

    To further this vision of affordable regenerative housing, Geoship, who built their initial dome prototype in 2015 and has been steadily bootstrapping since, launched their first foray into public fundraising with a crowd investment ask on on January 3, 2020 and achieved their goal by January 8. With

    140 investors plus another 200 on the waitlist, the company has increased their funding goal to allow

    more investors to participate Geoship will be accepting investment at https://www.startengine. com/geoship.

    Founder and CEO Morgan Bierschenk was surprised by the speed of the campaign,

    noting, “We were astounded we hit the goal so quickly. People are just ready for an epoch shift —

    we’re transforming capitalism and the construction industry! Equity crowdfunding is the obvious

    choice for the new wave of multi-stakeholder

    companies. Old school capitalism makes rich people richer, and everybody defers responsibility, while our planet pays the price. We’re shifting that paradigm by making our seed investment widely accessible, and distributing equity to customers and the Earth.”

    The company aims to reshape one of the biggest industries on earth - the $24T global construction industry. Geoship is structured as a Social Purpose Corporation and a multi-stakeholder cooperative — customers and nature will be major owners in the company, in addition to investors and employees.

    The multi-stakeholder ownership model was almost completely unknown and unprecedented when Geoship started in 2014. The JOBS act of 2016, opened the floodgates for equity-based crowdfunding, which Bierschenk says is “the obvious choice for purpose- driven multi-stakeholder companies.” Until then, early-stage investing was limited to select accredited investors and Venture Capital firms. In 2018, this revolution in capitalism continued, when Brian Chesky wrote a letter to shareholders declaring that Airbnb would serve multiple stakeholders. VC’s are also taking notice, as Jim Breyer, the VC who first invested in Facebook, just invested in Goodmoney, a similarly modeled company that just raised $34M to disrupt banking. Mark Benioff, the founder/CEO of SalesForce, recently announced that capitalism as we know it is dead and the multi-stakeholder world is coming.


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  • Geoship first entered the mainstream housing discussion in 2019 when they partnered with Zappos to help address the homelessness crisis around its downtown Vegas headquarters. Geoship, Zappos, and other partners aim to demonstrate a scalable model now, working toward transcending homelessness across the nation by 2030. These types of ground breaking projects and regenerative villages are what Geoship domes are intended to inspire.

    In addition to a new business model, and a multi-decade romance with “Bucky Domes,” potential buyers and investors are excited about a number of the Geoship home’s advantages. These include:

    ALL-CERAMIC COMPOSITES Bioceramic domes bypass all conventional building materials. The framing, insulation, and panels are 100% bioceramic composite materials. The ceramic is entrained with air to make insulation. The ceramic is combined with basalt and hemp fiber to form the panels and framing.

    AFFORDABLE Estimated go-to-market turnkey prices will be $45K to $230K (depending on size). This price estimate includes everything: delivery, permitting, installation, mechanical systems, interior finishing, appliances, and even electrochromic glass for privacy and passive solar heating/cooling. Bioceramic domes are a mass production technology that enables the leap onto a new affordability curve.

    RESILIENT Ceramic composites are fireproof to 2,300F. They provide no food for mold or insects. The dome structure distributes stresses and strains perfectly, making it the most earthquake-proof and hurricane- proof structure known to man. Bioceramic domes are engineered to last for over 500 years. There is nothing to rot, rust, or deteriorate. They can be repaired and resurfaced with the same ceramic material.

    ZERO-CARBON The precast ceramic panels could actually sequester more CO2 than was released in their production. The raw minerals can be harvested from seawater desalination plants, sewage treatment plants, and other non-toxic waste stream sources. Old bioceramic panels can be recycled into new bioceramic panels, or pulverized and used as fertilizer.

    NATURE TECHNOLOGY The chemical composition of GEOSHIP bioceramic is similar to bone and shells. The same material is now revolutionizing the orthopedic industry as fast- cure bioactive bone cement. Ancient civilizations used similar ceramic materials to build sacred temple complexes like the great pyramids of Giza.

    HEALTH OPTIMIZING Bioceramic domes mimic the natural light, water, and electromagnetic environment. The design uses earthing floors, natural spectrum light, and vortex water to restore the conditions that humans evolved with on Earth. The high dielectric ceramics and fractal geometry function like a stone circle or a pyramid. Bioceramics reflect >80% of radiant heat and emit high far-infrared light. Professional athletes are now using bioceramic powders in clothing because the far-infrared light catalyzes the body’s natural healing process.

    “A revolution in safe,

    sustainable, affordable

    community architecture.”

    “The domes are built from

    bioceramic—a sturdy,

    recyclable material that

    offsets CO2.”

    “Are these fireproof,

    hurricane-proof geodesic

    domes the post-climate

    change house of the future?”

    “Homes For The



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  • In addition to these amazing and timely benefits, investors should note that homebuilding is ripe for modernization, and Geoship is an early adopter for a product that has an enthusiastic and growing niche market. Additionally, the company boasts a strong team and partnerships – the founding crew has deep experience in human-centered design, CNC mold making, and green ceramic manufacturing. Geoship is dedicated to a revolution in affordable regenerative village architecture — to reconnect human communities and the natural world.

    Geoship enters the market as a visionary community building brand. It partners with corporations and cities to transcend homelessness — generating awareness for its evolutionary technology and business model. Geoship serves ecologically and spiritually focused customers who envision a world that works for 100% of humanity. Their ultimate market is affordable regenerative homes in next-generation communities around the world. For those excited by Geoship’s mission and would like to join the Geoship journey, please visit

    For more information on Geoship, please see For media needs, please contact Susan von Seggern on or 213-840-0077.

    “We are called to be architects of the future,

    not its victims.” ~ R. Buckminster Fuller

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