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<ul><li><p>PRESS RELEASE </p><p>Concession agreement signature for </p><p>Container Terminal 3 (CT3) of the port of Casablanca </p><p>Through the construction and concession of the third terminal, the entire port </p><p>container traffic transit has been further enhanced. The new terminal, with 14 </p><p>meters depth will be a key milestone in the capacity of the container terminal at the </p><p>port of Casablanca, which will be able to receive new generation container ships. </p><p>The placement of this terminal was finalised by signing the relevant concession </p><p>documents, under the presidency of the Minister of Equipment and Transport Mr. </p><p>Aziz RABBAH Monday, February 4th, 2013. </p><p>At the Ministry of Equipment and Transport, Mr. Aziz RABBAH chaired on February </p><p>4th the ceremony of signing of Container Terminal 3 (TC3) of the port of Casablanca </p><p>concession agreement between the National Agency on the Ports and Port Operating </p><p>Company (Marsa Maroc). </p><p>The concession of the terminal was a two-step process led by ANP. A first step in the </p><p>form of a call for interest (AMI) was a resounding success. A second stage involved the </p><p>tender itself, started with five selected suppliers following the first phase ie bidders: The </p><p>Port Operating Company (Marsa Maroc), SOMAPORT / COMANAV / TERMINAL </p><p>LINK consorsium, Hutchison Port Holdings, DP World and "Grup TCB-SNI </p><p>consorsium." </p><p>As a result of this process, the concession of the new terminal was awarded to Marsa </p><p>Maroc in accordance with the tender regulation and their offer in particular in terms of </p><p>financial contributions that include 1.5 billion dirhams as a right to operate, an annual </p><p>fixed fee of 20 million dirhams and a variable fee guaranteed for the first twelve years </p><p>ranging from 27 to 85 million dirhams annually. </p><p>The reasoning behind the chosen scheme by ANP for the realization and distribution of </p><p>this project is not only to comply with 15-02 law but also enable investment risk sharing </p><p>between the licensing authority and the future operator. </p><p>Indeed, ANP has mobilized a 650 million dirhams envelope for container </p><p>terminal infrastructure, whereas the operator will carry out the investments related to </p><p>equipment and superstructures of the terminal. </p><p>Ultimately, this terminal will be equipped by four gantry cranes, 13 yard gantry cranes, </p></li><li><p>19 tractors, 2 reach stackers and a scanner for containers control. </p><p>With the implementation of this new terminal featuring a dock of approximately 529 </p><p>linear meters with a depth ranging from 12 m to 14 m and about 30 ha of quayside </p><p>surfaces, the processing capacity of the port of Casablanca will yearly reach 1.6 million </p><p>TEU (Twenty Feet Equivalent Unit, i.e. a standard container in 2015 instead of 1 million </p><p>TEUs / year currently. </p><p>The Container Terminal 3 (TC3) will make it possible to anticipate the saturation of </p><p>current terminals of the port of Casablanca, originally scheduled for 2015-2016, </p><p>according to the forecast traffic adopted in the port strategy on the horizon 2030. </p></li></ul>


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