presenting graph and chart. introducing our presentation i’d like to refer to the first graph if...

Download Presenting Graph and Chart. Introducing our presentation I’d like to refer to the first graph If we have a look at this graph If I could direct your attention

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Presenting Graph and ChartIntroducing our presentationId like to refer to the first graph If we have a look at this graphIf I could direct your attention to the graphLooking at the graph on the screenId like to discuss the graph of Id like to explain our total sale this semester.

Describing graphsrose steadily

a marked increaselevelled offa dramatic dropa significant increase

Words (nouns and verbs) for describing trendsan increase a risea climban improvement an upturn

a decreasea falla declinea worseninga downturnto increaseto riseto climbto improve

to decreaseto fallto declineto worsenexamplesThere was an improvement in the figures for April.The figures for April have improved.There has been a decline in sale since June.Sales in June have decline.Words (adj and adv) for describing trendsbigsignificantmarked massivepronouncedsubstantial

A lotsignificantlymarkedlymassivelypronouncedlysubstantiallyWords (adj and adv) for describing trendssmallslightinsignificanta bit, a littleslightlyinsignificantly Words (adj and adv) for describing trendsfastsharpdramaticsuddenquicklysharplydramaticallysuddenlyWords (adj and adv) for describing trendsSlowSteadyModerate

slowlysteadily moderately ExerciseThere was a dramatic in sales.There was a steady rise in sales.There was a significant fall in sales.There was a slight recovery in sales.Sales increased dramaticallyDescribing causedue toA consequence of Because ofA result ofThe drop in sales is due to an interest rate rise.The drop in sales is a consequence of an interest rate rise.

Other phrases for describing trendsbottomed out/reached their lowest level

experienced a sharp increasePronounced drop represent(s) account(s) for make(s) up


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