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  • 1. Presentation of our projectNautilus Quest

2. The project will be developed though literature, inparticular through marine myths and legends ornarrative pieces and lyrics . They will be presentedtranslated, illustrated and hopefully well come up withan e-magazine. 3. Art, Classical Languages (Latin & Greek), CrossCurricular, Foreign Languages, Informatics / ICT,Language and Literature 4. English 12-15 5. e-mail, powerpoint, video, pictures and drawings,Twinspace,web 2.0 tools : tripadvisor, glogster, vokis, padlet, kizoaphotopeach, toondoo, web publishing 6. Our first step is to select , organize and familiarize ourstudents with the e-twinning project and the ICT toolsthey can use to present themselves to their partners.They will have the opportunity to share their thoughtsabout the project and communicate their interests.Afterwards, we will select, translate and exchangepieces of literature ,prose and /or poetry of our countryand students may come up with their own poeticcreations ,illustrate them with their drawings and putmusic to them. 7. Moreover , the students will collaborate to produce acommon story based on a sea topic they will decide on andillustrate it too. The material produced through this projectcan be presented in an e- magazine or blog. 8. The students are expected to present their work in aweb-blog entitled , Nautilus Quest Improved use of students ICT skills andcommunication for both teachers and students withother European people. Enriched knowledge of their own and their partnerscultural and historical background. Presentation of the project to the public community