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1. by Jakub afrnek 2. Teachers open thedoor. You enter byyourself. 3. We havea problem 4. Not only thetelephonetapping 5. ObsahZkladn informace o SASuPorovnn SASu a ExceluNvaznost SASu a ExceluShrnutZdroje3.2.2013 3MA3815 6. m-Commerce m-Commerce lze chpat jako kadvyuit mobilnch technologi pro styk sobchodnmi partnery Klovou technologi pro m-Commerce jeGSM (Global system for MobileCommunications)3.2.2013 7. Client case example service operations excellenceSituation McKinseys role Impact System description Launched 3-month service Immediate reduction in $1.6 billion non-profit operations effort targeted onnumber of delayed cases academic health carethe end-to-end care processfrom 21% to 5% system(ER, OR, ICU, impatient Network of 35 memberunits) Immediate reduction in hospitals Detailed impact of variability number of cancelled Over 6,000 physicians and and mix of demand on cases from 8% to 90%) Maximize capacity across outcomes and 21% of surgery casesthe entire end to endsatisfaction delayed process 8% of surgeries cancelled Instituted evidence based Eliminated delays for Growth aspirations likely totreatment plans for common radiology and ancillary cause additional pressure diseases testing by staffing Ensure that the right according to demand Objectivespatient is in the right bed Liberate effective capacity receiving the right care at Developed foundation to Reduce delays and the right timeleverage new skills in cancelled surgeriespayor negotiations 8 8. Key focus areas by workstreamWorkstream 1 Workstream 2 Workstream 3 Workstream 4 Design and facilitateImplement targeted Define and launch newBuild up KFSH&RCs strategic planning operationalservices/ businesses change management processimprovementscapabilities Internal diagnostic of Launch Evaluate On-the-job training of KFSH&RCs implementation of attractiveness andKFSH&RC staff clinical, administrativ selected quick winfeasibility of new e, and reputation services/businesses Training workshops Operational on healthcare and performance that can generate performance functional topics additional income for External diagnostic assessment that assesses key KFSH&RC Outline of the key Identification of Clinicalrequirements to local, regional, and improvement Researchestablish an internal international market areas Ancillary healthcare trends and Other consultancy and an KFSH&RC current Definition of positioning performance Provide a framework implementation plan for assessing future targets Definition of business ideas mission, vision, and Action plan for KPIsimplementation Focus areas and priorities for KFSH &RC moving forward Implementation roadmap 9 9. 3.2.2013 Profil spolenosti a zkladn fakta Dlouhodob napjat vztahy s akcioni aloba akcion pro poruen zkona, ke ktermu mlo dojt v roce 1996pi naven zkladnho jmn spolenost Bass, kter mla mt povinnostnavrhnout odkup ostatnch, veejn obch. akci. V roce 1999 pedstavenstvo nesplnilo povinnosti stanoven v 193 (1)zkona . 513/1991 Sb. R, Obchodn zkonk Pedstavenstvo svol valnou hromadu bez zbytenho odkladu pot, cozjist, e celkov ztrta spolenosti na zklad jakkoliv etn zvrky doshlatakov ve, e pi jejm uhrazen z disponibilnch zdroj spolenosti byneuhrazen ztrta doshla poloviny zkladnho kapitlu nebo to lze s ohledemna vechny okolnosti pedpokldat Zatajovn negativnho trendu vvoje hospodaen spolenosti 10 10. Disengagedfrom theaudience 11. Notebooks, cellphones and Facebook they are simply closer. 12. One more bulletpoint and Illshoot 13 13. The Processa road to be taken 14. Vision trumps allothersenses. 15. Rule of thumbPrimary Oral 10% 3,5xPrimary Visual 35%6,5xPrimary Oraland Visual 65% 16. #1 Brainstorm 17. #2 Identifythe Core 18. #3 Build Structure 19. #4 Sketch visuals 20. #5 Storyboard on thecomputer 21. Content isthe King 22. rememberSUCCESs 23. Simple 24. unexpected 25. Concrete 26. Credible 27. Emotional 28. TechnicalGoodies 29. Always usea presenter. 30. Always 31. Use the B key 32. B for black 33. For your nextpresentation packthree things. 34. Presentatio Notes Handoutn 35. Presentatio Notes Handoutn 36. Presentatio Notes Handoutn 37. Free Handout 38. Make a changeStart a revolutionGO 39. Photos Archiv prezentac, to:. byy jneuberger, let me iN by27147,