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  • 1. OBJECTIVES: to use correct preposition in asentence. to construct sentences using theprepositions.

2. Objects 3. The cat is under the table.OBJECT NOUN PREPOSITIONS 4. AboutBeforeFrom OnUnderAboveBehindIn Out WithAfterBeneath Into OverAmongBesideLike ThroughAround Between Near ToAlongByOf UpAt DownOffUpon 5. Notice that You can have a prepositional phrase. PREPOSITION OBJECT A prepositional phrase can function as: ADVERBADJECTIVE NOUN 6. 7. ADVERBThe girl was running under the rain. 8. Choose the correct preposition from the word list belowto ll in the blanks for each sentence.=============================================================over intoat behind besideunder byfrombetween uponontonearin opposite aroundduring outside of throughwithouttoward untilamongbeforeacrossafteralongforwith as============================================================1. I ride my bicycle to work, all the way _____ the mountain.2. The sign says, "Please dont sit _____ the grass."3. He ran as fast as he could _____ catch the bus.4. Be careful you dont fall _____ the stairs. They are ver y steep!5. It began to rain, so we all ran _____ the house. 9. 6. He gave us directions and suggested we drive about 5 miles _____ the sunset, then tur n left _____ we reach the town _____ Highlands.7. We cant get _____ the concer t hall _____ our tickets. Someone _____ our group will need to go back _____ the hotel to get them.8. The United States of America is located _____ Canada and Mexico.9. Lets have a picnic _____ the lake. The water is so war m that we could jump _____ and go _____ a swim. Lets wait _____ we eat though.10. If you go _____ the bridge, you will be _____ a differentcountr y!