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  • 1. Preliminary Sketches We created these sketches before filming our Preliminary Task, to guide us through each scene. We drew up eight sketches of the beginning of each shot, so it was clear to us where to set the video recorder and to ensure we followed the 180 degree rule.

2. First Scene Duration: 7.3 seconds Shot: Establishing shot Description: Walks down corridor and walks through double doors. Zoom in as she walks forward. 3. Second Scene Duration: 5 seconds Shot: Long shot Description: Film from other side of double doors as the girl walks into the class room. Follow the camera round as she moves. 4. Third Scene Duration: 9 seconds Shot: Close up shot as she walks into the room. Description: Girl walks through the door, shoot a quick close up and then zoom onto bad character hiding by the wall. 5. Fourth Scene Duration: 12 secondsShot: Long shot Description: Bad character walks over to the girl on the computer and pushes her aggressively against the wall. 6. Fifth Scene Duration: 2.5 secondsShot: Over the shoulderDescription: Girl is asking why me?! 7. Sixth Scene Duration: 2.5 secondsShot: Over the shoulderDescription: Filmed over the shoulder as they speak. 8. Seventh Scene Duration: 6 secondsShot: Two shot Description: Showing the two people in the shot-linking them to one another, talking over the table. 9. Eighth Scene Duration: 5 secondsShot: Two shot Description: The bad character is strangling the girl as she tries to struggle out.