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  • 1. Long-term goals: What should the account look like in 1-3years? How do we measure success? Goals provide direction Improvement in ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) Growing market share in emerging markets

2. Account StructureKeywordsReports AnalysisTestingQuality ScoreBidManagement 3. Structuring of campaigns to achieve Norgen Express business goals. Campaign organisation can determine the success or failure of your PPCgoals. Account Structure Campaigns and Ad Groups How is the account segmented into different campaigns and Ad Groups? Based on the products? Based on performance and bidding? Based on geographical location? (is Adwords the best platform forcertain campaigns? E.G In China , Adchina and madhouse are theleading Ad networks. 4. Account Campaign Ad GroupAd Copy Keywords Placements 5. Account ValvesActuatorsPressure SwitchesVacuum Fittings CampaignCampaign CampaignCampaignCampaign Round-line Vacuum Pumps Valve IslandsMechanicalTubing & HosesCylinders Ad Words Ad GroupPressure Switches Ad GroupAd Group Ad GroupCompact Subase Valves VacuumActuators ElectronicAccessories Cups & Bellows Ad GroupPressureAd Group Ad Group Switches Ad Words Ad Group 6. Multiple campaigns for location targeting Using different keywords, ad copy or landing pages in differentgeographies. Bidding types if you want an account to utilise multiple biddingstrategies each bidding type must have its own campaign. Ad scheduling segmenting for different regions. Does it suit our KPI and PPC Goals ? Is it easy to manage ? Continuously review and improve our campaigns 7. Keyword ResearchValvesSafety ValvesAwarenessPressure limits for safety valvesResearchPressure and temperature limits for safety valves Press safety valve thatDecision/ conforms to Code En 692ShoppingPress safety ValvePurchase 24932008002400 8. Spyfu offers keyword tools suitable forPPC and SEO with a emphasis onkeywords competitors are using.Experian Hitwise search intelligence toolsprovides paid search insights. The searchterm sequence report shows queries thatoccur before and after a selected keyword.Wordstream touts its new Pause KeywordAlerts, weekly updates that tell you thekeywords to pause for better campaignperformance. 9. Quality MaximumAd Rank ScoreCPC 10. Max Bid times quality score equals Ad rank and Ad Rank determines Ad Position. Highest Ad Rank = Highest Ad Position and the better the Ad position the higher the CTR which improves quality score even further (the QS virtuous Cycle) Max Bidx Quality =Ad Rank AdScorePositionAdvertiser 1 4 x 1 =4 SidebarAdvertiser 2 3 x 3 =9 2Advertiser 3 2 x 6 =121Advertiser 4 1 x 8 =8 3 11. LandingClick ThruPage Rate Relevancy Quality Score 12. Ways to improve CTR, Relevancy and Landing Pages Adding An Extension Call extensions, Product Extensions etc Add site link Extended headlines Invest in Brand name keywords Remove poorly performing match types Making sure your messaging matches the queries youre driving Improve Ad copy and test ads to ensure maximum success Focus on global different - local dialects Make sure content is relevant and original Is the site easy to navigate? 13. Enable the searcher to navigate to other Navigationsections of your website if they do not find what they are looking for on the landing page.Spiderability Can the adsbot-google and the googlebot find and read your landing pages? RelevanceYour landing page must reflect the keyword or its general theme.TransparencyTell the searcher what you will do with their private information 14. The sole purpose of your page headline is to communicateHeadlineyour core value proposition. You need to add some powerful imagery or video thatHero Shot shows off your product. Bad (feature based) Our powerful new batteryBenefit Statements Better (benefit based) Our new battery means less charging Call-To-ActionIs the CTA the main focus of our landing pages? Trust IndicatorsExamples client testimonials, customer logos 15. CTABenefitsHeroShotTrust Indicators? 16. Click perconversion?Profit per conversion /What is theDesired ROAS) xbidding strategy ? (Conversion rate)Does it match our= Max CPCgoals? For best results bid prices should be monitored, analysed and adjusted daily to maximise ROI. 17. Max Bid times quality score equals Ad rank and Ad Rank determines Ad Position. Highest Ad Rank = Highest Ad Position and the better the Ad position the higher the CTR which improves quality score even further (the QS virtuous Cycle) Max Bidx Quality =Ad Rank AdScorePositionAdvertiser 1 4 x 1 =4 SidebarAdvertiser 2 3 x 3 =9 2Advertiser 3 2 x 6 =121Advertiser 4 1 x 8 =8 3 18. Quality MaximumAd Rank ScoreCPC 19. Targeting Option How it Works Google evaluates all the keywords in aContextual (Automatic placements display ad group and places your adson websites that match this theme Select the specific sites where youManaged Placementswant your ads to run Targets your ads to websites that Topicsinclude content about topics youselect. Targets your ads to users with specific Interest Categories interests based on websites they visit. 20. Attribution Modelling 21. ReportingDaily, weekly, Automated Scripts formonthly alerts reports 22. Software 23. Account StructureKeywordsReports AnalysisTestingQuality ScoreBidManagement 24. Planning and executing a SEO campaign to improvevisibility within the major search engines to in turn driverelevant traffic to Norgen Expesss. 25. Technical SEOBestPracticeSEOOff- PageOn-Page SEOSEO 26. Accessibly DuplicateSite Speed Content Rel=Caanonical TechnicalIssues Domain/SubHTTPDomains Issues Error pages 27. Tracking andfixing URLerrors canimprove overallranking 28. Broken links, ordered by link: http://cdn.norgren.com/pdf/82400_NL.pdf error code: 404 (not found), linked from page(s): http://store.norgren.com/be/nl/list/ventielen/poortafmeting-is-g1/werking-is-2_2 http://store.norgren.com/be/nl/list/ventielen/proces-ventielen/poortafmeting-is-g3_4 http://store.norgren.com/be/nl/list/ventielen/spanning-is-230vws/4/10 http://store.norgren.com/be/nl/detail/ventielen/poortafmeting-is-g1/werking-is-2_2/8240400910123050/indirect-bediende-membraanventielen http://store.norgren.com/be/nl/list/ventielen/poortafmeting-is-g1/medium-is-neutrale-gassen-en-vloeistoffen http://store.norgren.com/be/nl/list/ventielen/poortafmeting-is-g3_4/model-reeks-is-82400 http://store.norgren.com/be/nl/list/ventielen/poortafmeting-is-g1/werking-is-2_2/beschermingsklasse-is-ip65 29. Keyword Research Valves Safety ValvesAwareness Pressure limits for safetyvalvesResearch Pressure and temperaturelimits for safety valvesDecision/ Press safety valve thatShoppingconforms to Code En692 Press safety ValvePurchase Can we rank24932008002400organically globally? 30. Keyword Difficulty Report 31. On- Page Optimisation 32. Using Structured Mark-up toIncrease CTR Having rich snippets in theSERPs can massively improveCTR 33. Off Page SEO 34. Building/Earning contextual relevant links onwell trusted/high traffic sites to improveNorgren Express domain/URL authority withthe leading search engines 35. Link Building 36. Build Traffic andAwarenessSocial signal effectsearch engine rank Use of API can have massive results 37. Driving Global Traffic 38. Technical SEOBestPracticeSEOOff- PageOn-Page SEOSEO 39. AccountTechnical StructureSEOKeywordsReports AnalysisBestPracticeSEOTestingQuality Score Off- On-Page Page SEO SEOBid Management