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<ul><li>Slide 1</li></ul> <p>PowerPoint Slideshows How to Create a GREAT Presentation Slide 2 Backgrounds Format the backgrounds of your slides; Your background should be related to your project and theme; You have the options to use built in Backgrounds (from template) Or for colours: Right Click Format Background Slide 3 Text Using bullets is ideal when creating a power point presentation You want to keep your information simple to read; it should trigger in your memory what you want to say Use at least a size 22 font, although in some fonts that may be too small. Slide 4 Text Continued Try to keep your slides looking uniform its adds to the professional look of your presentation Decide on 1 to 3 fonts you will use throughout your show, do the same for sizes and colours. Using too many different fonts, sizes and colours will look crazy!!! Slide 5 Pictures Insert pictures that relate to you topic or theme: Slide 6 Animation You can animate your slide text or pictures by going to: Animations Tab Clicking on the Animations drop down list will show a list of all animations Highlight the text or click the object you wish to animate, and select which animation type you want. Be careful not to over animate!!! Slide 7 Customizing your Animation You will have the options to animate an objects Entrance Emphasis Exit Motion Path Slide 8 Animation Options Other animation options you can control: The speed of the animation; The direction; Whether it is activated by a click of the mouse, after the previous object, or with the previous object; and the timing. Slide 9 Advanced Animation and Timing Options Timing Options Advanced Animation Slide 10 Transitions Transitions can be added in between slides to increase the visual impact of your slideshow. Transitions can be added by going to: Transitions Tab You can preview all of the transitions that are available in the Transition to This Slide group in the Ribbon. You can change the timing, add sounds or apply the same transition to all slides here. Slide 11 Transitions Slide 12 Just Remember to All of these changes will help you to create effective and dynamic slideshow presentations. Just remember to: Keep it simple; Dont over crowd your slides or over animate; Maintain a central theme in style and formatting; Be creative and HAVE FUN! </p>