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The only site survey tool to figure out solar and/or wind energy capability at a chosen location. Vital before deciding on whether to install wind or solar generating equipment.


  • 1. Power Predictor 2.0The next Generation ...

2. What does it do? Measures wind speed and direction Measures solar irradiance Stores data in a weatherproof data logger Produces a detailed report Recommends turbines and solar panels Gives a complete financial breakdown Answer all the important questions 3. Who buys a Power Predictor? Anyone considering investment in R.E. Education establishments to use as a teaching aid Government departments looking to meetsustainability targets Corporate organisations seeking to reduce energycosts Farmers who are considering large RenewableEnergy investments Wind and Solar resellers wanting to add credibilityto their sales activity Anyone who thinks we pay too much for Energy 4. The Power Predictor 2.0 Wind Direction Vane PV Solar Sensor3 Cup AnemometerWeatherproof Data Logger 5. How does it work? The device measures and records data Upload the data to our website Activate the 12 month software licence View your existing data in graphical form View predicted cost savings and power generation Select an accredited wind turbine or solar array View a full financial report for your chosen equipment Request a formal quotation from an approved installer 6. What do you see? On the following pages you will see samplescreen shots form the software. You will see Wind data in graphical form Solar data in graphical form Wind direction in graphical form 7. Your wind data as a graph 8. Your solar data as a graph 9. Your predominant wind direction 10. What else can I see? Using the data from your site we can alsoproduce a comprehensive range of financialreports that include:- Total installation costs Pay back time Money saved Money earned from Government schemes Return on Investment Much much more 11. We show you a wide range of options 12. We calculate your energy usage 13. We calculate your savings and income 14. We calculate your payback time 15. How flexible is it? The software is designed so that you canproduce a report that is relevant to your site Information you put in about your site isused in formulating the reports The software takes into accountinternational variations of electricity costsetc Being Web based software it is constantlybeing updated and improved 16. Is it really that easy? YES The Power Predictor 2.0 is designed withsimplicity in mind. Install Collect data Upload data Read reports and make your decision If you can think of a way to make it any easierplease let us know