potash for turmeric ( curcuma longa in . potash for turmeric (curcuma longa) in inceptisols....

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  • Potash for turmeric (Curcuma longa)

    in Inceptisols.

    Annamalai University, India

    International Potash Institute,


  • Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is a

    tropical rhizomatous crop

    cultivated most extensively in

    India, followed by Bangladesh,

    China, Thailand, Cambodia,

    Malaysia, and Indonesia.

    Turmeric has a high demand for

    potassium and yield production

    generally responds to increased

    soil fertility. The quantity of

    fertilizers required by the crop

    depends on the variety selected, as

    well as soil and prevailing weather

    conditions during crop growth.

  • *Potassium is a vital nutrient for turmeric as it

    1. Ensures higher rhizome yield by

    • Increasing tillers,

    • Primary and secondary rhizomes and

    • Weight of rhizomes

    *Potash fertilized turmeric plant * No potash

  • 2. Enriches quality of rhizomes (higher curcumin content).

    * Potash fertilized

    steamed turmeric

    rhizomes exhibiting

    yellow colour.

  • 3. Reduces severity of pests and diseases attacks.

  • Potash use on turmeric

    • Turmeric is a heavy feeder of nutrients

    • Increasing rates of potassium application had a positive and

    significant effect on fresh rhizome yield

    • Field experiment exhibited that potash application at 260 kg ha-1

    over control (No Potash) resulted in a more than

    � 2.5 and 4 fold increase in yield of cured rhizomes and

    curcumin content

    � Registering potassium uptake of rhizome @ 151 kg ha- 1

  • * Potash applied K6 (260 kg ha -1

    ) No potash –K1

    * Images of IPI- AU research project on turmeric by Dr.P.K.Karthikeyan

    Potash recommendations for turmeric crop.

    Muriate of potash (MOP) which

    has 60 percent potash content is

    good source of potassium for

    turmeric crop. Application of

    potash fertilizers 260 kg ha -1

    , 120

    kg of N ha -1

    (urea), 50 kg P2O5 ha -1

    (superphosphate), 5kg ZnSO4ha -1


    and 5 kg Fe SO4 ha -1

    along with farm yard manure @ 25 t ha -1

    is a

    good practice on Inceptisols.

  • IPI - India, Coordination

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    E-mail: ipi@ipipotash.org


    Dr.P.K.Karthikeyan and Dr.M.Ravichandran

    Department of Soil Science and Agricultural chemistry

    Faculty of Agriculture

    Annamalai University

    Tamil Nadu, India

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    E-mail: karthikeyanpk@dr.com


    Annamalai University, India

    International Potash Institute,



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