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  • Designing and implementing a secure portal for the departments alumni3 Implementation2 Design4 Conclusion1 Introduction1.2 Work Breakdown Structure

    2.1 Entity Relationship Diagram

    Department ofCommunication Systems5 References6 AcknowledgementsDesigning and implementing a secure portal for the Departments alumni. This will enable alumni to be kept updated and update us on latest developments, e.g. new courses, job moves and various career opportunities. There will also be an area for sharing documents, e.g. new courses, modules etc.Student Name: Lee ChadwickSupervisor: Dr Lina FagooneeCourse: Communications & Computer Systemshttp://dcs-files2/~chadwicl/navigation.php2.2 Relational Schemacreate table memories (m_id int not null auto_increment, c_username varchar (32) not null, c_picture text not null, m_time varchar (32) not null, m_date varchar (32) not null, m_content text not null, primary key(m_id));

    create table news (n_id int not null auto_increment, n_title text not null, n_date varchar (32) not null, n_time varchar (32) not null, n_picture_picture text not null, n_content_brief text not null, n_content_full text not null, n_entered_by varchar(32) not null, n_entered_for varchar (32) not null, n_status varchar (32) not null, primary key (n_id));

    create table customer (cus_id int not null auto_increment, c_username varchar (32) not null, gender varchar (30) not null, DoB varchar (30) not null, c_nationality varchar (30) not null, gra_year varchar (30), e_mail varchar (50) not null, c_password varchar (32) not null, c_picture text not null, primary key(cus_id));

    create table administrator (a_id int not null primary key auto_increment, a_username varchar(32) not null, a_password varchar(32), email varchar(40));3.1 SQL Tables3.3.2 View Archived News (Alumni)3.4.2 View Users (Administrator)3.3.1 View/Add Memories (Alumni)

    1.3 GANTT Chart

    3.4.1 Login (Administrator)3.3.4 Login (Alumni)3.3.5 Member Navigation (Alumni)3.2 Home PageMcGlinn, J. (2005) Password Hashing [online] last accessed August 2006 at URL (2006) Hiding PHP [online] last accessed29 May 2007 at URL (2006) Database Security [online] last accessed 29 May 2007 at URL, D. (2006) PHP Security Mistakes [online] last accessed 29 May 2007 at URL, P. (2005) Top 7 PHP Security Blunders [online] last accessed 29 May 2007 at URL The project involved many stages which included Project Planning, Design of System, Project Execution, Evaluation and Testing.This poster illustrates some of the key features.3.3.3 New Register (Alumni)3.3.6 View Current News (Alumni)Used a combination of PHP, MySQL and Apache to provide a solution to implement the required system.

    Used header files and CSS to give the whole site the same look and feel.

    Used MD5 (Message Digest 5) for encryption.

    Used sessions to access details and methods provided by the portal.

    Used PHP as opposed to HTML to hide source code.

    Created database files in MySQL and made use of an Apache server.

    A special thanks to Dr Lina Fagoonee my supervisor for all her help and support throughout my time working on this project. From start to finish she has been an inspiration, guided me in the right direction and given me all the help and support I have needed.

    Thanks to Dr Hassan Ahmed, Lynne Drake, Dr Phil Benachour and Omer Rashid. I would also like to thank all my family and friends.Many people have been involved in the completion of this project whether it has been in a direct and/or an indirect sense. All their help and support has been amazing and I can not thank people enough for that.3.4.3 Insert News (Administrator)Because the project was a follow on from a Master Students work there were various aspects in the design of the system which needed to be addressed.In the end the database was redesigned. The use of programming in MySQL and PHP was maintained.Special care was taken In defining the tables for the database. Data entities and their types were chosen carefully so that they matched the requirements of the project. The project worked well and met the majority of the aims in regards to Definition of Project, Major Deliverables, Statement of Requirements and Critical Success Factors. Administrators can effectively Add/Edit/Delete data with ease. The project has been enjoyable and rewarding in a sense of learning how to program in PHP and MySQL whilst learning important security aspects of both of these technologies.

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