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Analysis of agencies affecting transportation policy in Portland, OR


  • 1. Portland:A City of Sustainable PlanningWill KresicAdam PolinskiBrooks BrownThomas WamserDave Mellisy

2. Federal, State, & City GovtFederal: US Department of Transportation Statewide Planning and Research Regional Flexible FundsState: Oregon Department of Transportation Department of Land Conservation and Development Land Conservation and Development CommissionCity: Portland Bureau of Transportation Transportation System Plan (TSP) Portland DOTs Sustainability Plan 3. FederalStatewide Planning and Research (SPR) Managed by Oregons Transportation Development Division Funds provided and program approved Federally 2 Parts: transportation planning and research activities Provides policy and technical direction Provides data and information for comprehensive decision-makingRegional Flexible Funds Used to finance local and regional transportation priorities Funds distributed by Metro through the Metropolitan Transportation Improvement Program Covers Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington counties 4. StateEvolved major planning laws 1970s1973- Oregon Land Conservation andDevelopment Act creating the LCDC19 Statewide Planning Goals: urban growth boundaries wise use of urban land protection of natural resourcesRequires each city and county to adopt acomprehensive plan to be acknowledged bythe LCDC 5. CityPortland DOTs Sustainability Plan Created the Sustainable City Government Partnership All plans include:o A vision and mission statemento Summary of past and current sustainable practiceso A public communication strategy1998 Pedestrian Design Guide Portland Bureau of Transportation Maintains the investments in infrastructure facilities Aims to balance competing uses, complexity, age, and size of the transportation system withpedestrian needs 6. Portland Metro Areas Regional Government 7. Metro Transportation InitiativesSouthwest Corridor Plan and Powell-Division TransitDevelopment Projects Transportation development focused on connecting downtownPortland with growing suburbs 8. Metro Transportation InitiativesActive Transportation Plan Goals Increase access Promote walking and biking Increase travel choices Increase actual and perceived safety Reduce instance and cost of crashes Increase activity of the general public 9. Metro Transportation InitiativesClimate Smart Communities ProjectTask: Reduce per capita greenhouse gasemissions from cars and small trucks by20% from 2005-2035Goals: clean air and water, transportationchoices, healthy and equitablecommunities and a strong economy 10. Metro Transportation InitiativesClimate Smart Communities Scenarios ProjectVision Zero: making street safety a higher priority than travel speedKey Policies of Draft1. Make transit convenient, frequent, accessible and affordable2. Make biking and walking safe and convenient3. Make streets and highways safe, reliable and connected4. Use technology to actively manage the transportation system5. Provide information and incentives to expand use of travel options6. Manage parking to make efficient use of land and parking spaces 11. Metro Development PlanUrban Growth Boundary - limits expansion of metro areaOutside UGB: Rural Reserves 12. Metro Development PlanUrban Growth Boundary - limits expansion of metro areaOutside UGB: Rural Reserves Urban Reserves 13. Metro Development PlanUrban ReservesRural ReservesDelegated toState Gov. LandConservation &Devel. Cmmte. 14. Urban Growth Management- Metro law mandates that municipalitiesmaintain or increase housing stock- Current Portland Metro boundaries cansupport twice the current population 15. Filling the GapsVacant land inPortland 16. Filling the GapsPotentialRedevelopmentSites 17. Filling the GapsT.O.D. SubsidyFor projects which: Increase ridershipof transit Increase density Increase access Reduce parkingper capita 18. TriMet: The Product of the Plan 19. TrailblazingTransit Innovative approach High quality service Long-term vision 20. Non-GovernmentOrganizations 21. Bike Portland Online blog for biking advocacy and news Created in response to a vibrant bikingcommunity #1 biking blog in the world (London Cyclist 2009) Founder/editor = Jonathan Maus Useful features for users:o Ask BikePortland Q&Ao Forums & podcasts Stolen bike listings 22. Oregon Walks Pedestrian advocacy group Explains benefits of walking to citizens Database of citys walking groups Programs to make walking safer such as:o Crosswalk Actionso Safe Routes to School Puts forward legislationo Crosswalk Safety Bill (SB 424) in2011o Stop and Stay Stopped Law in 2003 23. Works CitedOregon Department of Land Conservation and Developmenthttp://www.oregon.gov/LCD/Pages/goals.aspxOregon Metro Government Library: Land Use ShelfUrban and Rural Reserves: http://www.oregonmetro.gov/urban-and-rural-reservesUrban Growth Management Functional Plan: http://www.oregonmetro.gov/urban-growth-management-functional-plan2014 Urban Growth Report, part of 2015 Management Decision: http://www.oregonmetro.gov/sites/default/files/2014-urban-growth-report-Revised-Draft-FINAL.pdfTransit Oriented Development Program: http://www.oregonmetro.gov/tools-partners/grants-and-resources/transit-oriented-development-programNon-Government Organizations:Bike Portland http://bikeportland.org/The Bicycle Story http://www.thebicyclestory.com/2013/04/jonathan-maus/Oregon Walks http://oregonwalks.org/