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<p> 1. Industrial Design Portfolio 2. 3d modeling Product rendering animation ms office 2d design languages flags from www.nordicfactory. 3 Skills 3. Chiron is an exoskeleton, which helps caregivers lift their cli- ents, by actively supporting their arms. Chiron is being de- veloped by a research group on TU Delft. The assignment was to design the arm supports of the exoskeleton. chiron exoskeleton 4. Adjustment to a wide range of arm sizes Fast and simple donning and doffing The design of the arm support was built on three ideas; sim- ple usage, perfect fit to a wide range of users and aesthetic appearance. 5. The project included research, concept development, design detailing in CAD software, building a prototype and testing the final design. chiron exoskeleton 6. A short concept design project done for Wilsonic Design. The task was to produce a futuristic redesign of the Bosch MaxxiMUM kitchen machine with an integrated smart chef and tablet. The outcome are two concepts with a different approaches to the future of kitchen appliances. Bosch mixer redesign 7. LED lightning Magnetic bowl holder Tablet holder Rubber flap LED lightning Touch sensitive display Gesture recognition cameras Speakers Induction plate for bowl heating Weighing scale Concept 1 Integration of a tablet computer and kitchen device in a minimal embodiment. Concept 2 High tech kitchen appliance con- cept with an integrated comput- er and advanced features. 8. FLYERFLYER AND MARKETING STRATEGY CONCEPT OF CHAIR ROLLOSED Rollosed was designed for the Italian national industrial design competition. The aim of compe- tition was to propose a most innovative and crazy idea for a new product which also has to be ecologically friendly. The design is a foldable chair which is possible to pack in to a small cylinder. The stiff wood- en bars withstand compres- sion forces and tension forces withstand the textile which is aligned along the whole chair. Beside chair we also had to pre- pare materials like flyers and write base marketing strategy. Flyer helps at remembering of product, because it folds like chair around your hand and you can read it after when they have time, because most of the peo- ple do not read flyers, but just throw them away. AK design FOLDABLE CHAIR 9. IMPROVED WEATHER RESISTANCE AND HOOLIGANS RESIST- FINAL LOOK OF BENCH WITH USEFUL LAPTOP TABLELJUBLJANAS BENCHES IDEATION In last few years Ljubljanas old city centre finally got attention of its mayor who started a reno- vation and revival of the sleepy centre. Amazed by the improvement of development of Ljubljana we also wanted to contribute with suggestions for better urban de- sign of the city. Our idea was to replace old shabby benches with contem- porary aluminium and wooden benches. Design of a bench is combination of sharp lines and dull crosses. Bench is weather resistent, cosy and clean so it could fulfil all the need of tired inhabitants. AK design NEW BENCH FOR LJUBLJANA 10. For Lutman design, a small de- sign studio based in Ljubljana, we worked on a variety of small projects featured in the next four pages. We helped with finalizing the fi- nal prototypes of the SWICH wi- reless charger. Lutman design got funding for the product on the crowdfunding web platform Kickstarter. We also helped with bringing the final product idea into realization trough manufacturing and as- sembly planning. We also designed the product manual for SWICH and helped developing the packaging, whi- ch adds a great deal to the final customer satisfaction. 11. We also developed a concept for including the wireless charger fe- atured in SWICH into a standing table. This was developed for the German manufacturer Officeplus GmbH from Rottweil-a. Our design also features impro- ved ergonomics, as well as addi- tional features, which would be handy in a smart table. OBSTOJEE MIZE 12. PlusMinus is simple and easy to use charger for electric vehicles. The tensioning mechanism keeps the cable straight at all times, preventing tangling. A visible LED strip shows the user, whether the charger is free and if the car is charging or full. The idea behind the concept is a cheap, prefabricated solution, which is easy to integrate in the facade. PLUSMINUS charging 13. AK design Few years ago I went excursion to the biggest aluminium manu- facturer in Slovenia which is big even in terms of European alu- minium industry. I was fascinat- ed by the big industrial complex , but a bit disappointed to see all production in shabby shape. This company has lack of prod- ucts with added value, so I made a proposition what could Talum produce wheels. Beside good design they need to establish trade mark, but all the produstion line they already have. Shape of the wheel is readble and not kitschy like many wheels on the market. This product could also adopt an- other, but much more successful company in Slovenia, Akrapovi. They could diverese and expand their core buissness with exhaust to other tuning parts. PROPOITION FOR NEW WHEELS FOR AKRAPOVIC OR TA- MODEL OF ONE BRANCH OF THE WHEEL WHEEL ak design 14. For advertising agency New Mo- ment I held presentation of Elec- trolux product Architect con- ncet which provides architects 3d models of Electroculx white goods. For the pourpuses of presentation I made renders of usual kitchen. AK design SKETCH FOR NEW KITCHEN ELECTROLUX PRESENTATION 15. Idea for concept car 2wheela I was developing for months. I made researches what will be problems of traffic and mobility in next 20 years. In all the developing countries population is growing faster then mobility infrastructure is being build and these countries already have huge traffic jams and chaos on roads. It is ex- pected that those problems will become even bigger around the world. Those facts made me think, that in the world we will need small- er cars, but sometimes practical as big ones. That brought me to idea of 2 cars in one. Every con- cept small car has only 2 wheels and they can be combined into minivan. So this car can adobt to the needs of average 4 persons family at any time. I explained all the mobility needs of family by a working day and weekend scenario. This concept could revolutionazie driving habits and family needs for the car. The technology for production of this vechicle al- ready exists the only thing we have to wait is that technology becomes more affortable. AK design 2wheela 16. AK design Stability of 2 wheela is provided by the stability controler simi- lar to the one in Segway. Pro- pel electric motors are at every wheel and they can produce en- ergy when braking. Entrance to the vehicle is from the front panthographic door and spacious interior provides simple sit down procedure as clasical sit down on to a dining chair. Styling of exterior of a car was inspired by paintings of Pablo Palazuelo. Judging feedbacks from the me- dia and people who saw concept I fulfilled many peoples dreams of how the future car should look like and what practical is- sues it has to solve to meet peo- ples needs. I hope some time in future we will be able to drive with such a car. 2wheela 17. ...weve seen a lot of interest- ing and rather eccentric designs over the years, but one such de- sign that has truly piqued our in- terest is Andrej Kregars 2Whee- la. DIGITAL TRENDS Tento talentovan slovinsk desi- gnr tentokrt nabdl nejen el- egantn dmysln linie vozu, ale pedevm fantastickou mylenku. Automobil standardn velikosti, kter je mon rozplit, a vytvoit z nj dv malik auta... MAXIDESIGN Talented Slovenian designer offered us elegent shape with sophisticated styling and great idea. Vehicle of standard size can be divided into two small cars... MAXIDESIGN PUBLISHED OVER THE WORLD CHINESE MAGAZINE DESIGN AND BUSINESS YANKO DESIGN 2wheela PUBLISHED IN 18. Mais cest aussi dun point de vue pratique que ce concept va marquer les esprits. GENTSIDE This concept has practical and it is worth of remembering. GENTSIDE The first of its kind, the 2Wheela is a concept vehicle that merges the practicality of super-compacts with the spa- ciousness of vans. Confused... Its actually 2 cars in 1. YANKO DESIGN This is the kind of out-of-the- box thinking that we need in or- der to overcome the numerous problems faced by our modern society... AUTOEVOLUTION AUTOEVOLUTION TAIWAN MAGAZINE CAR AND DRIVER SLOVENIAN AUTOBILD AND MAIN NEWSPAPER IN SLOVE- AK designAK design 2wheela PUBLISHED iN 19. AK design HEAD LIGHTS GRILL REAR LIGHTS BONE LINE EX-T-DESIGN MAT EVOLUTION OF CAR DESIGN COMPETITORS My first bigger autonomous project was for the Slovenian rubber floor mats manufacturer Gledring which required a new design for their successful T- design mats. This series of mats was designed more than 5 years ago and looked dated in the competitive and rapidly devel - oping car market. The idea was to make minimal changes to the design, but end up lookingrenewed and with contemporary styling. Design must not be too sporty, because costumers place these mats also in elegant cars. The basic guidelines for the new de - sign were that it should be con - servative, but contemporary. 20. AK design SECOND OPTION IMPROVED SYMETRY FORMS CHANGED FROM CIRCLE TO ELIPSE and to 3 DEGREE CRUVES The following layouts represent different possibilities of design improvements to the edges and a more contemporary look, while still following the car design fash- ion. 21. AK design IDEATION Sketching and looking for new edges styling. 22. AK design 23. AK design Final design of next genera - tion of car mats that kept all the atributes of old generation with new improvements. Small elements of part where driver leaves leg is design on base of finish flag look and has simbolic meaning of safe way to the des - tination or goal with this rubber mats. 24. AK design For Gledring I shooted short pres- entational clip for announcement of new generation of T design. 25. A concept design project done for Wilsonic Design with a tight deadline. The goal was to redesign the front lights of a bus, which Wil- sonic was designing for their cli- ent. The clients wish was to have lights similar to Audi cars. Therefore we took inspiration from Audi A8 and R8. Initial design by Wilsonic Inspiration: Audi A8 and R8 Fast concept sketches bus light redesign 26. Concept 1: Inspired by Audi R8, with a curved design Concept 2: Inspired by Audi A8, with an angular design Both concepts convey a serious, sporty look of the Audi brand, conveyed on a large and flat bus face. The first concept brings some playfulness with its curved lines, while the second shows complete confidence. CCooncept 2: Inspireded by AuAudii AA8, with an aangular design Concept 1: Inspired by Audi R8, with a curved design 27. WORKING AS A DESIGNER AT SEAWAY DESIGN I joined the design office of Sea- way group and have designed for almost all trademarks they own. My first bigger project was to make renders and a 3D model for J&amp;J design for their Timeless project. I worked on the design of small- er promotional materials. 28. SE NADALJU- JE 29. Fast computer sketches of the side view of the preliminary cat- amaran yacht. 30. I did the styling and minor mod- ifications to the deck plan and lower deck of Sunbeam 40. I also sketched the design solu- tions of railings, design of the front -end cabin and details of chamfers and styling of curves in cockpit. 31. We developed the graphic desi- gns for promotional material for the world premiere of new sa- ilboat models Shipman 59 and other promotional material for the Cannes Boat Show. We also prepared the promotio- nal material for the press conference at the unveiling of the new factory in Puconci. ZNAK ZA PREDSTAVITEV NOVEGA MODELA NA SEJMU OBLIKOVANJE NALEPK ZA PROMOCIJSKE PLASTENKE OBLIKOVANJE PROMOCIJKSI VREK 32. For the American company Ocean Alexander, we develo- ped Preliminary project OA 65 from the first sketch until the final render. The complete model and arran- ging of necessary equipment was done in a 3D model, which allows a fast and easy trasfer to manufacturing. 33. Our biggest project for Seaway was designing the new Ocean Class 57 model. Our main focus was on 3D modeling and detai- ling of the final shape. We also developed photo rea- listic renderings as well as the basic manufacturing files. The beginning of manufactu- ring was planned for August 2015. 34. LOADING... OPPORTUNITY FOR US TO MAKE NEW DESIGNS AND MAKE WORLD BETTER PLACE TO ENJOY LIFE </p>


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