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  • S A F I Y A Y A H A Y A

    P O RT F OL I O

  • S A F I Y A Y A H A Y A

    A R C H I T E C T U R A L D E S I G N ( B S C . H o n s . )

    S A F I Y A Y A H A Y A . S Q U A R E S P A C E . C O M

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    Seeming ly in my own wor ld o f dood les and drawings. I ve had a penc i l in my hands ince I was young. When I s ta r ted un ivers i t y I o r ig ina l l y had the idea o f go ing in to ar t & graph ic des ign. Then I d iscovered arch i tecture. I t was the per fect b lend o f a r t & eng ineer ing fo r me and I was hooked. A new way to show and share my pass ions.

    I do the work I do because I love i t . I l i ke the indust r y. I be l ieve arch i tecture shapes our communi t ies and has the power to def ine the way we l i ve as a soc ie ty. My a im is to be ab le to work on pro jects where I can tap in to my creat i ve energy and he lp be a par t o f shap ing today s fas t -paced wor ld.

    S. Yahaya

    S a f i y a Y a h a y a .

  • The selected photographs, drawings, and graphics which make up this portfolio are my original work and personal property.

    I attest that the information and documents contained in this portfolio are true and reflect the knowledge, skills and abilities I have acquired.

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    Kiosk2nd place Najah competition.

    HousingUrban + Mass housing project.

    ResumePersonal experience & skills.

    Urban RedevelopmentRe-imagining Dubai Creek.

    Wayfinding SystemA graphic design for a campus.

    Elementary SchoolA 3rd year school design.

    Smart City Parking SystemSmart city competition entry.

    Concept: Performance CenterConceptual thinking into a PAC.

    PhotographyGallery of photography work.

  • E d u c a t i o n + Tr a i n i n g

    2011- 2015


    Canadian University of Dubai.BSc. ArchitectureDubai, U.A.E

    El-Amin Intl SchoolSchool DiplomaMinna, Nigeria.

    R s u m

    ECOWAS - Diplomatic Observer

    Documented presedential election in Mali. Setting up polling centers. Recorded & reported results to the organization.

    Y4Y Nigeria - Co-Founder

    A non-profit run by the youth focused on eradicat-ing illiteracy& promoting primary healthcare in less privi-ledged kids. Organizing events & fundraisers. Managing all the activi-ties of the organization



    W o r k E x p e r i e n c e


    A w a r d s + C e r t i f i c a t e s

    Fashion design & Illustration.Campustar fashion llt.

    2nd Place- Smart City DesignCanadian university of Dubai.

    Merit Award- Architecture ExhibitionCanadian University of design




    S k i l l s + C o m p e t e n c i e s

    Graphic drawings & illustrations.

    Teamwork, organization, working under pressure, strong work ethic, time manage-ment skills, problem solving, ability to learn from critisim.

    Languages : Fluent in English.

    Vector programs : AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Google Sketchup.

    Better Life Program for the African Woman - Volunteer

    Reconstruction of their local public buildings.


    TEDx - Organizer

    TEDx conferences brings together the worlds most fascinating thinkers & doers in Technology Entertainment & Design, who are challenged to give the talk of their lives in 18 mins or less. Selected speakers for talks & jury panel. Interviewed volunteers, staff, & technicians.

  • Project | Kiosk

    Date | April 2015

    This is a recently completed competition entry that won 2nd place. This kiosk is supposed to function as an adaptable structure for the Canadian University of Dubai to use at the Najah exhibition in Dubai and to retain for future expos and functions.


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    N A J A H K I O S K

  • The idea behind the design was to translate the slogan a portal to canadian education into a 3D form. The panels along the wall of the kiosk continue to change & progress in shape and size as the user moves through the portal.

    The profile of the wall panels are raised as they reach the back wall. Symbolic of reaching the end of the portal.

    0 5

    n a j a h k i o s k d e s i g n

    Step 1Visualizing the portal as a 3-di-mensional form.

    Step TwoRibs are aligned to create a tunnel to move through the portal.

    Step TwoThe form is made geometric & cut open to create cross circulation.

    Step TwoThe roof forms a symbolic shelter over the whole structure.

    Step TwoRoof extends to the partitions creating a unified structure.

    Step TwoThe lounge and meeting spaces are carved into the portal.

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    roof structure

    roof structure

    roof structure

    roof structure

  • 0 1 Main Access

    02 Secondary Access

    0 3 Lounge

    0 4 Meeting Areas

    0 5 Information Desk

    0 6 Storage/Technical Space

    The kiosk provides a lounge. 3 meeting areas, technical/storage space and a reception desk.

    There is additional digital interactive function incorporated into the central circulation space.

    The structure functions as an entire piece yet parts can be taken out to adapt it to different functions, environments & users. This creates a functional & aesthetically pleasing structure that represents the university.


    n a j a h k i o s k d e s i g n

    0 8

  • Project | Medium Density Housing estate

    Date | December 2013

    This residential project was aimed at creating a feasible housing estate along sheikh zayed road of Dubai. It is a combination of medium density apartment blocks, villas & town houses.

    The site is located adjacent to the dubai metro and a city parking structure.

    The project focuses on trying to implement the reduced use of motor vehicles by transport by supplying the residents with limited parking spaces and creating RTA bus tops around the estate.

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    U R B A NH O U S I N G

  • The housing blocks are interupted by social spaces and roundabouts that bring in commercial functions to the area.

    This makes it economically feasible. The apartment blocks have retail and commercial functions on the ground floor. It is important that the estate be mixed-use enough to prevent it either being completely deserted during the day time or congested with traffic during rush hour.

    The streets are designed as cresents to prevent a straight boring streetview.

    1 1

    u r b a n h o u s i n g

    1 2

  • 1 3

    u r b a n h o u s i n g

    0 1 Courtyard

    02 Main Entrance

    0 3 Lobby

    0 4 Elevator

    0 5 Apartments

    1 4






  • The town houses each have their individual backyards and front porches. There are 3 different variations of townhouses in the estate.

    This creates variety and eliminates the repetiveness that can cause housing projects to become too monotonous. The streets have larger pedestrian walkways be-cause they include cycling tracks. The architecture of the town-houses is modernist with minimal features.

    1 5

    u r b a n h o u s i n g

    1 6

  • Building elements such as louvres and shaders that work to keep the building cool in the summer time have been moved to the interior to minimize the elements on the facade. Windows are recessed to prevent the excessive solar gain of the hot & humid Dubai climate.

    The apartments are between 5 to 8 storeys. They are arranged in a courtyard configuration with a central public space with a playground and private ground parking spaces.

    1 7

    u r b a n h o u s i n g

    1 8

  • Commercial functions are located on the ground floor. The ground floor itself is elevated by 0.5m to create variety in heights along the street view.

    The first floor and subsequent floors above it protrude to shade the ground commercial strip. Each apartment block has a variety of all 4 types of apartments. From studios to 4 bedroom apartments.

    1 9

    u r b a n h o u s i n g

    2 0

  • Dubai creek is the oldest settlement in dubai. This project is a re-design of the al-khor area located along the creek. Its a high density mixed use area with predominantly local residents.

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    2 1

    O L D T O W N :U R B A NR E -D E V E L O P M E N T

  • My re-design of the creek started with seperating the various functions into various parts of the site. The part closest to the water is a boardwalk with stalls for selling local crafts and artifacts to tourists. The boardwark pushes out at 3 different areas onto a maskeshift pier with seafood restaurants.

    The second part of the site has the pre-existing banks and commercial towers. It is where the basement parkings are located.

    2 3

    u r b a n r e d e v e l o p m e n t

    2 4

  • 2 5

    u r b a n r e d e v e l o p m e n t

    The 3rd part of the site is composed of building like this. Mainly residential with commercial ground floor functions. The tramway that crosses the site provides access to the building blocks.

    The street is shaded by the protrusion on the first floor. The trees along the street also shade the pedestrian path.


    The creek has played a major role in economic development


    Over time shoreline begins to shape


    The creek divided the city into two


    The area served as a port for dhows


    massive change in construction

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