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<ul><li> 1. POPULAR CARS IN INDIA India has a population of 1.2 billion and 7 in 1000 people own a car in India which makes India a very huge market and to meet the demands of this market there is almost every big manufacturer present in the country giving the consumers a plethora of choices, but there are some cars which are sold the most and are above the rest in that segment. Here we will be looking at those cars which are most favoured by Indian consumers in every price range and what makes that particular car stand out. UNDER Rs 4 LAKH- There are many cars under this price category like Hyundai EON, Tata Indica ev2 and the base models of some cars like A-star and Chevrolet Beat but after the entry of Tata in this category with its NANO this segment has been clearly ruled by it challenging the dominance of Marutis ALTO. The 2 most popular cars in this segment are ALTO and NANO. The things going for these 2 cars are different because NANO is the best choice in terms of price and value for money whereas alto is better choice in terms of performance and Marutis trust value. Both of them are great choices and are very popular with the buyers. UNDER Rs 8 LAKH- This category can be further divided in 2 categories- Hatchback- Almost all the hatchbacks are targeted for this price range(except luxury hatchbacks) and there are just too many choices for the buyer. Starting from Wagon r, i10, brio, i20, swift, punto, polo the cars in this category are the most purchased after the 1st category and all of them offers great features with a decent design and performance. The most popular cars in this category are Marutis wagon r and swift and Hyundai s i10 with almost no car in their competition in terms of their sale and after sales service. Polo has also made a mark in the market but its pricing and features are well beaten by other cars. Sedan- Many sedans have their base model priced in this category like Marutis swift desire, Hyundai verna, Tata manza , ford fiesta, Honda amaze, Vento and many more but the king of this segment is Honda city. City is undoubtedly Hondas best car in terms for value for money with a powerful engine, good wheelbase and brand value. Though its price starts at 7.88 lakhs and it will cost more than 8 lakhs on road but those extra bucks spent are well worth it. UNDER Rs 20 LAKHS- These segments has many choices and mostly are the various models of sedans and crossovers. Sedans- </li></ul> <p> 2. Top models of almost all the sedans will come in this category and buyers have some really great choices among VERNA, CITY, CIVIC,CRUZE, JETTA and many more. But there is no clear winner in this category and all the above mentioned cars are very popular among the consumers with civic and verna leading the charge. Crossover and SUV- This is the new hot segment in Indian market with many people shifting to this segment because of its advantages over sedans and hatchbacks. These are big cars perfect for Indian roads and Indians just love big cars. The most popular cars in this category are Mahindra XUV, Scorpio, Innova and base model of ford Endeavour. ABOVE Rs20-30 lakhs- This is the sub-luxury car market and constitutes of cars of almost all types including hatchbacks, sedan, crossovers and suvs. Hatchbacks- BMW, MERCEDES and AUDI have there hatch backs in this segment and Mercedes was the first one to enter this category and its car A and B class are very popular as other manufacturers didnt get time to set up there feet in this category. Sedan- The top models of Toyota, Honda, Skoda and Volkswagen rule this category with Honda and Toyota having a bit of an edge with accord and camry respectively not far behind are Skodas and Volkswagen offering superb and passat. Crossover- This is another segment ruled by AUDI with its offering Q3 and not far behind is BMW with x1 and Volvo v40. Mercedes will be entering this segment this year and its car is looking great and has the potential to turn the tables. SUV- No car is even close to Toyotas offering Fortuner in this category with Hyundai and Volkswagen offering some choices in this category but none has been able to compete with Toyotas popularity- Above Rs 30 lakh- This is the luxury car market and if numbers are to be considered BMW has lost its long held crown to AUDI and Mercedes has been lagging behind. A4 and BMW 3 series are the most popular cars in india this segment just lagging behind is Mercedes offering C class in the sedan category. Same is the story in the SUV category where Audi is leading the charge joined by Land rover in expensive car category. Jaguar has also been making some serious numbers and is very popular among buyers who are spending in the range of 50 lakhs plus. The most popular car in the 1cr plus category is by Bentley. The most popular sports car is Porsche Boxster in India. If you know more informations about The Car Dictionary Visit Official Site : http://www.thecardictionary.com The Car Dictionary, Car Dictionary, Popular Cars in India, Popular Cars </p>