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ISBN 978-84-15223-87-0 / Layout: 15 X 20 cm / Pages: 256 / Cover: Hardcover / Toys are part of our history and nowadays the new trends of designer toys and collector toys have bring them again to our adult lives. Now we don’t play with them anymore, but we expose them in our houses as another decorative object. The creators featured in this amusing book, Plush Toys!, come from the world of graphic design, illustration, animation, toys and character design. They use all kind of stuffed materials to bring this collectable handcrafted friends to life: felt, vintage fabrics, old buttons, leather and lace, crochet, plastic, and so on. Wellcome to the squeezable world of soft toys.


  • Left page: Soft Matryoshka projectAll images courtesy of Soju Tanaka

    Soju Tanaka is a Japanese artist and illustrator working between theUK and Japan. Tanakas purpose is making people laugh andhappy by his cute works and creations. He likes drawing weirdcreatures and making little queerness with them, and he really triesto do it in every medium.

    Soju Tanaka es un artista e ilustrador japons que trabaja entre el Reino Unidoy Japn. El propsito de Tanaka es hacer sonerir a la gente con sus obras. Legusta dibujar y crear sus criaturas extraas en todo tipo de medios.


  • On these pages:Soft MatryoshkaProject inspired in the food chain

    68 Soju Tanaka

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    On these pages:Soft MatryoshkaProject inspired in the food chain

  • All images courtesy of Kika

    Kika is an illustrator, designer, scenarist, and street art painter basedin Los Angeles. Kika creates designs and illustrations for differentbrands and magazines. She also is the creative behind theAquapods characters. In 2008 the Aquapods plushes productionwas sold in wordwide shops.

    Kika es una ilustradora, diseadora, guionista y artista de street art con sede enLos ngeles. Kika crea diseos e ilustraciones para diferentes marcas y revistas.Ella tambin es la creadora de todos los personajes Aquapod. En 2008, laproduccin de peluches Aquapod se empez a vender en tiendas a nivel mundial.


  • Left page:Galo Gallery.TurinAll images courtesy of Maoma.

    Maomaland is an imaginary world, based on soft sculptures,installations and drawings. It combines art and craft, using mostlytextile materials, and mixing geometrical shapes with the cutenessof characters. Maoma was born in Amsterdam, in 2004. Createdand developed by Giulia Laura and Rocco Pezzella, it has beenexhibited internationally, in cities such as Berlin, Rotterdam,Brussels, Cologne, Los Angeles, Torino and Barcelona. Each pieceof artwork is a lesson learned. It's all about the process and the nextstep to achieving the result. This makes the finished artwork muchmore than an accomplishment. Maoma always learns throughdoing it.

    Maomaland es un mundo imaginario, basado en las esculturas blandas,instalaciones y dibujos. Se combina el arte y la artesana, en su mayora conmateriales textiles, mezclando formas geomtricas con la ternura de lospersonajes. Maoma naci en Amsterdam, en 2004. Creado y desarrollado porGiulia Laura y Rocco Pezzella, se ha expuesto a nivel internacional, en ciudadescomo Berln, Rotterdam, Bruselas, Colonia, Los ngeles, Turn y Barcelona.Para Maoma cada obra de arte es una leccin aprendida.


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