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What is pluralistic extension? Why do we see it? How do we utilize it for improved services?


  • 1. Modernizing Extension and Advisory ServicesPluralism in Agricultural Extension: What? Why? How?Paul E. McNamaraAssociate Professor, Department ofAgricultural and Consumer Economics,University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Director, ModernizingExtension and Advisory Services Project(MEAS)September 29, 2014

2. Outline What is pluralistic extension? Why do we see it? How do we utilize it for improvedservices? Conclusions 3. Pluralism in extension andpluralistic extension Pluralism in extension extension systems withmultiple providers of services,and often with multiplefunding sources, and multipleextension approaches Pluralism raises a number ofissues Coordination Roles Collaboration and competition Strengthening capacities ofextension managers andsystems at different levelsLead farmer in Liberia 4. Examples of pluralism Ghana Ministry of Food and Agric. Cocoa farmers organization NGOs and iNGOs Research institutes SARI andothers Universities Farmers groups Private businesses ICT,fertilizer, seeds, chemicals Private agribusinesses withoutgrower schemes andmarketing arrangements Coordination Competition and collaborationExtension staff planting asoya demonstration farmnear Tamale, Ghana 5. Examples of pluralism United States Cooperative extension Private farm and crop and soilsconsultants the internet Private seed and input companies Services and advice from farmer ledorganizations cooperatives, FarmBureau Coordination Competition Collaboration Defining roles, changing role forUniversity-based extensionWomens farmer groupmeeting in Tajikistan 6. Why do we observe multipleextension actors? List reasons Extension program staff with localfarmer conducting field trials of potatovarieties from CIP in Tajikistan 7. How does pluralism affect the waywe manage and do extension? List the ways pluralism affectsextension management andimplementationEarly morning at a milkprocessing cooperative in Nepal(Nepalganj area)


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