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Plumbing Fixtures & Fittings

The plumbing fixtures and fittings industry is more competitive than ever. With global supply chains and ever-evolving regulations, it is critical for manufacturers to know about changes before they occur and before the next order is made. Having non-conforming products can result in red tags by authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs), loss of revenue and missed opportunities. Ultimately, it is the manufacturer’s brand at risk because when a product fails, the damage that can be done may extend structural damage or expose customers to chemicals known to have adverse human health effects. That is why it is important to work with a third-party testing and certification company known for assisting you in determining if your product meets the health effects and performance criteria, whether code mandated or your own.

Applicable RegulationsIn the United States, there are two codes that govern the industry, the Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) and the International Plumbing Code (IPC). Each state chooses which code to adopt and any additional state-wide requirements. It is then enforced by the local AHJs, including building and plumbing inspectors.

These codes contain both performance testing and health effects testing requirements. Performance testing is based on consensus standards which are referenced in the codes. Based upon the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA), health effects testing is required by reference in many of the performance standards. Depending upon your product, both performance and health effects testing may be required. Let UL help you determine what standards and requirements apply to your unique situation.

PLUMBING FIXTURES AND FITTINGSPutting you in direct contact with the experts who participate in code and standards writing so you can exceed market demands


Plumbing Fixture & Fittings

Comprehensive Services to Support Product Development and Deployment:When you chose UL, you will work directly with technical representatives in our network of offices and laboratories across the globe that provide the local service you demand. Our services are flexible to support your certification, quality and compliance needs and include:

Training: Our team of knowledge experts can provide your in house team with the information on the requirements for the regions you are looking to market your product.

Materials Acceptance and Research: UL gives you the flexibility to leverage third-party certification of component materials.

Supply Chain Assessment: Our global network includes thousands of field inspectors who can work with your QA team to inspect facilities around the world to your specifications as prescribed, saving you valuable travel time and costs.

Gap Assessment: Our team can review your design files and bill of materials to determine potential gaps prior to the certification assessment.

Certification: UL is accredited to provide certification of your plumbing products to the industry standards. Our dedicated project managers can work with you directly throughout the process, including coordinating any electrical plumbing products that may require safety certification and/or EMC and wireless testing.

File Conversions: We can take existing test data from an accredited laboratory or certification body and issue the UL Mark.

Health Effects: UL has a team of dedicated scientists that can assess the health effects requirements for your product concurrently with your other testing and certification, which can shorten product development and reduce overall time-to-market.


Plumbing Fixture & Fittings

UL is accredited to provide testing and certification to standards referenced by these codes. Choosing to work with UL communicates to your customers your commitment to the highest levels of quality and safety, and differentiates your product in the marketplace.

Plumbing Supply and Waste Fittings

• Automatic Compensating Valves• Drains• Faucets• Flush Valves• Shower heads

Plumbing Fixtures

• Showers• Sinks• Toilets• Tubs• Urinals

The following plumbing fixtures and fittings are typical products certified by UL.

What Products are Covered?

Additional Capabilities to Support Regional and Custom Requirements:UL can evaluate you products to some of the most commonly known standards such as ASME A112.18.2 / CSA B125.2, ASME A112.18.1 / CSA B125.1, ASSE 1016 and CSA B45.5 / IAPMO Z124. Additionally, UL’s comprehensive services extend to local and regional codes, including California Code of Regulations, Massachusetts Architectural Access Boards, HUD programs, Fair Housing Act and more.

Key Advantages of Working with UL • Plumbing products

displaying the UL Mark, indicating plumbing code compliance, have been evaluated to all applicable nationally recognized health-effects and performance testing standards.

• UL has more than 75 years of expertise in plumbing standards and is an active participant in plumbing industry code bodies and standards groups. UL expert staff members serve on technical code committees and have the industry knowledge that consumers demand.

• With trained experts, unmatched standards development experience, and more than 100 years of history, no one knows safety like UL.

• Unique marketing advantage afforded by the high level of recognition of the UL Mark by U.S. consumers and demand drivers in the supply chain. The UL Mark appears on more than 20 billion products in the marketplace and on an average of 125 products in the typical home.


Plumbing Fixture & Fittings

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View information on plumbing products and codes at:

Certification in Four Easy Steps

The UL fixture and fitting certification process has four easy to complete steps:

1. Application – Work with UL’s sales and technical representatives to receive a custom quote that meets your specific needs.

2. Evaluation - Work directly with UL technical representatives to provide details of your project, conduct a design review, and develop a custom test program.

3. Testing – UL’s network of laboratories will evaluate your product to the requirements of applicable standards.

4. Certification – Upon successful completion of laboratory testing, your product will receive UL Mark and associated documentation allowing you to confidently enter the marketplace.

What Will Your UL Mark Look LikeUL is a global leader in testing, inspection, certification, auditing and validation. The UL Mark is the single most accepted Certification Mark in the United States, appearing on 22 billion products annually.

The following UL Marks are issued to UL certified plumbing products.

ModifierHealth EffectsPerformanceSafety


*Attribute information on UL Marks issued for certified products will be modified per applicable industry standards to reflect product certification requirements. Examples of such information can be found in the tables above.

**Customers can transition to the enhanced UL Marks when they see value. The goal is to have customers using the enhanced Mark in 10 years. There is no mandatory transition date.

The Enhanced UL Certification Mark **UL Plumbing Mark


Note: if product is Certified for Safety the word “Safety” will also appear on the Mark.


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