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Please watch the video carefully. As the video inspired the importance of discipline in life, there is a felt need to start implementing it wherever possible. So why not start with something that is a dominant part of our life?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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1Please watch the video carefully..2

3As the video inspired the importance of discipline in life, there is a felt need to start implementing it wherever possible.4

So why not start with something that is a dominant part of our life?5Spot the differences between the pictures that are about to be displayed in the proceeding slides.6

Picture 17

Picture 28

Picture 39

Picture 410

Picture 511

Picture 612What differences did you observe?13A National Educator from United States named Keith Ballard visited a school in India as a part of his research and this is what he filmed about a school in Tamil Nadu.


15Another video filmed by a teacher who had her classroom duly decorated, paints an interesting scenario.1617Characteristics of a good classroom ->

18Children have access to various activities that are possible throughout the day such as art materials, and puzzles.2. The classroom is decorated with childrens original artwork, their own writing with invented spelling, and dictated stories.3. Children learn in the context of their everyday experiences. So reading newspaper clippings, current and relevant news related to syllabus, stories, etc work in their benefit.19All classrooms have one thing in common: the focus is on the development of the child as a whole.20If you consider the slides shown till now, you would notice that 2 main entities dominate the whole process of classroom decoration. In simple parlance, any classroom would be incomplete without their presence. Can you guess what they are?21

Notice BoardAndBlackboard Management22

A bulletin board (pin board or notice board in British English) is a surface intended for the posting of public messages, for example, to announce events or provide information. - Wikipedia23

Lets perform an activity..24

How would you want your class notice board to be? Draw one on your paper and decorate it with the most interesting and creative ideas you know of25

Ways to maintain a Notice Board26

Its literally the face of the classroom.

Strive to create a bulletin board that sparks student interest.

2. Bulletin boards may be used to aid in instruction. See what materials you will need for a topic and decide how a bulletin board may be used for that topic.

3. Bulletin boards are a good place to post reminders or frequently used concepts such as rules or schedule of activities.274. Consider attractive titles for bulletin boards that explain the theme of the display.

5.From the artistic view point, think of colors and a variety of materials that could be used to enhance the bulletin boards.

6. Use illustrations that are current, relevant, and interesting to the students.

7. Have children help create the bulletin board with supervision from the teacher. The purpose of this is to make it meaningful for the students!28

Interesting ways to utilize a bulletin board 1. Lost and found compartment -29

2. Homework Column -30

3. For noting down important points -31

4. Time-table --32

5. Instilling Core Values in students -33

A few interesting notice boards - 34




38Some interesting websites -

Blackboard ManagementHistory -James Pillans, geography instructor and headmaster of Scotland's Old High School, invented the chalkboard by placing two pieces of slate together on a wall. Chalkboards first appeared in American schools in 1801 and became an indispensable tool in many American classrooms by the mid-1800s.


41Operation Blackboard programme was started in 1987 in India to supply minimum facilities to all primary schools in the country. The objective of the scheme is providing students studying in primary schools with the necessary equipment and instructional material like a blackboard to facilitate their education.


Chalkboards have been an important part of the education process for years. They help organize presented data. This allows educators to appeal to classroom learners. Chalkboards can be properly used by organizing learning materials.


Benefits- For young children learning to write, writing with chalk on a chalkboard is easier on their hands than using the more modern whiteboards and smart boards.Fun Fact-Albert Einstein did much of his important work using chalkboards.


Thanks to technology, today teachers have a variety of resources like interactive whiteboards and student laptops.However, the age-old chalkboard still can be an effective teaching tool and in many cases is more reliable than its electronic counterparts. When using the chalkboard as a teaching tool, consider several aspects for effective teaching.


1. Practice good chalkboard hygiene by eliminating dust. A clean chalkboard makes writing easier to see.2. Use different colored chalk to draw attention to specific words during teaching.3. Use the chalkboard on a predictable, consistent basis. For example, write a morning activity on the chalkboard for students to do each morning upon their arrival at school. Students will get used to looking at the chalkboard as they enter the room to complete the daily assignment.


4. Involve the students in using the chalkboard.5. Erase irrelevant material from the chalkboard that may distract students from what you are teaching.


Date :-Day :-Thought for the day :-Attendance :-Word of the day :- Subject :-Topic :-Book of the week :-48

Read more :--



Magnetic blackboard used for play and learning at the children's museum, Kitchener, Canada (The Museum).50

Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourths pure theatre. Gail GodwinThank You! 51


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