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Playthink offers graphic recording services for organizations and individuals to help them see what they mean.


<ul><li> 1. Visual Processhelping yousee what you mean</li></ul> <p> 2. The problems we face are complex. 3. Sometimes words are not enough 4. to say what we mean. 5. This is my visual practice. 6. I capture important conversations asthey happen. 7. I draw complex ideas 8. with clarity and focus. 9. so you can look at the big picture 10. and make sense of your brilliant and complex ideas. 11. I help individuals find where they are. 12. and I help communities share ideas. 13. Sometimes I draw duringconference calls. 14. Sometimes I draw on a tablet during large conferences. 15. These visual summaries are posted and shared live through social media. 16. I use visual games to helpengage participants. 17. I help strategistsunderstand theircustomers. 18. Making what was invisible visual. 19. and organizations plan for the future. 20. Often my work invites interaction. 21. to share ideas worth spreading 22. Sometimes we dont know what wemean till we draw it together. 23. Looking at a problem helps us make sense. 24. I summarizepresentations. 25. And books. 26. I help you to see what you mean. 27. Patricia Kambitschwww.playthink.com416.799.6750</p>