playing the queen's gambit - a grandmaster guidesah- 1.d4 the queen's gambit...  the queen's...

Download Playing the Queen's Gambit - A Grandmaster Guidesah- 1.d4 The Queen's Gambit...  the Queen's Gambit — A Grandmaster Guide QUALITY CHESS . Games/Chess Playing the Queen's

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  • First English edition 2009 by Quality Chess UK LLP 2nd print 2009

    Copyright 2009 Lars Schandorff

    Playing the Queen's Gambit - A Grandmaster Guide

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    ISBN 978-1-906552-18-3

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    Distributed in US and Canada by SCB Distributors, Gardena, California, US

    Distributed in Rest of the World by Quality Chess UK LLP through Sunrise Handicrafts, Smyczkowa 4/98, 20-844 Lublin, Poland

    Typeset: Jacob Aagaard Proofreading: Colin McNab, Jacob Aagaard and John Shaw

    Editing: John Shaw Cover design: Vjatseslav Tsekatovsk

    Cover photo: Jacob Aagaard Printed in Estonia by Tallinna Raamatutriikikoja LLC